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Stories in Open World Games

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Exploring in Open World Games is usually the reason for picking it up in the first place, however the genre really seems to be struggling when it comes to creating an involving and meaningful story, regardless of writing talent.

In this video, I’m going to try and analyse why that is and suggest possible room for improvement.

Feel the wrath of the Shadow Blade


Shadow Blade: Reload is the new version of the popular mobile game Shadow Blade and will be released on the ID@Xbox program.

Dead Mage Game Studios have created a world governed by fear. An amulet, created to control the people was split into three to protect mankind. This amulet has been recovered and reunited.

You are the one perfect ninja warrior, the only one who can stop this dreadful horror from descending on mankind once more. Speed, brutality and accuracy are all vital in this platformer, which reminds me of Strider in so many ways.

Guide Kuro through challenging levels, avoiding traps and sneaking past enemies. Be fast, be brutal and be aware of your environment. Be a ninja.


Eat my space dust with new ID@Xbox racer


Who wants a quasi-Mario-Kart-a-like on Xbox One? We do of course.

Space Dust Racers looks to have answered our prayers. Born from the minds of Space Dust Studios, who describe themselves as veteran developers gone rogue. Veteran they are too, with experience drawn from some impressive titles such as Dead Space, Tomb Raider, Burnout and Silent Hill.

Space Dust Racers is a multiplayer combat racing game inspired by the likes of Micro Machines, Mashed, Crash Team Racing and, yes, Mario Kart. Refining a “brutal cute” art style, the developers have created a combat racer for up to 16 players. Compete online, adventure alone or battle family and friends locally, it’s all catered for here.

The game will also include exotic off-world locations and crazy weapon power-ups, simple controls and cartoonish 3D characters. It looks like it might  finally fill the void that Mario Kart used to occupy and is pencilled in for a winter 2015 release.

ID@Xbox has got soul


So, what delights can I bring to you today? Sort of fresh from the ID@Xbox big reveal at the GDC is UK-based Wales Interactive’s Soul Axiom.

This was picked by Microsoft to be the showcase game in the Xbox Lobby Bar at the conference, so it can’t be bad. It’s already out on Steam and has been described as Bioshock meets Tron.

Set in the world of Elysia, a digital soul server, where you can upload yourself and your memories and cheat death, in a manner of speaking. Explore the game’s rich environments and immersive story to unravel the mysteries of your life and digital afterlife. Go on an intriguing voyage of discovery, facing challenges that will lead you into danger on your mission to unlock your destiny.

Watch Phil Spencer’s GDC presentation


Yesterday there was a huge amount of exciting news coming out of GDC, with the announcement of Elite Dangerous getting the TiX team giddy with excitement. If you’ve yet to digest the mountain of ID@Xbox content that Phil reported on, then take a look at Phil Spencer’s full GDC presentation below – the only dampener on yesterday’s news is the rumour that Phil Harrison might be leaving Microsoft.

Madden 15 is locked and loaded into EA Access’ Vault

madden 15

Madden 15 is the latest title to join the EA Access Vault. Currently the program is only available to Xbox One owners but will the latest edition to the Vault convince you to subscribe? At £3.99 per month or a full year at £19.99 and NBA Live 15 recently joining the program I must admit to being sorely tempted in joining!

It's still Madden Season for EA Access members – Madden NFL 15 is now in The Vault for all members. Go play now!

— EA Access (@EAAccess) March 4, 2015

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide gameplay trailer


Fatshark, independant developers, have released a new gameplay trailer today showing first person/melee combat and co-operative action in its latest project Warhammer: End Times Vermintide.

The newest footage shows us one of the early missions in the game, where the heroes head through the streets of Ubersreik attempting to reach the city garrison to warn them of the pending Skaven invasion.

For those who don’t know, Warhammer: End Times Vermintide places you in Ubersreik. The city is under siege by hordes of power-hungry Skaven and its up to you to work cooperatively as one of five heroes to survive the apocalyptic invasion. Each hero has a unique personality, play style, differing abilities and equipment, so choice is important in survival.

Vermintide is due for release in the second half of 2015.

Phil Spencer reveals controller adapter


The news from GDC comes thick and fast. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has announced a new gadget that will allow you to use your fabulous Xbox One controllers on your Windows PC.

This will be a wireless adapter so no messy cables to get in your way while playing your Windows games with your trusty Xbox controller.

Spencer said,

The wireless device you use on Xbox One will work on PC as well. We want to see that input isn’t a barrier. Gamers should be able to play the games they want to play.

No price was revealed but it was confirmed that the adapter will be available this year.

The 360 controller was available for Windows machines, with the easiest method being to simply buy the wired version as the touted wireless adapter at the time wasn’t actually that readily available. Good news for any cross-platform titles you may be planning to play in the new, upcoming Windows 10.

Dig yourself a hole with Shovel Knight


Just when you thought it was safe to delve back into the ID@Xbox program. I’m back, this time looking at Yacht Club Games’ retro-looking Shovel Knight.

Think of a cross between Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Rick Dangerous and the playability of Chuckie Egg and you won’t be far from the mark. Shovel Knight takes the playability level and wraps a shovel around the back of it’s head for good measure. Take on huge bosses, jump, climb, fight. Listen to the infectious in-game music and laugh whole-heartedly at the humour and levity, lest Shovel Knight comes after you.

This appeals greatly to my gaming instincts and if you’re not convinced then take a look at the trailer, turn your gaming instincts on, fetch your man-at-arms and have your seconds deliver a challenge. I’ll be happy to prove the folly of your ways upon the tourney field, knave.

Now, as if that wasn’t reason enough, Yacht Club Games have announced an appearance by some special guests. Have a look at the snippet below and see if you can guess who. The rumour is, this might not be their only appearance in a game in the near future.

Sit back and ‘observe’ some Evolve


Turtle Rock Studios always planned for their monster title to take the eSports scene by storm – to help move this along a little bit they have announced plans to bring a brand new “Observer” mode to Evolve.

Coming “soon”, the mode will introduce a variety of spectator options, which are aimed at bringing the game to the masses via an additional player being able to join and control a variety of viewpoints and stream the game via twitch – there’s even a Daisy cam!

For full details on “Observer” mode visit Evolve’s official website.