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Dying Light Tie-in Novel Announced


Dying Light is only a couple of weeks away now and it’s just been announced that the final touches are being put into a tie-in novel based on the game.

Dying Light: Nightmare Row, will be a prequel to the events depicted in the game, taking the you to the days prior to the outbreak that decimated the city of Harran. Dying Light: Nightmare Row is written by Raymond Benson, the author of over thirty published titles, including the official follow-up James Bond novels commissioned by the Ian Fleming Estate.

Writing the origin story for Dying Light was an exciting adventure for me. I’d always wanted to try my hand at a zombie-genre tale and this gave me the perfect opportunity. The folks at Techland created a rich and intriguingly bleak setting for the game, so that gave me a wonderful and creepy world in which to play around. All fans of zombie fiction, gamers and readers alike, are in for a real treat.

Dying Light: Nightmare Row tells the terrifying story of Mel Wyatt, an 18-year-old American athlete who participated in the Harran 2015 Global Athletic Games two weeks earlier. As one of many Americans stranded in Harran as a result of the outbreak, Mel has been surviving with her little brother, Paul, in an isolated hotel – their parents were killed on the first day of the Infected attacks on the stadium. Thus begins a tense and ticking time bomb thriller of survival.

This is certainly something I’ll be looking to read in the future, Dying Light: Nightmare Row, including price and release date, will be announced soon.

GDC Awards Nominations Announced


2015 marks the 15th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards. The ceremony will take place on March 4 during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco with thirteen awards that include an ‘Audience Award’ that is conducted by an online poll – the winners of the Lifetime Achievement, Pioneer and Ambassador awards will be announced prior to the event.

The nominees for the other nine categories have been announced, with Monolith Production’s Shadow of Mordor receiving five nominations. Alien has had a rocky history with gamers so it’s great to see Alien Isolation pick up three nominations although I’m a bit gutted to see my GOTY contender (Titanfall) slip into ‘Honorable Mentions’ especially as I found Destiny to be a lukewarm experience in regards to story and PvP. Far Cry 4 manages to sneak in a nomination to technology, which given Ubisoft’s difficult 2014 with game launches, it’s great to see the visually spectacular open-world shooter getting a nomination.

Here’s the full list of nominations:


    Bayonetta 2 (Platinum Games/Nintendo) Destiny (Bungie/Activision) Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly/Sega) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Honorable Mentions: Titanfall (Respawn/Electronic Arts), Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Ubisoft Montpellier/Ubisoft), Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft), Dragon Age: Inquisition (BioWare/Electronic Arts), Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Sora Ltd. and BANDAI NAMCO/Nintendo)


    Bounden (Game Oven) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment) This War of Mine (11 bit studios) Monument Valley (Ustwo) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (The Astronauts)

Honorable Mentions: Crypt of the Necrodancer (Brace Yourself Games), Extrasolar (Lazy 8 Studios), Elite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments), Elegy For A Dead World (Dejobaan Games), 80 Days (Inkle Studios)


    Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight) Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall) The Astronauts (The Vanishing of » Continue Reading.

Which Kinect Games Will Stand The Test Of Time?


When the motion controlled Kinect technology first came to fruition in 2010 there were high hopes from gamers. Of course the Wii had really made strides in popularity, but with plenty of Microsoft clout behind this one people were expecting a revolution. Originally compatible with Xbox 360, Kinect is now available on Windows and Xbox One. They’ve constantly updated with a string of new versions, leading us to Kinect 2.0 – the second generation which came with the launch of the Xbox One.

Four years on, has it made the dent on the market it wanted and will the output stand the test of time as video game greats? Of course this is mostly a matter of opinion, but some critics praised it and the units flew off the shelves. So there is some justification to say it will have its spot in the Hall of Fame. With that said, it looks like it may have had its time in the sun and is on its way out. We must have had some good times, though, right?

As with the launch of the Wii, motion-sensored consoles and add-ons were routinely seen as entertaining folly for gatherings and social time, hence the popularity of broad-based sports games. Because of this, if you were planning a bet with one of the US’ best online casinos it would be easier to wager the single most played game on the platform would be Kinect Sports. Not flashy, easy to use, and easy to get everyone involved; definitely one of the staples that the Kinect user can’t go without.

The Just Dance series is another hit and again that’s because of the ability to have fun, share and get involved. Kinect deals particularly well with this due to its advanced full-body motion tracking, but it’s not too complex and strikes a » Continue Reading.

