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Defense Grid 2 Review


When it comes to tower defense games you should certainly know the drill by now, defend a position against waves of enemies that increase in difficulty. There’s nothing glitzy or clever about Defense Grid 2, it’s pure tower defense fun with a rough story laced over the top of the campaign in an attempt to give the game some grounding – it doesn’t work and I barely took any notice of the rather annoying one-liner companions that you get paired with.

There are five chapters to get through totalling twenty missions plus a prologue. DG2 also comes with multiplayer for when you’ve had your fill of the campaign, but if you only have eyes for the single player campaign, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole host of content available in each campaign – you can opt for a straight up story mode or take on a more challenging wave of enemies by playing with buffs or limiters to your arsenal, each level may then be taken on at easy, normal, hard or elite mode.

When placing towers, the trick is to manage your resources carefully, which tower do you place or do you upgrade your existing towers – whichever you decide your main goal is to stop the aliens from stealing your power cores and to maximise your chances of destroying them you can place towers along their route to make the path to their goal longer, you can even direct enemies right the way around your tower groups making them spend as much time as possible in your tower’s area of attack.

Once you get through several levels, modifiers are available to your towers and can be applied before you start a level. This affects their behaviour towards enemies and can prove vital to your » Continue Reading.

Grab An Xbox One And Four Games For Under £300


The UK has certainly jumped on board America’s Black Friday sales, we’ve seen online retailers partake in this for the past few years but now our high streets are looking to get in on the action with GAME leading the way with a superb Xbox One bundle deal. 300 stores will be opening at midnight so if you definitely want a bargain then you might be in for a long evening!

The bundle, retailing at £299.99, comes with the console (minus Kinect) £5 in Xbox credit, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Forza Motorsport 5.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on GAME’s website, they will be unveiling new deals every hour from 6pm!

Where Does The Xbox Player Go To Play Bingo?

xbox one xbox 360

If you prefer to do your gaming on a console such as Xbox, it’s great if you can get all the games you want on the one device. But there are some games where it’s better to go elsewhere, and that’s especially true for real money games such as bingo and casino games.

Before there were real money gambling sites, it was possible to play gambling games such as bingo and casino classics like roulette, blackjack and slots on a console. But the major downside to all the different versions of these games was that you couldn’t play with real cash. And while a positive from that is that you’re not spending money to play, any win that you had would always feel pretty meaningless. After all, what’s the point of playing a game that is designed to be about real money when you can’t place real bets.

The Xbox bingo option is Bingo Party, where there are four different types of bingo game that you can play. One plus point to playing these kinds of games on an Xbox is that you can make it a multi-player experience – inviting just the people you want to play with. Bingo Party can have up to 31 players at once, so you can certainly make it a party atmosphere if you want to. And the games can be fun as there are lots of unlockable items and over 50 different winning patterns.

However, you can invite friends to play with you at online bingo sites too. Click to play online here and you’ll see that there are different rooms that you can play in, and each of those has a chat room linked to it. So if you want your friends to join you in a game of bingo, » Continue Reading.

The December Games With Gold Is…

games with gold logo

Xbox have lifted the lid on December’s Games with Gold. Xbox One owners will get a retail game in the shape of Worms battlegrounds – the sequel to the popular death dealing turn based game in which players attempt to blow up each other’s team of Worm commandos.

Xbox 360 get to take to the icy slopes of SSX, a return to the former glory of the franchise that had slipped somewhat since the days of tricky but first 360 owners will need to put on their thinking games to solve the mystery of The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief.

Again the program delivers a mixed bag of games but for a change I don’t own the games on offer so I’m pretty happy, after all, I pay for Gold to play online – any extra games is a bonus!

The Crew Leaves The Starting Grid From Monday


The Crew doesn’t officially launch until Dec 2 but Ubisoft will be switching on the servers to their brand new MMO racing game from Monday morning GMT. After taking to the European roads of Forza Horizon 2 with my friends, I’ve high hopes for The Crew to deliver the ultimate social driving experience.

Ubisoft have held review copies until the game world is fully populated – a bold move, although a sensible one, I hope it doesn’t damage any sales for this exciting new racer!

Boom Ball Kinect Releases Under ID@Xbox Initiative


After unveiling that Kinect was integral to the Xbox One, there’s been a severe lack of Kinect enabled games for Microsoft’s new console. That hasn’t stopped Kung-Fu High Impact developer Virtual Air Guitar from producing a brand new Kinect game on Microsoft’s ID@Xbox initiative.

Mixing Tennis with Breakout, Boom Ball Kinect releases Nov 28 for NA while the rest of the world will have to wait until Dec 5.

