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Xbox One Dashboard adds support for monitors in the April Update

The evolution of the Xbox One dashboard continues with more new features being added nearly every month. The April update has been rolling out and includes support for those of us who use monitors, an...[Read More]

Xbox Spring Update rolling out to Xbox Insiders

Microsoft is rolling out new features to the Xbox Insider community as a preview of the Spring Update for Xbox, including a new form of Mixer interactivity, new video output options, new invite tools ...[Read More]

Kodi now available on Xbox One

Kodi is now available on the Xbox One. Yesterday the first version of the app hit the Xbox One and is available for everyone to download. Over on the Kodi website there is a blog post which explains h...[Read More]

Be Prepared for Xbox One X on your Xbox NOW!

With the launch of the new dashboard you too can be ready for the Xbox One X when it launches on November 7th. First of all, I would strongly advise the use of an external USB hard-drive. It will be t...[Read More]

Xbox One Fall 2017 Update launching for everyone

Its been in preview for a few months but its now launching for every Xbox One owner, and presumably will be the dashboard pre-loaded onto the Xbox One X. Yes, its new dashboard time, something that us...[Read More]

Microsoft retires Groove Music, teams up with Spotify instead

Microsoft are retiring Groove Music. Microsoft will stop selling Groove Music passes to stream music and any customers subscribed to the service will be refunded pro-rata once Groove Music Pass is dis...[Read More]

Changes coming to Xbox Achievements?

In an interview with Windows Central, Xbox Vice-President Mike Ybarra has hinted at a possible change to the way achievements will work on the Xbox platform. “We can do a lot more to reflect and...[Read More]

A Wild Spotify Appears on Xbox One

After many years in the wilderness, Spotify has arrived on Xbox. Along with custom music on your Xbox, an integration that was sorely missing from Microsoft’s flagship console for some time, you...[Read More]

Xbox is getting a new Dashboard

It’s just been announced that the Xbox Dashboard is getting an overhaul. Even more exciting, if you are part of the Xbox Insiders Program and in the Alpha ring, you’ll get to experience it...[Read More]

Microsoft to add Game Gifting to Xbox One

It finally looks like Microsoft is adding the much requested game gifting feature to the Xbox store. In a tweet this week, Mike Ybarra, Xbox Vice President, revealed hat the company is “not far” off a...[Read More]

Soundcloud is coming to Xbox One, Win 10 beta starts today

SoundCloud is heading to the Xbox One with a brand new app on Xbox One. Gaming-fans can visit the Xbox App Store, download the app, log-in to and easily begin listening to millions of songs or podcast...[Read More]

Screen Time and new streaming service ‘Beams’ to Xbox Insiders

Xbox Insiders – the name for those previously on the dashboard preview program – should now be receiving their update, with optimisations to improve speed and an overhauled guide that gives you quicke...[Read More]

Latest Insider update rolling out on Xbox One

If you are part of the Xbox Insider programme, previously known as the Xbox Preview Program you may have a new look preview this morning. Major Nelson’s video explains more but there appears to ...[Read More]

Mass Effect Andromeda to hit EA Early Access on March 16th

The official Mass Effect Andromeda Twitter have sent out a tweet replying to Twitter user @N7Follower confirming that the BioWare space RPG will be coming to Xbox One’s EA Early Access on March ...[Read More]

UFC 2 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst now free with EA Access

The week began with three new additions to EA access with the Mass Effect trilogy but it seems EA weren’t finished with the update to the EA Access Vault. As of yesterday, Mirror’s Edge an...[Read More]

Could a NES emulator be coming to the Xbox One?

Thanks to the Universal Windows Platform initiative which unifies Microsoft’s platforms, Windows developers can submit their applications for release on the Xbox One. Emulators are rife on PC an...[Read More]

Clubs and group search rolling out on Xbox One

A new feature is rolling out to Xbox One Preview members – Clubs and Looking for Group (LFG). Announced during E3, the feature is essentially clan support right from your dashboard, check it out below...[Read More]

Hitman receives Companion App and toughest Elusive Target yet

You cannot deny that Hitman is a great game and with the introduction of Elusive Targets the challenge and thrill of the hunt got so much better (you should ask our very own Max about that) but I coul...[Read More]

Coming soon to an EA Access Vault near you

The last 12 months have been exciting for EA Access members with 20+ additions to the vault in their unlimited play section, several Play First Trials and the 10% on top savings on EA Digital titles o...[Read More]

What’s this new Xbox One update released today?

