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Disney Infinity 3.0 launches today


Disney Infinity 3.0 has finally launched, the Xbox One starter pack contains the Disney Infinity 3.0 video game software and base, the Star Wars Twilight of the Republic Play Set piece, Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker character figures, and a web code card that unlocks content for PC and mobile devices.

Disney Infinity 3.0 features an updated and improved Toy Box mode where you will be able to mix and match some of our favourite Star Wars, Disney, Disney•Pixar and Marvel characters and play with them together.

The Toy Hub has been enhanced, making it easier for players to choose from a wider selection of gameplay experiences – including platforming, racing and farming simulation games.

We are receiving a review copy early next week so keep an eye out for our review.

Goat Simulator Mmore Goatz Edition

mmore goatz banner

Goat Simulator Mmore Goatz Edition dropped this week on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and includes the updated MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) version of Goat Simulator and the Day Z zombie survival game inspired version Goatz. Living life as a goat in a sandbox environment sounds bizarre enough to me as it is, but given the original Goat Simulator’s past success I wondered if this would be more of the same glitchy hilarious craziness we saw in the first place.

Starting off in the world as a little goat you will be handed two game type options at the main menu, the MMO which is the original game but with lots more to do. There is a level cap of 101, new people to meet and more quests to help out the people of the community in weird and wonderful ways (one of them is dragging a man out of poop!). The quests are generally simple; ranging from killing a certain amount of enemies, destroying things or relocating people somewhere in the world. 

It is pretty much impossible to die in this game, instead you can get stuck in random places due to the glitches that are add to the comedic value but is easily fixed by the magic respawn button. You can explore the vast lands and find collectables, a lot of hilarious glitches, secret areas and defeat enemies with the glorious headbutt while levelling up your beloved goat. Being called the Mmore Goats Edition you can of course unlock a lot more goats each with special powers to use around the maps.

Implemented into the MMO side of the game is the inventory system where you can store pretty much anything you decide to lick, from which your goat gain XP for, licking items will store » Continue Reading.

Bungie strikes the Dreadnaught in latest Twitch reveal


Bungie have just wrapped up their second reveal stream on Twitch, and this time it focused purely on the new mechanics for strikes.

Special guest Mr Fruit, of YouTube fame, joined Community Manager Cozmo and Gameplay Designer Claude Jerome as they explored the Dreadnaught, showcasing one of the new strikes coming next month.

The Shield Brothers takes place in the new Dreadnaught environment, as Guardians are tasked with stopping a Cabal onslaught against Oryx and the Hive. Based in the rings of Saturn, players will be hunting down the Cabal brothers, and taking on both Cabal and the new Taken enemies as they make their way to them.

The emphasis on new strikes for The Taken King is how the final boss encounter has changed, and players will no longer be facing bullet sponges, such as Valus Ta’aurc in the original Cerberus Vae III strike. Instead, they will have to think through strategies to take down this new adversaries.

Once your fireteam has made it’s way through the twisted corridors of the crashed Cabal ship, guided by the Hunter mentor Cayde-6, they will enter an arena-style final room where they will face the Shield Brothers. Both Valus Mau’ual and Valus Tlu’urn have their own personalities, and much like arcade games of old, it is up to the players to devise a strategy to take them down.

First up is Valus Mau’ual, whose attack is very similar to the Titan Fist of Havoc, ground pounding his way around the arena in an attempt to stop the Guardians in their tracks. Once you fight him down to approximately half health, he retreats, and his brother comes in to play. Valus Tlu’urn has a much more range to his attack, barraging players with his mortars, and once he too is » Continue Reading.

September’s Games with Gold are…


Xbox One Gold members will receive The Deer God and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for free during the month of September. Tomb Raider needs no introduction but you may be wondering what the Deer God is… How about a trailer to explain?

On the Xbox 360 the two games you get are Battlestations Pacific  and Crysis 3, wasn’t it mentioned that all future Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles would be available via backwards compatibility? If so then I guess we can take the Games with Gold program as confirmation of new titles added to the Xbox One’s newest feature.

Ubisoft announce Just Dance: Disney Party 2


Ubisoft in collaboration with Disney Interactive, announced the development of Just Dance: Disney Party 2, the second Disney title from the Just Dance series.

This news comes just days after Disney fans got a sneak peek of the game at the D23 EXPO 2015. The game will feature tracks from the hottest Disney Channel shows and movies, including “Evil Like Me” and “Rotten to the Core” from the hit Disney Channel Original Movie, “Descendants.”

