TiX Teasers for 2018 – Deep Rock Galactic, Steel Rats and The Story Goes On

So, 2017 is nearing a close, all the big titles have been released, played (nearly) and most people have their GOTY lists pretty much decided. But in just a few weeks 2018 will be here, and it will us...[Read More]

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will be 30fps on Xbox One

We are mere days from the long-awaited launch of PUBG on the Xbox One, and there has been a great deal of chatter on the internets about it’s performance, especially on the Xbox One X. However t...[Read More]

Xbox Game Pass adds 7 new Titles to its Roster

Xbox Game Pass has this week added 7 new games to its already huuuge list of titles, taking the total amount of games to 119! Added this week are; Dead Island Definitive Edition Resident Evil 6 F1 201...[Read More]

Coma coming to Xbox in 2018

The ID@Xbox program continues to grow and add new and exciting games to the Xbox platform. Recently announced is Coma, which is developed by Jason Oda and a small team of freelancers. COMA is an emoti...[Read More]

Playdead’s ex-CEO announces ‘Somerville’

One of the minds behind Limbo and Inside has announced the formation of a new Guildford based studio: Jumpship. Their debut project is Somerville, a “sci-fi action adventure” telling the s...[Read More]

10tons announce “JYDGE” for Xbox One

10tons, the Finland based independent developer of roguelike “Neon Chrome” have today announced their new game, called JYDGE, which will be coming to Xbox later in 2017. JYDGE is a top-dow...[Read More]

The Culling comes to Xbox Game Preview

The Culling has been announced as coming to Xbox Game Preview on June 2nd 2017.  The game, by developer Xaviant, is part Running Man and part Hunger Games, with a nice “R Rated” sprinkling...[Read More]

ID@Xbox celebrates its 500th release

ID@Xbox hit a significant milestone last week by releasing their 500th title across Xbox and Windows 10, which happened to be City: Skylines. We have always been big fans of the ID @ Xbox platform, gi...[Read More]

10tons announce Time Recoil for Xbox

10tons Ltd have been making games for a few years now. They have slowly but surely developed a definite style and have seemingly improved with every release. The developer behind Neon Chrome, Sparkle ...[Read More]

Grab your Kinect and be an Air Guitar Warrior

Virtual Air Guitar Company, an Indie studio in Finland, have announced that they will release what will be their 11th game, Air Guitar Warrior via the ID@Xbox program on Kinect for Xbox One. Strangely...[Read More]

ID@Xbox title SkyKeepers gets March release date

When Microsoft announced the ID@Xbox program, a small part of me rejoiced at not having to go through some of the utter dross of the old Indie scene that contained some incredibly questionable content...[Read More]

Release date confirmed for Voodoo Vince: Remastered

Way back in 2003, on the very first incarnation of Xbox, there appeared an exclusive title. Voodoo Vince was a quirky puzzle platformer set in the magical underbelly of New Orleans. Sadly, when the or...[Read More]

Watch sci-fi combat title Aaero in new trailer

There are a couple of music-driven titles that are heading to Xbox in the coming months. Indie micro-developer, Mad Fellows can be added to that growing list as they are releasing a music-based sci-fi...[Read More]

Spotlightor announce incoming Candleman DLC

It’s been out for a little under three weeks, to critical acclaim, but Candleman developer, Spotlightor are not resting on their laurels with the release. Together with publisher, E-Home Enterta...[Read More]

Cuphead delayed until 2017

One of the most interesting, and visually exciting, run and gun titles, Cuphead, has been delayed until mid 2017. Studio MDHR announced, via blog post on their website, that their highly anticipated I...[Read More]

King Oddball wants to rule your Xbox

Do you get excited by physics puzzlers? You know the type. Fling a ball, grenade, bird, rock, whatever, in the hopes of hitting a specific target? If you do, you’re going to love the latest ID@X...[Read More]

Who fancies testing Behemoth’s newest game Pit People?

The Behemoth, independent games developer and publisher of titles Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater have announced that they are looking for people to help them test their latest title Pit Peopl...[Read More]

RevErsi Quest hits US Live store

Have you ever played the tactical board game Reversi? This is a strategy game for two players, based on an 8×8 uncheckered gaming board. You’ve got tokens that are light on one side and dar...[Read More]

Fenix Furia to unleash fury in June

It’s been teased for a few months now. It’s even suffered a name change. Developer, Green Lava Studios and their publishing partner, Reverb Triple XP have finally announced the release dat...[Read More]

Shift Happens coming to Xbox One

Shift Happens, the award-winning puzzle platform developed by indie developer Klonk Games and Deck13, will be coming to Xbox One this July. Shift Happens is the latest in a wave of puzzle Co-op platfo...[Read More]

