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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Double XP Weekend


The famous COD 2XP is back and it’s locked and loaded ready for you to use and abuse your way to your next Prestige level. This weekend will also include two special playlists – Hardcore Mosh Pot and Comeback 24/7.

The event will run until 5pm GMT January 26 – best of luck soldier and remember… no camping!

Advanced Warfare – Meet The KillCameraman Randall Higgins

call of duty advanced warfare

There’s tongue in cheek trailers and then there’s Call of Duty trailers – this time the team at Sledgehammer are dressing up their Havoc DLC announcement trailer with an amusing look at just who is behind the Kill cams of COD.

Randall Higgins is the man, the KillCameraman and he gets himself into some rather amusing situations in order to grab those kill cams. Of course the main attraction is a look at the Havoc DLC – the first DLC pack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Available to download from January 27, the DLC includes four new maps, bonus weapons and Exo Zombies – the new co-op mode that could almost be a stand alone game.

Life Is Strange – The Butterfly Effect


2015 is the year for time bending mechanics in games – we all know that Quantum Break features time abilities but Life is Strange, developed by DONTNOD, is also getting in on the time mechanics. In the below dev diary, The Butterfly Effect, the team explain just how Max’s ability can be used and how they came up with the concept in the first place.

The team will be available for a Q&A session on January 27 via a Reddit AMA at 6am Pacific/2pm GMT

Dying Light – What Is “be The Zombie”


Just what is Dying Light’s “Be the Zombie”? Take a look for yourself as the devs take us though a quick demo of how to play (and not play) this great PvP mode, which is now available to all owners of the game – previously it was a pre-order bonus.

Be The Zombie In Dying Light, For Free


Dying Light, it’s all kicking off for Techland’s upcoming zombie apocalypse. Not only have Techland released the devs playing the co-op mode of the game and released details of the game’s release schedule, but they’ve also announced that a key game mode will now be available for all players, free of charge.

Which mode is this? Why, I’m glad you asked, it’s the ‘Be the Zombie’ player vs player mode. Take control of the Night Hunter in this new multiplayer mode and invade other players’ games, just for the sheer undead fun of it.

The team at Techland have released the following, explaining the decision to allow players to access and play this mode for free;

Dear gamers, As you already know, today we detailed our launch timing for Dying Light. Although the changes affect only the release of the boxed copies in certain territories, we want to show to all of you our appreciation for your continued support. Thus, we’re really happy to announce that ‘Be the Zombie’ will be available for free to everyone on all platforms, in all territories. We’ll also be giving away extra weapon dockets to everyone that pre-ordered Dying Light and signed up at the dockets website. We want to thank you for your patience and support in this matter and can’t wait for you to enjoy playing Dying Light and invading other players’ game in ‘Be the Zombie‘ mode.

Thanks, Techland.

Dying Light is available on Digital release from the 28th of January and as a physical release from the 27th of February. Be the Zombie!

Dying Light Xbox One Release Dates Confirmed


OK, so the Dying Light news is now coming thick and fast. Only this morning we brought you footage of the developers playing the game in co-op mode and now we have some  more exciting news coming out of  Techland.

The Xbox One digital release of Dying Light will hit the Store on the 28th of January. A little under a week to get your digital mits on this zombie apocalypse. Want to feel that cold Blu-Ray disc between your fingers? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for this, but not too much longer, as the physical release is due to come out on the 27th of February.

Those of us who have pre-ordered the physical release will get two lots of fantastic DLC free!

That’ll be ‘Cuisine and Cargo’ and ‘Ultimate Survivor Bundle’, absolutely free.

So, a little under a week for the digital release, a little over a month for the physical. Exciting stuff.

The Dying Light Team Play Some Co-op


Surviving the zombie apocalypse can be a daunting experience even when you’re the master of parkour, so why not bring a friend or three! Dying Light can of course be played in four player co-op, watch as lead devs Tymon Smektała, Maciej Binkowski, brand manager Paweł Modliński and assistant producer Marcel Mitraszewski take to the streets of Harran to survive against Dying Light’s undead horde.

How good does that look! With seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op, Dying Light looks like it might just fill that four player co-op shaped hole that Borderlands 2 has left in my game collection – Destiny just couldn’t quite fill it.

World Rally Championship 5 Announced For Xbox One


After the last outing on the Xbox 360 back in 2013, the WRC had a pretty quiet 2014.

All that is about to change.

Big Ben Interactive have announced that a new officially licensed rally sim, WRC 5, will be heading to Xbox One in the autumn of this year.

Buckle yourselves in, ply your co-driver with coffee and prepare yourself for the biggest rally simulator yet. Development has shifted to genre-newcomers, Kylotton Games, formerly 4X Studios.

Diego Sartori is a Creative Director of the French studio and had this to say about the announcement,

We are very proud and excited to work on a title dedicated to one of the most challenging and spectacular forms of motor sport.

WRC driver and 2013 WRC 3 champion, Sebastien Chardonnet, will be the official game ambassador and has been involved in the concept and planning of the game from the early stages,

It’s exciting to help Kylotton to make the best WRC game ever seen. Combining my driver and gamer experience with their technical point of view is something interesting when you are trying to do the most realistic game possible.

The game will include the usual environmental challenges in the stages, with mountains, snow, valleys, rain and dust. The vehicles will be decked out in the current WRC 2015 livery and will feature brand new stages and new games modes too.

Have a look at the teaser trailer below and tell us if it makes your accelerator foot itch.

Customise Your Rugby 15 Cover


Rugby, the game at school that you were forced to play in the driving sleet because your P.E. teacher was a sadist.

With the imminent release of Big Ben Interactive and HB Studios, Rugby 15 on the 23rd January, you will now have the opportunity to download a ready-made cover featuring your favourite Premiership Rugby team.

How can you get your hands on this goodness? Well I’m glad you asked. Simply visit the Rugby 15 custom covers link here, and pick your favourite team. The resulting download will be a PDF of the cover that you can print out at your leisure.

You’ll also get a mobile wallpaper of that team in 3 sizes for various mobile handset sizes.

If egg-chasing is your thing, is this something you can really afford to miss?

Rugby 15 is released on the 23rd of January.