Thoughts On Halo 5 Guardians Beta Early Access

Halo 5 multiplayer

We all have that one special game that got us hooked. Halo 2 hooked me into multiplayer gaming – and as much as I enjoyed Halo 3 and 4, nothing compared to the fun I had back on my original Xbox. 343 Industries have been at the helm of the franchise for some time now but Halo 5: Guardians is their first step into new-gen. OK, so there is Halo: The Master Chief Collection… but Halo 5: Guardians is truly our first real glimpse at 343i’s vision for the series on Xbox One.

From December 19th to the 21st, Xbox One Preview Program members, select gamers, and members of the press have been given a special treat – early access to the beta’s first week content, which goes live for everyone else on December 29th. This includes two maps: Truth (a remake of Halo 2’s Midship) and Empire; both playable in 4v4 Slayer.

The first thing I was happy to see was the removal of Spartan abilities. For me, these took away the essence of Halo and frustrated me more than empowering my gameplay. You can still sprint (which may still bother some purists) but it certainly helps to speed up the pace of the game. Spartans also have jet packs that can be used to boost in any direction (think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare). The only real ‘ability’ is the ground punch but I found this rather tricky to pull off – and even when I did, I found it nigh impossible to take someone out.

It can be said that Call of Duty took a lot of inspiration from Halo. Titanfall took inspiration from Call of Duty, and Destiny tried to make a niche for itself and establish a foothold Bungie once commanded in the competitive » Continue Reading.

Chatty Man – The Party Invite


Ah, the chat feature. It’s something that can become the bane of any gamer’s existence while also serving as a crucial tool for conquering your next mission (depending on the game, of course). While the concept of chat in its most basic form is an admittedly wonderful thing and can even lead to friendships with like-minded people, it’s a feature that can be quickly bastardised by teenagers looking to hurl insults at everyone they can.

Enter the party invite. For those unfamiliar with the party system, you can head to the Xbox LIVE site for more information, though it works a little something like this: You can setup a group of up to eight people with whom you can communicate directly instead of throwing yourself into the world of open chat. In other words, it restricts your brain from dealing with the potential nonsense of someone talking smack about you (or in most cases, your mum). Again, this is especially helpful when playing a game such as Destiny, the Halo-RPG hybrid that pretty much isn’t the least bit entertaining when playing solo. That storyline? Awful.

In our review of Destiny, we mentioned that the game comes alive when playing with friends on your Xbox LIVE list “due to knowing it will be a co-operative effort.” But then we asked, “But how many times before it becomes stale?” The answer could potentially be that, in this case, party chat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Or, rather, it’s the idea of only playing with your party that can make a game like this stale. Sure, playing with people you don’t know can be intimidating, awkward, whatever, but it can also open a game up to new experiences. A random person may know something you don’t or be » Continue Reading.

Who’s Really Gaming Today?

xbox one xbox 360

You always think of Xboxers and gamers in general as teenage and male – at least, that’s the stereotypical image. Perhaps Xbox has a slightly younger profile than other consoles (though this is a moot point) but, generally, that’s the overall perception.

But is this accurate today?

Well, when it comes to consoles, there is a high degree of accuracy in the perception, but when we talk about gaming in general, the truth is very different.

In particular, the explosion in smartphones in the past five or six years has really changed both the gaming possibilities and the gaming stats. The stereotypes hold true no longer (if they ever did).

One recent UK survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau researched the online and overall gaming traits of the country. Somewhere in the region of 4,000 people were surveyed, so this is a reasonable sample of the country’s estimated 33.5 million gamers of all different types.

Now what’s really interesting here is that the females of the species took the lead for the first time ever in any such gaming surveys in the UK. In fact, just over half of all gamers today are women – with a score of 52 per cent, according to the survey.

And many of the players on smartphones choose to play games for real cash, including bingo and casino games. The former are certainly more popular with women than they are with men, and other surveys seem to suggest that the social aspects of the game and the sheer fun are more important to women than they are to men who are simply playing to win.

Most bingo sites have chat room facilities, but they also have progressive jackpot prizes and although the stats suggest that bingo is still predominantly female preserve » Continue Reading.

Destiny: The Dark Below Launch Trailer

Traveler - Destiny

Bungie have just released the launch trailer for the first piece of Destiny DLC, The Dark Below.