Xbox announce ID@Xbox Game Fest

To celebrate the amazing success and bright future of ID@Xbox, Microsoft have announced the ID@Xbox Game Fest – a month-long celebration that’s designed to show off the breadth of amazing content offe...[Read More]

Prepare to open the Book of Demons

It’s been a while since we had a dungeon crawler in a similar vein to Hero Quest. Wait? Hero Quest, what’s that? Head here and all will be revealed. It was a big deal back in the 90’...[Read More]

The Solus Project reaches new heights

Teotl Studios along with Grip Digital have announced the next update to The Solus Project, The Highpoint Expansion. The third free update to come to the game, The Highpoint Expansion will allow player...[Read More]

The Wild Eight reaches out to Kickstarter

Back in February I posted an article about The Wild Eight coming to Xbox One. This co-op survival game being developed by Eight Points tells the story of eight people whose everyday lives are forever ...[Read More]

Second Episode of Blues and Bullets hits Xbox One

Those fans of Blues and Bullets will be pleased to hear that Episode 2: Shaking The Hive is now available to download on Xbox One. Shaking the Hive is the second installment of the episodic crime noir...[Read More]

Active Soccer 2 DX released on Xbox One

Every so often, a game sneaks under the radar that should be a classic. Active Soccer 2 DX could be that game. Released today, priced £11.99 or your local currency equivalent, Active Soccer 2 DX is th...[Read More]

Microsoft letting Xbox One games connect with PC and other console networks

Over on Xbox Wire, Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox has posted an open letter announcing that Mircosoft are to allow Cross Network play, which means we could be going up against our Playstation 4 fri...[Read More]

Spareware release date confirmed

Our friends over at Rusto Games were hinting yesterday at some important news coming up and they weren’t wrong. Today on twitter the team announced Spareware will be officially released for Xbox...[Read More]

Beacon announced for Xbox One

An international team of developers, under the moniker, Monothetic, have announced a new sci-fi action roguelike for Xbox One. Called Beacon, the game will ask you to fight, die and mutate to escape a...[Read More]

Spareware is made by someone? What even is Spareware?!

Our friends at Rusto Games have released another video about their up and coming game Spareware. This time the video takes us on an investigative journey in to the natural habitat of the team and thei...[Read More]

Spareware release new gameplay video

It was only yesterday we were announcing that Spareware, a game being developed by Finnish development team Rusto Games, was coming to Xbox One. Well more information is already to hand in the form of...[Read More]

Team2Bit’s crazy Reagan Gorbachev released today

When you think of the political scene in the 1980’s, you can’t help but think of Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan. Two sides of the same coin as the leaders of arguably the most powerfu...[Read More]

Xbox One is getting some Spareware

Finnish developers, Rusto Games have snuck in under the radar with the announcement of their top-down shooter, Spareware, for Xbox One. This procedurally generated mulitplayer bullet-fest is set aroun...[Read More]

Siegecraft Commander gameplay details revealed

Blowfish Studios, makers of Siegecraft Commander, an action strategy hybrid, have released a tutorial video showing actual gameplay details and I have to say it looks great. As the video depicts, play...[Read More]

Team17 and Roll7 bringing OlliOlli2 and NOT A HERO to Xbox One

Later this year, Team17 will be publishing Roll7’s hit titles OlliOlli2 and NOT A HERO on Xbox one. The 2D side-scrolling skating game OlliOlli has already hit the Xbox One and embedded itself i...[Read More]

Psychological adventure The Town of Light coming to Xbox One

Italian developer LKA with support from Id@Xbox have announced that their psychological adventure The Town of Light will be coming to the Xbox One this year. The Town of Light takes place in the Volte...[Read More]

Tenebrae: Twilight of the Gods coming to ID@Xbox

Thanks to Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program, Troglobytes Games will be able to port its upcoming game “Tenebrae – Twilight of the Gods” to the Xbox One platform. Tenebrae – Twilight of the Gods ...[Read More]

Krinkle Krusher announced for Xbox One

Brazilian developer, Ilusis Interactive Graphics, released their action tower defence game, Krinkle Krusher on the Sony platforms in Spring last year. Now, after looking enviously over at the shiny Mi...[Read More]

Relive that B-Movie vibe in Fortified

I remember, years ago, when all this was fields and the aliens came down and invaded on a weekly basis. In black and white. Fortified, from indie developer, Clapfoot, is looking to revive that 1950s B...[Read More]

Unepic review

Daniel is having a bad day. A very bad day. One minute he was with his friends drinking beer and playing Dungeons & Dragons, (albeit badly), and the next moment, while relieving himself in the toi...[Read More]

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