Forza Motorsport 7 review

Forza Motorsport is back with it’s seventh title, with Project CARS 2 & GT Sport out it now faces stern competition to be the best racing simulator on the market, can it race ahead or will it blow...[Read More]

FIFA 18 review

Alex Hunter returns in FIFA 18 as part of The Journey, but like many young players, his career takes a sudden turn and he finds himself looking for a new club. To add to that Alex’s Dad is back in his...[Read More]

Rogue Trooper Redux review

Ten years have passed since Rogue Trooper originally graced our screens, now he is back and in Redux glory, which includes HD visuals, a new cover system and reworked controls. Starting out as part of...[Read More]

theHunter: Call of the Wild review

When I was first handed this game, I was a bit apprehensive. Hunting is a bit of a controversial subject, what with it being currently prohibited from practice in the UK. So, if I’m truly being honest...[Read More]

Win with TiX: Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer SPARCO P310 Competition Mod

Thanks to our friends at Thrustmaster, we have the fantastic TS-XW Racer SPARCO P310 Competition Mod to give away. If you haven’t heard about the steering wheel then check out our review. Winning this...[Read More]

Resident Evil Revelations review

Sometimes being a game reviewer isn’t all it seems. Yes, reviewing a game you are looking forward to playing is great (eg.Tacoma), and unearthing a real gem that you had no intention of playing ...[Read More]

Planet of the Eyes review

Planet of the Eyes is described as ‘Limbo in a colourful world’ and that covers this narrative led platformer very well. It delivers an intriguing tale punctuated by trial and error moments, with a si...[Read More]

Yakuza Kiwami review (PS4)

Yakuza Kiwami retells the story of how the series began in all the beautiful pixels that the PS4 can deliver. Yes, Yakuza Kiwami is a remake, so all gameplay issues remain from its original PlayStatio...[Read More]

Surf World Series review

Games about surfing are rare indeed, but it’s a sport that can be gamified to success, something Surf World Series proves wonderfully. It’s not the most feature rich experience but it captures the atm...[Read More]

Time Recoil review

When I first laid eyes on the opening title screen of Time Recoil, I knew this game was going to scratch an itch. The opening menu screams 80s, the graphic style and the iconic electro music set off t...[Read More]

The Golf Club 2 review

If there’s one sports genre whose video game adaptations have largely been ignored over the last half decade, it’s golf. Mini golf titles are a dime a dozen right now but when it comes to actual golf ...[Read More]

Raiders of the Broken Planet review

Parental Warning! This game is NOT for kiddies or those with sensitive eyes and ears. I had to hit mute quite quickly during the first main cut scene of the game. Arse shots for you, me, and everybody...[Read More]

The LEGO Ninjago movie videogame review

I’d go as far to say it’s a bit unfair not to involve my two lads in my latest review, so of course, I have! Max, 9 and Sam, 6 have played a quite a bit of The LEGO Ninjago the movie videogame over th...[Read More]

Let Them Come review

There’s a scene in Aliens where the marines setup automatic turrets to shoot the approaching horde of aliens. In Let Them Come you essentially recreate that scene but as a gunner controlling a turret....[Read More]

Expand review (PS4)

Within two minutes of starting to play Expand I seem to have entered into a Zen type state of mind where all sense of time and reality escaped me. Time stood still, I became aware of nothing else arou...[Read More]

Project Cars 2 review

The racing genre is nowhere near as saturated as it used to be, at least in regards to the sheer amount of titles out there. However, finding a gap within the genre to focus on is more difficult than ...[Read More]

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell review

Imagine someone taking something from you, and you need it back. What lengths would you go to? A pretty common question, now factor in that it’s Satan himself, and that the item in question is your be...[Read More]

Utawarerumono: Mask Of Truth Review

So, right off the bat let’s come to some sort of agreement as to how I am going to refer to Utawarerumono: Mask Of Truth as we go forward in this review. I can’t even say it let alone type...[Read More]

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap review

Sega aficionados will certainly remember the Wonder Boy titles. Platforming gems from yesteryear that consisted of clever level, enemy and mechanics design. Indeed, these titles are fondly remembered ...[Read More]

Vermintide – Karak Azgaraz DLC review

Fighting the Skaven horde is a highly enjoyable and challenging pastime that we at TiX Towers have enjoyed immensely. The Karak Azgaraz DLC gives us precisely the excuse we need to dive back in, provi...[Read More]