Due to release on December 9, The Dark Below will feature new weapons, armour and gear, plus new story missions, three new Crucible multiplayer arenas, and co-op challenges – including a new Strike and brand-new six-player Raid.

You can see the Launch Trailer here:


What Would Make The Ultimate Gaming Room?

xbox one xbox 360

Many of us make do with what we have in terms of where we game. The majority of gamers probably use their living room TV and sofa to do their gaming on, and some of us may have a spare room that we can use. But those rooms will usually serve other purposes too, especially if you live with other people.

For most of us it’s pure fantasy to have a space that is completely dedicated to gaming, but if you played the lottery and happened to land the jackpot, you’d be able to create the perfect gaming room – along with fulfilling all kinds of other dreams, of course!

So what would you include in your ultimate gaming room? For a start, you might move to a bigger home, where you’d have enough space to include a gaming heaven. Then, you could get a team in to install sufficient sockets (you can never have enough), custom-built surface space to accommodate your consoles and computers, as well as special tinting on the windows so you wouldn’t get any glare on the screen, and UV wouldn’t damage any of your gaming equipment. You’d add in some task lighting and mood lighting, so that you can give the room different ambiences depending on what mood you’re in.

Obviously comfortable gaming chairs are a must – not just for you, but also for any of your gaming buddies who come round. You’ll need built-in storage for all your accessories and discs, and other gaming paraphernalia. Then when you’ve got the room set up, then you could splash out of any of the following:

The $13,000 gaming PC from Yoyotech

IF you want perfect 4k resolution on all the 3D games that are available, choose something like the XDNA Aurum 24K, » Continue Reading.

Where Does The Xbox Player Go To Play Bingo?

xbox one xbox 360

If you prefer to do your gaming on a console such as Xbox, it’s great if you can get all the games you want on the one device. But there are some games where it’s better to go elsewhere, and that’s especially true for real money games such as bingo and casino games.

Before there were real money gambling sites, it was possible to play gambling games such as bingo and casino classics like roulette, blackjack and slots on a console. But the major downside to all the different versions of these games was that you couldn’t play with real cash. And while a positive from that is that you’re not spending money to play, any win that you had would always feel pretty meaningless. After all, what’s the point of playing a game that is designed to be about real money when you can’t place real bets.

The Xbox bingo option is Bingo Party, where there are four different types of bingo game that you can play. One plus point to playing these kinds of games on an Xbox is that you can make it a multi-player experience – inviting just the people you want to play with. Bingo Party can have up to 31 players at once, so you can certainly make it a party atmosphere if you want to. And the games can be fun as there are lots of unlockable items and over 50 different winning patterns.

However, you can invite friends to play with you at online bingo sites too. Click to play online here and you’ll see that there are different rooms that you can play in, and each of those has a chat room linked to it. So if you want your friends to join you in a game of bingo, » Continue Reading.

Celebrate One Year Of Xbox One This Saturday


This Saturday, November 22nd marks the official one year anniversary of Xbox One – and Xbox want to thank you for being a part of an amazing 12 months by celebrating with you all weekend long.

First, if you’re in one of the original 13 markets and have opted in to receive Xbox Marketing emails, you’ll receive a personalized email detailing what you’ve accomplished since the Xbox One launched last November, and To show their appreciation their are several gifts to be had:

    A Year One Gamer Picture New Xbox One backgrounds: A special Year One background as well as an exclusive Day One background for those who unlocked the Day One achievement A Year One background image for use on Twitter, your desktop, etc. A free rental of “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” (for a limited time) A free rental of “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods” movie and a sampler pack of “Dragon Ball Z” TV episodes (for a limited time, available in the U.S. and Canada only)

And in addition, fans will be selected at random to receive a special gift from Xbox. The full list of possible gifts include:

    Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle (U.S. only) Xbox One Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle (U.S. only) One month membership for Xbox One-exclusive EA Access service Tiger Shark cash card for Grand Theft Auto V, worth $200,000 in-game GTA Online dollars Forza gift pack with Forza RallyCross hat, Lamborghini Huracán 1/24 scale replica, and Xbox One Controller (launch team edition) signed by Tanner Foust, host of Top Gear America, Global RallyCross champion and professional stunt driver (U.S. only) Forza Horizon 2 Limited Edition Casio G-Shock Men’s Black Multi-Function Digital Sports Watch (U.S. only) Grand Theft Auto V gift » Continue Reading.