Our Xbox senses are tingling. Today a 300 odd MB update rolled out for Xbox One. Now it could very well be a patch for the preview members testing the new dashboard, but we sense possible groundwork f...[Read More]

Xbox One summer update preview now available

We can finally see what is part of the Xbox One summer update preview. There are some great things coming, I’m pleased to see that we’ll have a bit more organisation in the My Games & ...[Read More]

Afterglow Configuration App coming to Xbox One

Performance Designed Products LLC (PDP) have announced today that the Afterglow Configuration App is coming to the Xbox One on May 3rd. Designed for use with the Afterglow Prismatic Controller, the ap...[Read More]

Gfinity launch Tournament Builder for Xbox One

Gfinity have launched a rather cool app in the form of the Tournament Builder. For the first time in console history, you will be able to conveniently create and manage your own cups, leagues, ladders...[Read More]

VLC Player coming to Xbox One

You’ve all probably used VLC Player from VideoLAN.org at some point in your life. The handy little traffic cone PC-based video player that will play just about anything that you can throw at it....[Read More]

More new features coming to Xbox One

The Xbox One and the Xbox App on Windows 10 are getting some awesome new features today, Preview Program Members should be getting a new update anytime now and the video above goes through exactly wha...[Read More]

Madden NFL 16 tackles its way into The Vault

Everywhere I look everyone is getting ready for Super Bowl 50 and EA Access is no different. As of February 2nd, EA Access members will see the new addition of EA Sports Madden NFL 2016 added to The V...[Read More]

New dashboard update incoming

An update for the Xbox One dashboard is releasing as we speak for preview members, below is a roundup of hat you can expect: • See who’s in a Party: Xbox One Preview participants will be able to see w...[Read More]

Xbox’s EA Access heads over to PC

Bill Nye the science guy introduces the all new Origin Access, instant access to a growing collection of amazing PC games as well as the ability to try new EA games before they’re released. You ...[Read More]

The Sky’s the limit for Xbox One

The wait is finally over and the Sky TV App that everyone loved on the Xbox 360 has today launched for the Xbox One.  This will make a lot of people happy as someting that worked so well on the Xbox 3...[Read More]

Get apped with Fallout Pip-Boy

Pip-Boy may be a sensitive subjective for UK gamers, but for those lucky enough to have had their Pip-Boy edition confirmed, you might want to get yourself apped up for Fallout 4’s release and d...[Read More]

New Xbox One guide takes best bits of Xbox 360 guide

Apparently it takes its inspiration from the Xbox 360 guide, although having used the new dash as part of the preview program, I fail to see the link with the old guide. Nonetheless, it’s been d...[Read More]

New Xbox One Dashboard and Backwards Compatibility Coming Nov 12th

Some Xbox Preview members have been playing around with the new dashboard experience for a few weeks now but fret no further, everyone else, we finally have a confirmed release date for the new dashbo...[Read More]

Microsoft ‘Edges’ out IE on Xbox One

We have high hopes for Xbox One’s largest overhaul to its UI, and unsurprising, the update doesn’t stop at the interface. As confirmed by the Microsoft Edge Dev account on twitter, it seem...[Read More]

Dragon Age: Inquisition In the EA Access Vault now

EA promised it and sure enough it has arrived, Dragon Age: Inquisition is in the EA Access Vault right now for you to download. The third outing for the Bioware RPG was widely praised for its visuals,...[Read More]

Say farewell to Xbox Music

If you happen to have a copy of Windows 10 then you might have noticed a link to “Groove Music”. Clicking on this link though surprisingly takes you to the existing Xbox Music app. After l...[Read More]

Xbox One update rolling out today

Xbox One owners should keep their eyes peeled for an update rolling out today. There are no user-facing features, however. ” This update prepares for game streaming to Windows 10 (launching July...[Read More]

New Xbox One owners still getting dashboard tile image problems

Are your Xbox One tiles blank? The Xbox One has been out since November 2013, and yet a common problem still remains largely unaddressed or supported by both Xbox and BT. New Xbox One owners get an im...[Read More]

Microsoft reveals details about new dashboard

After the dust settled from yesterday’s excitement, Microsoft revealed that a new look Xbox One dashboard would be released later this year. The following is taken from Xbox Wire: A redesigned H...[Read More]

Microsoft offers free EA Access

Every once in a while Microsoft surprise us with the odd email inviting people to take part in exclusive offers, Beta tests and trials and it looks like they have done it again. If you own an Xbox One...[Read More]

Battlefield 4 says goodbye to mobile commanders

In a recent post on Battlelog, Dices hub for all things Battlefield, it was announced that as of August 11th 2015 the Battlefield 4 Commander app on the iOS and Android platforms will no longer be sup...[Read More]

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