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Batman: Arkham Knight’s first DLC announced


The engine has hardly had time to cool down on the Batmobile and already, it’s DLC-time. Well, nearly.

The first DLC pack has been announced for Batman: Arkham Knight and it will feature a storyline with the delectable Batgirl in it.

Called Batgirl: A Matter of Family, this DLC will be available first, to those lucky few who have purchased the Season Pass and will feature an all-new location with multiple missions, side-quests and secrets.

It will also include a new hacking feature used to progress through the world and solve puzzles. Team up with Robin for dynamic take-downs, too.

The Season Pass, while being criticised for being on the expensive side, will also let you have an exclusive Flashpoint Batman skin, access to the first six months of DLC releases early, which will see more Super-villains invading Gotham City, legendary Batmobiles, advanced challenge maps, more character skins and new drivable race tracks.

But this is all about the new Batgirl DLC.

For Season Pass owners, this will be available on the 14th of July. If you don’t own the Season Pass, you will have to wait another week, releasing to all on the 21st of July for the princely sum of £5.79 or your local currency equivalent.

Build a legend in Castles


When I was younger (oh no, here he goes again), there were some great puzzle games out. The likes of Puzznic used to keep me entertained for hours. I miss that kind of challenge with the games that are out now.

That could be about to change.

Whoot Games, a group of degree students in video game creation have created Castles that might just be something to scratch this puzzler itch.

Castles tells the story of King Harold. Harold’s greatest achievement is the tower that you are trying to build. Along the way, you’ll encounter unpredictable weather and the efforts of the jealous King Edmund to thwart your progress.

The game will feature three modes, story, survival and competitive, with single or multiplayer options. It boasts over 50 levels of randomised gameplay in story mode, meaning that you should never play the same game twice.

You control an engineer, tasked with moving the blocks on the construction board. Up for grabs are 7 different materials and 7 different tools, making several combinations. Match 3 of the same blocks of materials or tools and you’ll earn that item. Complete the set list of tasks of items to win the level. Simple, right?

Have a look at the trailer and decide for yourself.

Castles has just had it’s release date confirmed on Xbox One for the 15th of September 2015.

‘No Time To Explain’ grab it now on Xbox One


Coming soon through a time warp near you, is a game that started off as a insanely fun newgrounds project from way back in 2011 and has been chasing itself through time evolving in to a bigger, better, giant alien crab beating, time paradox, cake eating, gun jet pack wielding thing.

Try it for free, or drop some pennies on it here.


EastAsiaSoft find Lost Sea


In this world of so many new games, it’s easy to overlook or miss a few when they’re announced. Back in October last year, I missed a trailer for Lost Sea. I wish I hadn’t, I’ve wasted lots of ‘being excited’ time.

Lost Sea is a 3D strategy game that is set on a procedurally generated archipelago. As ragtag survivors of a plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle, it’s up to you to lead your crew as they hunt for the necessary resources to upgrade their self-built ship and make their escape.

This cartoon B-Movie universe holds a few surprises though and our intrepid hero has to survive encounters with exotic creatures and mysterious, powerful relics in order to escape. You’ll need more than just your combat skills to survive.

The game also promises to bring you player ability and special move progression upgrades, scavenging and rescue missions, secret support totems to find and activate. You will also be able to recruit new crew members with differing abilities. This is useful to be able to forge the correct skill set for each mission. Protect your crew though, as once they’re gone, they’re lost forever.

Lost Sea is coming via the ID@Xbox program sometime between now and the end of 2015.

Milkstone Studios tease Pharaonic


Milkstone Studios, the developers behind Ziggurat, have released a teaser trailer for their next game.

Pharaonic is a side-scrolling Role-Playing Game set in ancient Egypt. Little else is known about the game, currently undergoing Greenlight on Steam, other than the fact that Milkstone have confirmed their intentions to release on Xbox One, albeit via a reply to a YouTube comment.

On first impressions, this looks a little on the slow-side combat wise, so I’d hope Milkstone can speed it up a little on the console version.

Here’s the trailer, but at the minute, there’s no word on a release date.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition beta stat attack


Who’s been one of the multitude of Gears of War fans who have playing the beta of Ultimate Edition? This beta was open from the 15th to the 23rd of June and The Coalition, formerly Black Tusk Studios, have now had the opportunity to crunch those all important numbers.

Over the 8 days, hundreds of thousands of gamers answered the call to arms, logging over a million matches, some feat. One player even managed to to finish over 500 games.

