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Take a closer look at Just Cause 3


Just Cause 3 is shaping up to be a surpise title of 2015 I think. Take a tour through actual in-game footage, which is to be released over the holiday period this year.

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have released this new trailer, which takes gameplay footage using cinematic camera angles and features grappling hooks, wingsuits, helicopters, jets and massive explosions. Lots of massive explosions.

Become Rico, the one man wave of destruction, disrupt General Di Ravello’s regime and ultimately liberate Medici.

Is it Christmas yet?


Get over here! Mortal Kombat X holds onto the UK chart


There’s nothing different at the top of the UK chart this week. Meanwhile, the PlayStation edition of Minecraft has jumped up to fourth and the Xbox One version to sixth. Tropico 5 limps into the chart this week at 18th!

Here’s how the rest of the chart looks for the week ending April 25.

Pos.  Title  Publisher  Last   Week  1 Mortal Kombat X Warner Bros. Interactive 1 2 Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar 2 3 Battlefield Hardline EA Games 3 4 Minecraft: PlayStation Edition Sony Computer Ent. 9 5 Fifa 15 EA Sports 4 6 Minecraft: Xbox Edition Microsoft 8 7 Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Activision 7 8 Dying Light Warner Bros. Interactive 10 9 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection 2K Games 11 10 WWE 2K15 2K Sports 12 11 Far Cry 4 Ubisoft 6 12 Bloodborne Sony Computer Ent. 5 13 Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Infinity 15 14 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Microsoft 14 15 Terraria Xbox 360 Classics 16 16 Lego Marvel Super Heroes Warner Bros. Interactive 18 17 Forza Horizon 2 Microsoft 13 18 Tropico 5 Kalypso Media – 19 Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Bandai Namco Entertainment 17 20 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Warner Bros. Interactive 20

Get carried away with Tinertia


If I told you that there’s a platformer coming out without an option to jump, you’d think I was more bonkers than you already think I am. Well, check out the trailer below, for Candescent Games’ new space platformer, Tinertia, as it has exactly that; no jump button.

You play as lonely robot Weldon, stranded on a planet controlled by the evil ARC. This ARC has identified Weldon as a threat and is determined to destroy the unassuming little robot at all cost. Weldon will have to propel himself through a variety of industrial environments in order to escape.

To do this, you will have to master the art of rocket-jumping, as Weldon has a powerful rocket launcher arm. This will pose the gamer the quandry of gauging momentum, rhythm and speed to avoid obstacles, blast through walls and generally escape the bad guys.

There isn’t simply the one player story mode to play either, even if there are seven environments and over 70 levels to play in it, oh, no. Tinertia will also offer Ultimate Challenges including speed runs, rockets runs and the #YOLO mode, where Weldon only has one life.

There will also be a ghost run mode where you can try to best your friend’s top score and go up against a ghost Weldon to try to gain that extra advantage.

Tinertia will be coming soon for Xbox One.

Arkham Knight trailer shows off returning characters and more


Earlier today the trailer below leaked ahead of its release, it seems to be the in thing at the moment, Warner Brothers have now officially lifted the lid on the “All who follow you” trailer and it looks awesome!

If you’re trying to keep a closed lid on everything Dark Knight, then you may want to avoid this trailer, as it shows of a load of characters and some really neat new stuff.

Right, so there’s the spoiler alert klaxon sounded… now on to the awesome stuff. The trailer shows off some great new features, like co-op take downs, something that Rocksteady said wouldn’t happen. It does however look like they’ve taken on board feedback from community forums and made it to be an AI controlled co-operative skull mashing rather than the standard local/online co-op that we all know and love.

There are also returning characters such as Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing who played parts in the previous Arkham games. You may also spot Azrael lighting up Gotham’s skyline with rooftop fires.

The trailer still leaves a lot of questions, which is good, I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it releases in June.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 reveal trailer


Queue the comparisons to other games – Destiny… Titanfall… Deus Ex… check out the reveal trailer below and make up your own mind – for me, I really like the look of it – fast gameplay with a reveal trailer that doesn’t dwell too much on showing off the grandeur set pieces that COD is renowned for.