Killing Floor 2 review

Killing floor 2 has already been out for quite some time on the PC and the PlayStation 4 but has had a recent release on the Xbox One, and with the promise of Xbox One X enhancements coming this Novem...[Read More]

Destiny 2 review

Here it is, at long last, the Destiny 2 review from TiX! I’d apologise for it taking so long, but for those of you who have ever played Destiny or a game like it, you’ll know it can’...[Read More]

NBA Live 18 review

NBA Live 18 has made lots of improvements over last year and has become the most accessible title for players of all abilities. You are quickly thrown into NBA Live 18, where you’ll play a quick match...[Read More]

Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod review

That price is £650/$699 – So it certainly isn’t for the casual gamer, however, if you can afford to this steering wheel is highly recommended. The Steering wheel itself is a 1:1 replica of the P310 st...[Read More]

The Lost Bear review (PSVR)

Developed and produced by Manchester based independent team, Odd Bug Studio – formed by ex-students of Norwich University of the Arts – The Lost Bear is a side scrolling platformer for PSVR. The stage...[Read More]

Dovetail Games Euro Fishing Foundry Dock DLC review

I could literally write this review in one, perhaps harsh sentence. I won’t do that because that’s not very entertaining, is it? So I will endure writing this as I endured playing the game...[Read More]

Madden 18 review

I’m not a huge fan of Devin Wade, well I certainly wasn’t at the start of Longshot, the new Career mode in Madden 18. Life wasn’t treating him to well, but his attitude really got on...[Read More]

PES 2018 review

I’ve been reviewing PES and FIFA games for such a long time now, yet every year I find myself really excited for the next iteration in the series, could PES 2018 topple FIFA this year?. This year, the...[Read More]

>Observer_ Review

Allow me to preface this review by stating that I had to restart the game after several hours due to >Observer_ saving whilst I fell through an apartment floor. I experienced many, many bugs and gl...[Read More]

Lethal League review

Baseball introduced into a fighting game is certainly a novel mechanic, mixed with a short life cycle and quick player movement, Lethal League can offer moment to moment rushes not often seen in the g...[Read More]

How the Raid Virgins in Destiny changed me as a Gamer

When Destiny was first announced I wasn’t that intrigued. A new, space shooter from the creators of Halo? Surely that should be something I should have been immensely excited for? Well, hereR...[Read More]

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice review (PS4)

Part action game, part walking sim and wrapped in a cinematic experience, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice looks absolutely stunning with lifelike characters, gorgeous lighting and stunning vistas. ...[Read More]

Sonic Mania review

Sonic the Hedgehog, that cocky spiky blue hedgehog caused me so much pain my younger years. The frustration at making the slightest mistake and losing all those precious rings I had worked so hard for...[Read More]

Disney Afternoon Collection review

Many of us were raised on the Disney cartoons of the 80s and early 90s. We’d while away the hours watching the likes of Donald Duck, Darkwing Duck and Talespin. The game adaptations of these cartoons ...[Read More]

F1 2017 Review

F1 2017 is the latest instalment of the extremely popular Formula 1 racing game that has been under the steady custodial arm of Codemasters since their first game back in 2010. I’m a keen player of ra...[Read More]

TiX Talks – Interview with Codemasters F1 2017 Creative Director – Lee Mather

F1 2017 from Codemasters is due for release on 25th August 2017. At the launch event last week in London, TiX was lucky enough to interview the franchise’s Creative Director, Lee Mather. TiX ...[Read More]

Turtle Beach XO Three review

I prioritise my audio experience when it comes to gaming, so when it comes to choosing the best headset to match my demands I’m very particular. The trouble is, it’s expensive and not everyone w...[Read More]

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows review

Masquerada’s opening kept me playing, and it will help me return to the replay the chapters and acts of this criminally undercooked RPG. Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is described as “R...[Read More]

Thrustmaster and Sparco launch the TS-XW Racer SPARCO P310 Competition Mod

Thrustmaster and Sparco have teamed up to bring us the TS-XW Racer SPARCO P310 Competition Mod. It is a 1:1 scale replica of the real SPARCO P310 sports steering wheel and has been specially designed ...[Read More]

LawBreakers review (PS4)

Experienced games veterans Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee formed new studio Boss Key Productions in 2014—LawBreakers is the first title to come out of the studio and boy does it deliver. Focused p...[Read More]