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Super Public Event Honoring the History of DBZ Games and Celebrating the Launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ

I remember my first exposure to Dragon Ball Z…. A friend at school wanted to sketch a Freezer on my shirt. Whereas other friends left messages, jokes and crude outlines of body parts, this friend wanted to sketch a kitchen appliance. It wasn’t until he had done, I am pretty sure I just left him with the shirt as it was taking so long, that I discovered he meant Frieza.

Back in Black

Now we have been down my memory lane, why not take your own trip to a very rare event? You and other gaming fans are welcome to play some of the most popular Dragon Ball Z video games on retro consoles such as; Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 to Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden plus loads more! Visitors can also get a taste of the latest instalment in the Dragon Ball Z series with Dragon Ball FighterZ available to play.

There are also tournaments taking place for Dragon Ball FighterZ. You can hone your skills during the Open Beta starting on January 14th. More details below.

Session Start Date/Time (GMT) End Date/Time (GMT)
Only Pre-Order users access gameplay Saturday 13th at 08:00 Sunday 14th at 07:59
All Users can access gameplay Sunday 14th at 08:00 Tuesday 16th at 08:00
You Know What I am Saiyan?

Full details on the event, including the public invite – which is worth printing out just for the artwork alone! – is below. If you go to the event, feel free to tag TiX or Bandai Namco on Twitter, and don’t forget to include #DBFZLaunchParty!

Dates: 26 January 2018

Address: Under the Bridge, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS

Opening Times:
12PM – 10PM
Tournament – Check-in at 4PM

Ticket Price: FREE

Register for a ticket here

*Early registrants will receive an exclusive DBFZ T-Shirt

Restrictions: Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. Those under 18 will not be served alcohol. ID must be presented upon request.

LIVE: Bungie at Twitchcon – Lots of News on Seasons

DISCLAIMER: As a live report, this will more than likely contain some errors. Please bear with us, and enjoy the show!

Also, Bungie aren’t selling the seasons angle too well atm. Let’s hope they’ll reorganise their notes before the stream comes back up. Edit: seems they did. (edited)

Events should last 3 weeks at a time, in season 2.

Ice Hockey in the tower

Snowball fights

In the world, strikes and social spaces.

The event is called the Dawning, it’s back from D1. Brings new gear and weapons.

And shaders.

Ooh, they are calling events like Iron Banner ‘rituals’ and they’ll still be weekly.

Iron Banner in season 2 will have direct purchase of guns, via shards and tokens. Thank goodness.

Ornaments, perks and other things unlocked via gameplay. Not just random.

1 more season 1 iron banner

Similar types of things for Trials.

Season 2 IB and Trials weapons will fill in weapon types that S1 didn’t have, ie an energy hand cannon

Faction Rally time

[12:59] The results will be across xbox, PC and ps4

2nd faction Rally will have new weapons for season 1.

Base set through random packages.

However, some awesome looking faction effects.

Unsure how they are awarded, but they look sweet.

Oh, they are shaders.

Shame they aren’t ornaments

Dead Orbit has a linear fusion rifle

Clarion Calls now

Double experience when with clan mates during the ritual

No other rewards apart from Bright Engrams, at least this time around.

Some guy just got sold for 25k glimmer

Bright Engrams get a face lift in season 2

Deej says spicy raymon

Mic drop is being added as emote

Spicy ramen etc won’t be able obtainable after season 1

Season 2 is themed after the Dawning

Ship for season 2…. FM, it looks amazing.

Looks like a Batarang

Another is a table with a kettle on top

The 3rd is like a Falcon head

Sparrow in season 2 actually looks different.

Art team are on the ball

Season 2 Ghosts…. Look amazeballs.

Ps: not seeing ANYTHING about new gameplay content atm

Winamp skin for Ghost

It feels like Destiny 2 is becoming PS Home.

However, if they add gameplay / new content, these rewards get even more awesome.

Shaders now

They won’t be limited per season

Bulk deleting of shaders are on the radar

Bright Engram armour is gone after season 1, you’ll get new armour in season 2.

Seems Minecraft themed

Pvp time

Season 2 will have a new pvp map, it’ll be part of a ritual first, then it’ll go into general population.

Heavy hints to a redone map from D1

Sandbox tuning

Apparently, they know our favourite missions…. Not sure how seeing as we don’t have the freedom to replay them.

Clans will be reset in each season

New perks each season

New clan banner

Clan level is 6

Stave awarded for each season

Red Legion stave is OK.

