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Destiny – The House of Wolves screenshots leaked


Recent information has appeared on Reddit supposedly showing leaked screenshots of the new Destiny House of Wolves expansion. The source, Megamanexe4, has a good reputation of posting information and in the past has supplied news on new weaponry and missions within the game before it’s officially announced.

As we can see from the screenshot it clearly shows The Reef as a new social space within the game.  There was rumors when the game was in development back in 2013 that such an area would exist giving guardians an alternative to the Tower but when nothing appeared in the final release most people thought it had fallen through the cracks. Even though we don’t know what and how this area will be used, it’s good to see The Reef being used for something apart from a one-off cut scene.

The moon seems to be popular again for quests and we can see  a level 30 Nightcrawler quest and a level 28 Belly of the Beast Strike, giving opportunity for guardians to get back into the thick of it again. The Belly of the Beast Strike apparently occurs when “A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker’s end.” Sounds promising.

As always though this is all speculation and we’re still awaiting Bungies announcement of when The House of Wolves expansion will be officially released. The word on the street at the moment seems to show mid May, but as we know things can change very quickly in a game.

Play Battlefield Hardline early with EA Access


If you happen to be an EA Access member then you are in for a treat as the Battlefield Hardline trial is arriving on March 12th.

Members will be able to jump into the game for a full 10 hours, playing both single-player and multiplayer before the games official release date on March 17th. The trial will let you play the prologue and first chapter of the single player and all the multiplayer maps and game modes, allowing you to experience content never seen before. However unlike the beta, all progress you make will carry over when the live release hits.

EA Access is the exclusive subscription service where you receive discounts on EA games, but also have access to the vault, a selection of the best EA games that are free to play and download.

Battlefield Hardline is available now to buy and pre-download, and will be officially released on March 17th.

Omerta expansion: The Japanese Incentive out now


Return to Atlantic City and expand your criminal empire in an original story with new weapons and characters

Irish mobsters, villainous Ku-Klux-Klan members, a mysterious business man from the far-east and a beautiful Japanese woman – it’s time for another episode in the life of The Boss! Our friends over at Kalypso Media today announced that The Japanese Incentive, the expansion for the gangster themed strategy game Omerta – City of Gangsters, is out now to download for the Xbox 360 for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99.

The Japanese Incentive includes the following new features:

    All new! – Play an exciting new campaign with unique characters, storylines and cut scenes Explore and dominate – Discover districts of Atlantic City and its outskirts not yet seen in Omerta Kill it with fire – new weapons include the katana,  flamethrower and  machine gun The gang’s all here – Hire additional characters whose special new traits will help make quick work of your foes Outsmart a new challenger – Battle for the city against an updated enemy gang AI Pick a wheelman –  Plan fantastic heists, then use lavish new cars and armoured vehicles for getaways It’s all business – Take over new buildings like the security agency and the auto shop and put them to criminal use Watch the world burn – Set the battlefield ablaze with a unique new “fire” feature, which makes the most of the new flamethrower weapon

Screenshots included below for your viewing pleasure.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 gets its first episode today


Capcom release the first of the four weekly Resident Evil Revelations 2 episodes on the Marketplace for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 globally today, with the physical boxset being released in stores on the 20 March.

The story picks up from where Resident Evil Revelations leaves off, Claire has a new job working for anti-bioterrism group, Terra Save when she and Barry Burton’s daughter Moira get kidknapped and taken to a mysterious island. Barry heads off to the island to rescue his daughter and pals up with a brand new character Natalia. The story will alternate between the two sets of characters.

Each episode comes with 2 raid missions that add to Claire and Moria’s story, as well as Barry and Natatlia’s.

As with everything these days, there’s a season pass available for all the episodes for the price of GBP19.99/EUR24.99/$24.99, with each episode costing GBP4.99/EUR5.99/$5.99 each. It’s actually cheaper to by them separately if you do the math.

Episode 2 will be released on 4 March, with Episode 3 and 4 being released on 11 March and 18 March respectively.

Look out for our review on the latest member of the Resident Evil franchise soon, if you haven’t played the first installment then check out what Kris thought of the game back when it released in this review of Resident Evil Revelations.

Check out the launch trailer for Revelations 2!

Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Rayman to join Games with Gold

games with gold logo

Although it hasn’t been officially announced, reports suggest that Xbox Gold members will be getting their hands in Bioshock Infinite & Tomb Raider on the Xbox 360 and Rayman Legends on the Xbox One as part of the Games with Gold promotion.

The info was revealed on one of Microsoft’s internal sites and NeoGAF managed to get hold of the info. 

Other details included the fact that over 100m games have been downloaded since the promotion began and to celebrate Microsoft will be giving away double the free games in April.

I’ve played both Bioshock and Tomb Raider, but they were also two of my favourite games on the 360 and I haven’t got Rayman so it’s a good month for me! What do you think of the lineup?

Deals with Gold sleeps with a thieving pirate


This week Deals with Gold takes a punt at offering up a digital copy of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, which has been selling digitally online for around £4 for the last six months! Meanwhile the Definitive Edition of Sleeping Dogs is being offered at a very tempting 60% off, while Thief runs off with the crown receiving the highest discount of 67%.

The Xbox 360 follows suit this week although the Assassin’s Creed offering also includes Brotherhood and AC: II – Hitman Absolution also sneaks in to join the fun.

The deals are available until March 2. Remember to check your local territory for availability and pricing.

Xbox One Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Xbox One Game 50% Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Xbox One Game 60% Thief Xbox One Game 67% The Crew Silver Credit Pack Add-On 25% Xbox 360 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag  Games On Demand 50% Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood  Games On Demand 50% Assassin’s Creed II  Games On Demand 50% Thief Games On Demand 75% Sleeping Dogs Games On Demand 75% Hitman Absolution Games On Demand 75%

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun cancelled video footage


Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was the successor to Soul Reaver and was unfortunately cancelled in 2012 by Square Enix after three years in development due to poor sales projections. A lot of mystery has shrouded the game about its contents but Mama Robotnik has spent years tracking down sources who worked on the game and piecing together any information they could find as to what this game had in store for us.

This relentless search has uncovered the below never seen footage of the game in its pre-alpha state.

For more in-depth information and amazing screenshots check out Mama Robotnik’s forum page on NeoGAF.

The future of Battlefield 4


At the end of last year Dice recapped on what an exciting year 2014 had been for Battlefield 4 and how 2015 would again hold some surprises. Two months into the year and Dice have now revealed what they meant.

Apart from the normal continued support of the game through tweaks, patches and weapon packs there is also talk of two larger content drops. What these might include we are still unsure about, but one of these could be related to the announcement that Dice want to build a playable map with its premium community.

Yes it’s true, Dice have announced that they want to build a playable map from the ground up using the community’s feedback in every aspect of the project phase. This is something that has never been done before by Dice and could be a way of getting all their premium members back together as one big happy family.

Once completed the map will then be available to all users as a free download. Further information can be found here.

There was also news of the coming Winter Patch that is due out in March.  This patch will focus mainly on netcode, soldier collision and a tweak to the very competitive Squad Obliteration mode.

So does this spark your interest, or has Battlefield 4 run its course and you are just twiddling your thumbs before Hardline comes out?

Ammunition used as Xbox 360 controller buttons


It was reported that yesterday bomb disposal experts were called to a home in West Belfast as a number of ammunition rounds were found. In an update today on the BBC website it has been revealed that the ammunition in question was actually imitation rounds used as custom Xbox 360 controller buttons.

The property in Sliabh Dubh Lane was cordoned off on Tuesday night as a security operation was launched. Since then the Police have revealed the items have been taken away after being declared not suspicious.

A quick image search online reveals a number of modding sites out there offering this service. To any of you who customise your controllers, we’d advise against using imitation bullets. At least if you don’t want the local police department knocking down your front door and confiscating your beloved controller.

Source: BBC N. Ireland

Trivial Pursuit Live! available now


Ah, what better way to spend a wet half-term day in with the kids, than arguing over the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question? As of today, you can do just that without having to worry about whether you’ve got all of the little wedges in the box.

Ubisoft and Hasbro Gaming have released the launch trailer for Trivial Pursuit Live! Coming out on Xbox One and 360, this takes the game to a new level with a fresh, new, TV show style and all-new question types to puzzle over.

Developed by Longtail Studios, this modern twist will feature adaptive difficulty levels and unique catch-up rounds that will offer players an original experience.

A bit of trivia before the trailer, Trivial Pursuit was first conceived by Canadian Chris Haney, in 1979. Here’s that trailer.