    41.2 million kills Over a million and a half chainsaw kills Nearly 6 million executions Nearly 1.8 million curbstomps performed. This amounted to an equivalent of 120 total years played. Over 780,000 unique players

The aim of the beta wasn’t just about number crunching though. This gives the developers an opportunity to watch the game put through it’s paces and to see what needs tweaking and what can be left well alone. Before the game is released, next month, The Coalition will implement the following improvements.

    Multiple fixes and improvements for the Gnasher Shotgun Multiple fixes for Frag Grenades, Boomshot and Torque Bow Tuning for footstep audio and other player based sounds King of the Hill improvements, including the ability for the developer to sandbox the mode for more competitive play Removed active down Active Reloaded Longshot sniper rifle and added/tuned active bonus for sniper boom/aim Tuned red/blue colours for team shaders (Locust/COG) Improved look of blood and gore in gameplay Improved game performance to reduce screen tearing Bug fixes and tuning for Controller Sensitivity Settings Various bug fixes on maps, weapons, matchmaking, audio and controls

Three beta players were treated to a special community weapon skin, for the most kills (6821), the most downs (3418) and the most matches (597). Were you one » Continue Reading.

F1 2015 roars in with a new trailer


With the British Grand Prix literally days away, it’s bound to rain, Codemasters and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have released a trailer to remind us all that F1 2015 will be there to pick up the pieces of your post-Grand Prix blues.

Centre-stage of this edition will be the 2015 Driver’s Championship, with a Pro Season option that will deliver a more petrol-infused experience than ever before.

Codemasters’ Lee Mather, Principal Games Designer adds,

The race weekend is more than just the in-car and on track experience. Observing your driver working with his team during practice and qualifying and listening to the new commentary that sets the scene for the race and season standings is now present for the gamer. Then seeing the busy grid before a race, with all the flavour and character of it, into the race itself, the new television style cameras and replays, and finally the iconic podium celebrations all add to that race experience. The immersion is further enhanced with the voice recognition technology available for Xbox One, allowing players to engage with their race engineer through in-game voice commands with Kinect.

Pro Season mode is billed as the ultimate challenge and sets the difficulty bar to realistic. In addition to the current full season, you can also run through the full 2014 F1 World Championship as bonus content.

F1 2015 will be roaring into stores on the 10th of July.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: How to fight like a true Assassin


I, like many of you, have been a massive Assassin’s Creed fan since the first one released in 2007 (really?), and each year I wait with baited breath to see what changes Ubisoft have made to my most beloved franchise.

If you are familiar with the series, you’ll know that Ubisoft like to switch things around, a lot. I’ve lost count how many times they’ve changed the way you can scale a building, or hide from a group of guards, however, this time they’re focusing on the combat and I, personally, like how it sounds…

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, you control two Assassins with very different play styles. The more brash of the two is Jacob, who favours charging in and going at it like a boxer on a cold carcass. Evie, on the other hand, is much more calculated, and will take her time to work out her next move. However, it all comes down to the same thing, how can we kill Templars?

Things have moved on in the Assassin’s Creed timeline, and in Victorian London the sight of a cutlass at Charing Cross Station will not please the locals. Weapons are far more concealed, and cleverly at that. Featuring cane swords, revolvers, kukuri knives, brass knuckles, and the trusty hidden blade (of course), it is up to decide how you use these tools.

Let’s start with the basics, and something we all love, hand-to-hand combat.

Jacob’s style is very much that of a boxer. Quick, nimble, and packing a punch, scraps feel like scraps, and feels better compared to Assassin’s Creed Unity’s swordplay. Jacob can go into a fight with a flurry of punches, dodge incoming attacks, and utilise his arsenal of weapons, at the tap of a few buttons.

“The team worked really hard on having a » Continue Reading.

Xbox Live down for many players


According to the Xbox Support Site – core services are currently down, which means most of you wont be having to much luck playing games, if you are in the UK I’m surprised you can even read this without melting into a puddle…

Shovel Knight set for physical release


After a hugely successful release into the digital store, earning over 100 different awards, and selling more that 700,000 copies, the classic action adventure game from Yacht Club Games is set to appear on shelves in retailers later this year.

It will be available on Xbox One, PS4, 3DS, Wii U and PC in Europe on October 16th, and in America on October 13th.

Check out our review of Shovel Knight, and see why we gave it 92%.