Clan Engram will update each season

Season 2 will have a new enemy as its focus

I hope the new focus will mean new stuff and things

3 big streams in November, talking about how we can evolve etc. I hope that means first dlc news.

Dames of Destiny host special Twitch event

The Dames of Destiny are hosting a special three-day event from October 28 to October 30, to raise money and awareness to breast cancer.

They will be live throughout the weekend at, with a host of special guests, including big names in the Destiny streaming world such as:

  • Guardian Outpost
  • Guardian Radio
  • Lady Desiree
  • TripleWreck
  • And many more…

The Dames of Destiny, and their affiliate clan the Safegamers, will open up the event on Friday, with the featured streamers taking their turn on Saturday and Sunday.


Keep an eye on the Dames of Destiny Twitter account for up to date information regarding the stream, and to find out how you can help.

What the PS4 Pro means for Xbox One

Earlier this evening, Sony’s press conference in New York officially revealed the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro (previously the PS4 Neo).

I’m sure you’re wondering: “Why is an Xbox-centric site covering PlayStation news?”
That’s because we believe Xbox news is only valuable when it’s in the context of the entire industry.

We intend to put today’s PlayStation announcements in perspective and explore how this might affect Microsoft and the Xbox One.

First up, the PS4 Slim. Rumours have been circulating for weeks on the form and function of this hardware revision for the PS4, and it seems many of the rumour were true.


The PS4 Slim is a sleeker version of the current PS4. It’s more power efficient but otherwise provides no performance improvements over the current model. This puts the Xbox One S in a strong position against it thanks to it’s 4K video playback functionality and its HDR display output. However, the PS4 Pro is looking to fight back against this perceived advantage.

The PS4 Pro once again matches many of the rumours that have been circulating of late. The hardware will be twice as powerful as the current PS4, output 4K video and games, support HDR, and remain fully compatible with all current PS4 titles.

The PS4 Pro will also help upscale the image quality of games even if you’re running them on a non-4K TV. Essentially rendering games at 4K then outputting that in 1080p. It’s trick Nvidia graphics cards have been using for a few years on PC that aids in providing a smoother and more detailed HD images.


However, as powerful as the PS4 Pro is, Project Scorpio’s specs suggest the new Xbox console coming in 2017 will be significantly more powerful. A win for Microsoft, so it may seem. But that’s not the end of the story. The power discrepancy between the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio systems will only be relevant when both machines are released and competing against each other, and the PS4 Pro will hitting store shelves as early as November 10th this year.

The PS4 has been riding high on it’s power advantage since it and the Xbox One released in late 2013, and despite Microsoft quelling that advantage on paper with Project Scorpio’s specs, Sony have rallied and will maintain their advantage due to the PS4 Pro releasing imminently. Moreover, a firmware update will also be released that will allow all current PS4s to support HDR.

Xbox One Slim 2

This means the Xbox One S’s advantages are being stripped away. HDR will soon be supported across the PlayStation 4 family of devices and the release of the PS4 Pro in November will match the 4K video playback – with the added benefit of 4K gamming to boot. Moreover, the PS4 Pro will cost £349, the same as the PS4’s original price point.

And so the Xbox One S is a cheaper way to gain access to 4K video playback but it’s HDR support is no longer special. Meanwhile, Project Scorpio’s release date of late 2017 means the PS4 Pro will have exclusive 4K console gaming for 12 months. This puts Microsoft on the back foot again. If they are able to speed up the development of Project Scorpio then that will help significantly when combatting Sony’s PS4 Pro. Additionally, if a firmware update could also be implemented to all Xbox One consoles then that too will aid in their fight. Whatever happens next, we’ll be here to cover the news.

Gears of War 4 @ SDCC

Hot off the heels of this morning’s news that HyperX are releasing an exclusive Gears of War 4 branded CloudX headset, Microsoft have unveiled a seven minute campaign walkthrough, which will be playable at SDCC.

The demo features the return of Marcus Fenix… that’s right, you read that correctly – check out the above trailer to see a small glimpse of the big man in action.

There’s a whole host of Gear goodies up for grabs for those at SDCC – we aren’t going – so rather than list them and sulk at all the goodness beyond our reach here’s a handy linky.

How would you like to be a Ubisoft VIP at E3?

To celebrate E3 Ubisoft are rewarding its biggest fans the chance to take part in the world’s premier show for video games. Like previous years Ubisoft will be hosting the Ubisoft Lounge and expects to see more than 1700 fans through its door. The lounge lets fans get hands-on with the games from their E3 lineup, as well as attend master classes, talk to the teams themselves and compete for fantastic prizes. Not happy with this though Ubisoft have decided to go one better.

