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PlayStation unveil the ‘Pro’ Nacon Revolution 2 controller

PlayStation has unveiled a new ‘pro’ controller for the PS4, but while it looks nice, it barely holds a light to Microsoft’s vastly superior Elite controller.

The officially licensed pad includes an improved customisation software UI, a new wired connection, the option to tweak the dead zone and response curves of the left and right sticks, and the options to use the dpad at either 4 or 8 direction setups – perfect for fighting games.

With SCUF offering paddles that allow your resting fingers to play a role in the action, rather than taking away control from the sticks, I’m clueless as to why PlayStation haven’t addressed this head on and worked to either produce their own solution or to encourage their licensees to develop a solution – take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book…


The Nacon Revolution 2 will be available in September 2017.

Gran Turismo Sport 1TB Limited Edition PS4 revealed

Shortly after Xbox officially unveiled the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition, PlayStation revealed a teasing image on twitter announcing that they too had something to unveil. Many were worried it would be another console, maybe even a true 4K machine, while others were anticipating an upgraded PSVR unit.

Today the account has revealed what they were teasing, a new 1TB Gran Turismo Sport bundle, releasing October 18, 2017.

Xbox@Gamescom: Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition

Minecraft is a big deal for Microsoft, the community creates some truly astounding creations and to celebrate their creativity, Xbox have announced a Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition.

As you would expect, the console is dressed in the blocks that make up the landscape of Minecraft’s world. Underneath, the console boasts red stone circuitry that lights up when you turn the console on. The bundle also includes a copy of the game and a badass looking creeper styled controller.

Astro reveals Call Of Duty A10 Headset

I recently reviewed the Astro A10 headset and found it to be a superb headset at a very low price point. Astro have now revealed a Call Of Duty branded version of the A10, which is available this week, on Friday 11th August. Coming later in the year is a matching branded ModKit.

The Call of Duty A10 Headset celebrates the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2 game with design meant to emulate a soldier’s tactile gear and uniform: an olive green and black colorway. One side features the star and stripes insignia known throughout the franchise, while the other side features the iconic exploding broken skull art. Emblazoned across both sides, the Call of Duty logo shows the world your love of the game.
The Call of Duty A10 Headset features a ruggedly durable steel headband wrapped in a rubberized, damage-resistant polycarbonate blend made tough to last. Lightweight construction combats headset fatigue. Importantly, this headset features the same audio quality found across the entire line of ASTRO Gaming products. Whether you are beginning your path towards becoming a pro or you want a damage-resistant audio solution that shows your love of the franchise, the Call of Duty A10 Headset will complete every fans collection.

Adapt to any environment thrown your way with the Call of Duty A40 TR Mod Kit: black synthetic leather ear cushions and headband with white stitching detail extend comfort. The noise-isolating Speaker Tags and precision boom mic block out noise so you can focus on the game, not the crowd. The Speaker Tag set design features the iconic Call of Duty exploding broken skull and the Call of Duty logo surrounded with ammunition.

This year, at the Call of Duty World League Championship, ASTRO Gaming is proud to be the Official Communications Partner, powering not only the pros battling for victory on the Main Stage with MixAmp Pro TRs, but also Gamebattles with A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TRs, for amplified audio control at every station. We know how important good audio is for victory, which is why we are also supporting gamers with a headset loaner program so you never have to worry about losing your competitive edge. The Call of Duty World League Championships marks the end of the 2017 esports season, with 32 teams vying for $1.5 million and the title of the 2017 Call of Duty World League Champions. With so much on the line, this event is the most anticipated of the year for Call of Duty esports.
The 2017 season is offering the largest prize pool to date of $4 million, and fans globally are looking forwards to the culmination of a year’s worth of hard-fought competition. Catch the action over on

Volcano Shadow Xbox One controller wants to be in your hands

The Volcano Shadow Xbox One wireless controller is hot (looking). For those of you that need all the controllers available then this will be a welcome addition to your collection.

The Volcano Shadow Special Edition, features a sleek, streamlined design, a fiery red metallic finish, and textured grip and will be available in mid-September.

And all for just £59.99! Pre-orders are available now.

Turtle Beach reveal their E3 lineup

E3 isn’t just about all the new sparkly games and console systems, the folks behind your favourite hardware brands will also be peddling their wares and Turtle Beach have unveiled their E3 hand early.

Not wanting to waste any time, Turtle Beach have unveiled the first headsets designed specifically for Xbox’s Project Scorpio.


So what’s new? Other than making full use of Microsoft’s wireless technology, the STEALTH 700 and 600 series boast the ProSpecs headcup relief system, so those that wear glasses can continue to do so in comfort without the ear cups pressing your glasses into your head.

The headsets have also been redesigned to give enhanced comfort and a cosy fit so that the 50mm speakers can deliver surround sound that is made all the immersive with active noise cancelling – and of course – both headsets come locked and loaded with Turtle Beach’s trademark Superhuman hearing sound.

“Turtle Beach has routinely led the industry when it comes to being first to market with products packed with the latest and most innovative features, and that trend continues this year with our 2017 lineup and today’s revelation of the STEALTH 700 & 600 models,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “Our fans count on us to be at the forefront of gaming audio, so delivering the first Xbox One gaming headsets that use the new Xbox Wireless technology to connect directly to the console has been a key goal for us this year, and through our great partnership with Microsoft, team Turtle Beach will deliver another significant industry first.”


New Xbox One Controller announced

Microsoft have announced a new Xbox One Controller as part of their new ‘Tech Series’ controllers. The first in the series is the Recon Tech Special Edition. It will cost £59.99 and will be available on May 4 in the UK.

The Xbox team was inspired by military technology and performance patterns, exploring concepts stemming from combat armour and sci-fi mechanical gear. Premium finishes like a laser etched texture, gold accents and insignia are on the front of the controller. The back of the controller features textured diamond rubberised grip for added control and comfort.

Game cancelling some Resident Evil 7 statue pre-orders

UK retailer Game are currently cancelling some pre-orders of the collectable Resident Evil 7 plantation statue. This is due to the replica statues arriving damaged from the manufacturer.

RE 7 Statue Game email

As a result, Game are sending emails out to affected customers as we speak, apologising for the cancellation and offering a full refund and £10 credit on Game reward cards as compensation. Obviously for collectors this is going to be a disappointment that a £10 gift can’t solve.

Tag up your A40s with Halo Wars 2

ASTRO Gaming have announced a lovely set of speaker plates, compatible with the ASTRO A40, for Halo Wars 2. Previously, these special edition Halo plates have come with in game bonuses, but with Halo Wars 2 all you will get is a set of three plates for your $25/£20. They must be popular, the UK store is already showing them as out of stock!




Halo Wars 2 launches on Xbox One February 21st, with a beta due to go live on January 20th.