Just Dance: Disney Party 2 will be available for Xbox One and Xbox 360, this Christmas.

The Just Dance development team worked closely with Disney Interactive and Disney Channel to incorporate character looks into the game, letting fans enjoy gameplay that is true to the most popular shows and films. With the karaoke feature on Xbox One, players can also sing along while they dance to their favourite tunes. Check out a selection of tracks announced for the game so far:

    “Austin & Ally” (“Chasin’ the Beat of My Heart”) “Descendants” (“Did I Mention”) “Descendants” (“Rotten to the Core”) “Descendants” (“Evil Like Me”) “Descendants” (“Set It Off”) “Girl Meets World” (“Take on the World”) “K.C. Undercover” (“Keep It Undercover”) “Teen Beach Movie” (“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”) “Teen Beach Movie” (“Falling for Ya / Surf’s Up”) “Teen Beach 2” (“That’s How We Do”) “Teen Beach 2” (“Gotta Be Me”) “Teen Beach 2” (Twist Your Frown”) “Violetta” (“En Mi Mundo”)

Advanced Warfare sees Xbox exclusivity one last time

call of duty advanced warfare

Earlier this month the last expansion pack ‘Reckoning’ was released and was to be the last time Xbox players would see the Call of Duty early exclusivity we had enjoyed for years. This week Sledgehammer have thrown gamers one last piece of DLC set to release August 25th, a new set of weapons and the third and final set of Royalty Varient. Two fan favourite weapons are making a return to the series, the AK47 and M16 Assault Rifles, also joining the multiplayer gun roster is the CEL-3 Cauterizer from Exo-Zombies. These weapons will be available for all players on Xbox One first and will come to PC and PS4 after.

The mystery machine rocks up in Lego Dimensions


The mystery machine rocks up in the latest announcement for Lego Dimensions, Scooby and Shaggy join the large roster alongside the likes of Doctor Who, Batman, Gandalf, Superman, Wyldstyle and a lot more. The team pack includes mini Lego figures of the duo along with a Lego Scooby snack and Mystery Machine, the pair both have their own abilities to bring to the show while you explore iconic areas and solve mysteries.

Fans of Scooby and Shaggy will be able to get their hands on them and the Mystery Machine on September 29th

Destiny Nepal shader and emblem now available


Emails are now hitting the inbox’s of charitable Guardians who picked up the limited edition Nepal t-shirt, with details of how to redeem their exclusive shader and emblem to use in-game.

After the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal earlier this year, killing 8,800 and injuring 23,000, Bungie created a special edition t-shirt for charitable players to help with the relief efforts. In total, Bungie raised over $1m, with each t-shirt costing $25 (plus postage, and in my case, customs fees).


It’s all change as Destiny heads into year two


After today’s live reveal of the changes coming into year two for Destiny, with The Taken King, it certainly seems that Bungie really have been listening to their fans.

There’s a lot to go through, so stay with me…

One of the biggest questions going into year two was how your Guardian’s levels would progress. Gone are the days where players would have to rely on RNG (Random Number Generator) to boost your level, and being “forever 29”. Going into year two, your level and light level are now separated. Levels are now achieved through traditional XP gain, and a new cap of 40 will be introduced. Every player who preorders The Taken King will also receive a item to help boost a new character to level 25, the base level for The Taken King, called a Spark of Light. This allows players to create a brand new character, and negates the necessity to play through the whole story again, to get to the relevant level for the content. This will be available from the Postmaster, so any new player looking to take advantage of this, will have to complete the initial story mission to access the Tower.

The Intellect, Strength, and Discipline values now also display far more meaningful values. Instead of a unknown number on a bar, players will now be able to see how long the cool down time, in seconds, for each ability is affected.

Light level, on the other hand, is still important, but is calculated differently to how it was before. Taking an average of the defence and attack values of your gear, your light level will now go into triple figures for the first time. For example, you may have a full set of armour, which each piece with a defence value of » Continue Reading.

Bungie release trailer for The Taken King reveal


Starting at 7pm BST/11am PDT on August 19, viewers will be able to find out all of the up and coming changes happening to Destiny, live on the official Bungie Twitch channel, as it heads into year two with The Taken King.

Senior Design Lead Tyson Green and Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy will be on hand to discuss the new changes, including new light levels, collections, vaults, quests, Exotic weapon blueprints, and much more.

Bungie have also announced there will be two further Twitch reveals on August 26 and September 2.

The Taken King launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 on September 15.