 In addition to the pop up lounge event, fifty creative and dedicated fans from around the world will be chosen to join Ubisoft in Los Angeles for this year’s show. As “Star Players”, they will receive the VIP treatment, including all-expense paid travel, access to the E3 show floor, a ticket to the Ubisoft conference and meetings with Ubisoft’s development teams. So the question is how?

If you want to take part in this exclusive draw then you need to pre-register at

Anyone who is not selected or is unable to make it to Los Angeles will be able to watch live streamed master classes and access video-on-demand content on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel:

To keep up to date with further information around the Star Players experience then check out @UbisoftClub on Twitter or visit the official Ubisoft Lounge Site.

Killer Instinct Season 3 changes detailed

Killer Instinct World Cup

Kicking off the Killer Instinct World Cup, there was a fairly large segment about the nerfs and buffs that every character within the game would be receiving. There is a full list available over with the folks at Ultra-Combo and also there’s a video on Maximilian Dood’s Youtube channel, featuring all of the Season One characters. Here are some of the reasons as to why the game is undergoing the changes that it is;

  • We want to encourage player creativity in play styles, setups, and combos.
  • Playing any character in KI should be a way to express yourself. The things you find aren’t just flashy, they are practical for in-match use.
  • We want to adjust the existing characters for balance against the Season 3 roster, while also giving players sticking with Season 1 or Season 2 characters new tools to explore.
  • We want to further tune the concept of Risk vs Reward within our Combo and Breaker systems, and on each individual character.
  • This is a significant balance shake up, so anything can happen!
  • Character changes are generally listed in a nerfs first, buffs last order where logical. If your favorite character lost some stuff, stay calm until the end, as you’ve probably gained some, too.

What do you think of the changes, will they make for a better balance in the game?

Killer Instinct World Cup is well under way

Killer Instinct World Cup

The Killer Instinct World Cup is live right now in San Antonio, Texas. It’s being live streamed right now for all to see on the Twitch channel of Maximilian_Dood. Right now is the last chance qualifiers for the last four positions and then on to the top 32 tomorrow most of the big players like Rico Suave, PaulB, TSwagg, C88 PinkDiamond, Emperor Rebelo, LCD and many many more.

killer instinct world cup schedule

Tune in and get hyped!

Far Cry Primal Sampling tour



GAME is going back to the Stone Age this month as 49 stores kick-off 2016 in pre-historic style with a tour of Far Cry Primal sampling events. The special openings will give gamers a chance to get their hands on the much anticipated title a month before its release.

Should you be a fan of the series, heading over to  and finding your nearest GAME store running the sample event will allow you to get hands on with the latest release ahead of the general launch date.

You can also pre-order the game in-store ahead of launch on 23rd February, including the GAME exclusive Legend of the Mammoth Special Edition. This edition includes 3 extra missions, the ability to drink from the shaman’s cup to play as the mighty mammoth, stomping enemies and defending herds against prehistoric peril.

Events will be taking place in store weekdays from 12-5pm and weekends 11–4pm.

Check out for further details on the GAME Far Cry Primal Tour taking place at a store near you.

Gamers must be 18 and ID will be required to take part and play.

Calling all FPS Snipers, you are needed on the battlefield


NightGames is hosting a 10 mile obstacle course race in complete darkness, with the course being filled with obstacles such as jet fulled wind turbines, barbed wire and ice skips.

They are looking to hire a sniper to be concealed along the sniper portion of the course with a state of the art paintball gun, military grade night vision goggles and shoot glow in the dark paintballs at the running targets. A total of 5 snipers will be hidden and tactically positioned in the section. The newly appointed sniper will undergo expert training on how to hit moving target and the art of concealment from ex-SAS Marksmen.

The successful sniper will be paid £150 an hour, with travel expenses covered as well. The successful applicant will be assessed by a trainer on the day of the event verifying the sniper’s hit rate, and will also be further incentivised should they manage to successfully shoot more than 80% of the racers, unlocking a £1,000 ‘Supersniper’ achievement bonus.

Shortlisting ends Feburary 6th and over 18s are encouraged to apply,  Read up on the event right here. The first race is on Saturday April 16th at Deene Park, Northamptonshire, feel like signing up for the running part? volunteers are always welcome and can sign up here! See you there soldiers.