As good as it looks though, with Battlefront and Halo 5 out in the same release period, COD will have to fall to third on my list – good job my birthday is at the end of the year – no prizes for guessing the three things on my list!

Now, let’s see if PlayStation announce any exclusivity in the next 24 hours – last year, Xbox waited 24 hours before unveiling their deal with Activision.

Become a member of the Mega Coin Squad


There are some great memories I have of old games. I may have mentioned it on occasion. Smashing titles like Rainbow Islands feature high on my all-time great games list.

Big Pixel Studios are busy carving their own niche in the gaming industry with various Steam and mobile platform titles such as Exit Through The Dungeon and Off The Leash and they have announced Steam hit, Mega Coin Squad will be released on the Xbox One, presumably through the ID@Xbox program.

This takes my vintage gaming noodle and tickles it with platforming goodness. The premise is simple, make your way over the procedurally generated platform worlds to collect coins and gather the 4 mega coins.

The action isn’t confined to single player either, with up to four players able to duke it out in one of four local multiplayer battle games. It’s like a mash-up of Rainbow Islands, IDARB and Mario and I want to play it. Now.

Find a minute to watch the trailer below, it looks great fun.

Mega Coin Squad should be coming to Xbox One soon.

Could PlayStation be getting exclusivity on Black Ops 3 content?


For years Xbox has enjoyed timed exclusivity on Call of Duty’s various DLC packs, but could this be about to change? CharlieIntel seems to think so. The points they make could just be coincidence but I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see a shift in power of exclusivity.

    PlayStation 4 has a bigger user base. Activision have already shown their hand by giving Destiny special attention on PS4. Microsoft have Halo 5 coming out around the same time.

Could Halo 5 be the biggest reason that Activision might push their multiplayer shooter to a platform that doesn’t have a direct rival? My gut feeling is yes, so I’ll side with CharlieIntel on this and say this – prepare to see PlayStation take the limelight with Black Ops III DLC.

No doubt tomorrow’s reveal will tell us more in regards to the future of any DLC exclusivity.

Black Ops III game details leak out


If twitter user @Long_Sensation is to be believed, the good ship Black Ops III has sprung a major leak (see the bottom of the post for a full transcribe of the ‘leak’).

LEAKED Multiplayer, Zombies and Campaign Information! RETWEET! #BlackOps3

— LongSensation (@Long_Sensation) April 24, 2015

Elsewhere on the internet of leaks, a Dutch retailer has released some promotional material indicating a November 6 launch date with access to a beta for those that pre-order. We’ve all seen some clever photoshopping in the past, but could these ‘leaks’ be legit?

The world reveal is penned for tomorrow so we won’t have long to ponder this question, but if LongSensation’s claims are true, I must admit to considering picking up the next Call of Duty, besides, I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Black Ops and although the teaser trailer focused on prosthetic limbs, something I thought Advanced Warfare had covered, I’m hopeful that the true focus of Black Ops III continues on the themes of its previous titles – mind control and psychological warfare.

For now, I’m hopeful that the new Call of Duty will indeed have a four-player co-op campaign – I do love a bit of co-op – and the statement that the campaign can be tackled in a variety of ways is most appealing. It all sounds rather promising, and from the sloppy visuals of this leak, I would think that whoever grabbed these shots, did so in a rush before being busted – surely some heads will roll for this, or at least they should!

Fight the undead in an all-new horror story

All-new narrative

No Treyarch title would be complete without its signature Zombies offering – a full-game experience with its own distinct storyline right out of the box.

XP progression system

Black » Continue Reading.

Kinect is MADE to Slice Zombies


German Indie developer MADE GmbH have announced a new Kinect slasher game, with zombies!

Looking like a cute combination of Fruit Ninja and Plants Vs Zombies, Slice Zombies will have you clearing up the thousands of undead left after the zombie apocalypse is long over.

You are not restricted to slicing though, you can grab and shoot them into tiny chunks too. Unlock exploding zombies, time travelling zombies or the rocket pack equipped, Evil Zevel.

Slice Zombies is due for release on the 8th of May. Get ready to hack the undead into iddy-bitty bits.