Check out the trailer below.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review


LEGO appears to be taking over the world, it’s everywhere at the moment, including my own home, most of it belongs to my 6-year old who is obsessed by it, we also have practically every LEGO game spanning across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. With around 100 hours of LEGO Batman 2 played it was always going to be this house that got to review the latest game in the series LEGO Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham. Another Batman game set purely in Gotham would have been pretty boring, thankfully Travellers’ Tales knew this hence the Beyond Gotham title. LEGO Batman 3 is a much more linear experience, but still boasts a whole load of content that will please comic book fans as well as those who may not have experienced the vast world of characters, such as the different coloured lanterns.

There have been some really useful improvements to the game, for example characters can now swap into a different outfit whenever they want (providing they have unlocked it) which is much better than waiting around to find a station to change outfits in. Some of the new outfits are quite cool too, Robin for example has a new illumination outfit that lights up part s of the level to reveal way to progress a level. Characters such a Cyborg start with all of his outfits unlocked straight away. If your current character is in the wrong outfit when approaching a prompt the game will automatically change to the right outfit for you, it’s only a small thing but makes life a lot easier for you.

You can now also start at specific checkpoints during free play, most helpful when you mopping up achievements by looking for collectables. As ever there is a huge » Continue Reading.

LIMBO – Rolling Out Now For Xbox One Year One Gamers


One of the best Summer of Arcade titles ever for the Xbox 360 in 2010, LIMBO from PlayDead Studio’s was a highly addictive and dark puzzle game that involved the constant death of a boy in search of his potentially dead sister! As a free gift to Xbox One gamers who bought the Day One edition of the console, redeem codes for the game are rolling out right now – you might want to check your inbox!

The whole game from start to finish is set in a monochrome land with perfectly detailed backdrops to give the impression of a small lost boy venturing through a big dangerous world. Further adding to eerie sinister setting is the lack of in-game music which really works more of an advantage. As you progress from one part of the land to another, the only sound you hear is your own footsteps and the effects of your current backdrop. When it’s raining, you hear the rain pour, in the forest the wind blows, in water you splash and as you trek across girders you hear the sound of clunky metal. Whilst the lack of in-game music might seem like a bore for some, it really would spoil the feel of the ambiance as each chapter is a new shade of darkness just waiting to be explored.

There doesn’t appear to be an obvious story from the onset; you are a lost boy looking to find your sister whilst experiencing mind blowing traps, puzzles and near death experiences along the way through an intelligent horror story. The moment you are immersed within this artistic masterpiece you do soon forget about looking for your sister because of your own need for survival. You will encounter other characters briefly, but they only mean you harm. Where » Continue Reading.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Biggest Entertainment Launch Of The Year

call of duty advanced warfare

Activision have announced that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the biggest entertainment launch of the year, beating not only all other video games, but also the biggest movies, music and books launched in 2014. This is a familiar story as has happened in the past with other previously highly anticipated editions of Call of Duty.

“Since Activision created the Call of Duty franchise in 2003, franchise revenues have exceeded $10 billion in sales worldwide, far exceeding box office receipts for such household movie franchises as Hunger Games, Transformers, Iron Man and Avengers, combined,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “Advanced Warfare is the biggest entertainment launch of 2014 in terms of revenue, surpassing all movie, music and book launches this year.”

“We poured our hearts into making Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare an epic ride and we are pleased with the performance,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO, Activision Publishing, Inc. “Sales and engagement are up through the first week compared to last year. Season Pass sales are up, as well. The game has been very positively reviewed and the response from fans has been tremendous. We believe Advanced Warfare will be the most successful game of the year and we thank our fans for making it the biggest entertainment launch of the year.”

Activision also confirmed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the highest-selling digital launch in console history according to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and internal Activision estimates.

Engagement for Sledgehammer Games’ newest entry to the franchise is based on statistics from the first week after launch according to internal estimates, with gamers playing more than 370 million online matches in its first week of release and levelling up over 200 million times in Advanced Warfare online multiplayer mode.

Whilst specific sales information was not provided » Continue Reading.

Sunset Overdrive 24hr Taster Now Live

sunset overdrive 2

It’s the one year anniversary of Xbox One today and to celebrate, Microsoft and Insomniac Games are inviting all Xbox Live Gold members who still haven’t equipped their TnTeddy’s to get an unlimited taste of Sunset Overdrive for 24 hours starting right now as at Saturday 22nd Nov.

Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One will get to play Sunset Overdrive for free from 05:01 AM GMT on Saturday 22nd Nov to 05:01 AM GMT on Sunday 23rd Nov. Players can grind across Sunset City and decimate mutants until their hearts are content in the campaign, or join with up to seven players for co-op mayhem in Chaos Squad. reviewed Sunset Overdrive and scored it a whopping 90%:

Sunset Overdrive is without a doubt, one of the best games currently available on the next generation platforms and it’s a game worth remembering. It’s a bat-shit insane and enjoyable game from start to finish and contains mountains of content in a variety of different forms, as well as some truly memorable characters and situations. Sunset Overdrive is without a doubt the best exclusive currently available on the Xbox One.