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Once more unto the breach – Rainbow Six Siege launch trailer


I am stupidly excited for the launch of Rainbow Six Siege… Terrorist Hunt alone makes Ubisoft’s next title one of my most wanted titles of the year. I poured countless hours into Vegas’ version – nights became days, minutes became hours – and I loved every moment of it.

If you like intense tactical fights rather than the standard Call of Duty chaos, then Rainbow Six Siege could be right up your street – and don’t forget – if you purchase the game on Xbox One, rather than that other console, then you get a digital copy of Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 via backwards compatibility, how’s that for an incentive!

Grab your closest friends and head once more unto the breach.

Starpoint Gemini 2 release date announced


It’s always the same, right? You sit around waiting for one space-shooter or RPG and several really good looking ones turn up at once. Publisher, Iceberg Interactive and developer, Little Green Man Games have finally got around to announcing the release date for their space-shooter come-RPG, Starpoint Gemini 2.

Having already won the coveted PC Gamer’s Best PC Game of 2014 award, it would only be a matter of time before the title headed to Xbox One.

It’s been two years since the end of the second Gemini war. The Empire have reduced a group of freedom fighters, the Gemini League, to a rudderless rag tag fugitive fleet. Just when the huge Imperial war machine was about to crush the last vestiges of hope from the Gemini League they pulled back and began fortifying Starpoint with mammoth numbers.

Take up the story and dive into a journey that will reveal dark secrets and unimaginable twists that will finally yield the incredible truth.

The game will boast all of the PC version’s features but will also have an improved HUD design which has been rebuilt for use with Xbox controllers.

It will also have a new “rotate and follow” camera mode to make it easier to move around during the heat of battle. A heap of xbox achievements and a redesigned user interface round off the Xbox One extras and tweaks that the game will benefit from.

Starpoint Gemini 2 will warp onto an Xbox One near you on the 11th of December.

December will see a Baseball Riot


What better stress relief could you have than to whip out your baseball bat and smack a baseball into a spittle-flecked nutter’s face?

Developer 10tons Ltd are going to give you the opportunity to do just that.

This physics-based puzzler is coming to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program on the 9th of December and allows you to take control of Gabe Carpaccio. Travel throughout the U.S and clear more than 100 levels packed to the rafters with Explodz Energy drink-crazed villains, biased umpires, obnoxious fans, leery catchers and more besides.

Line up a shot, swing the bat, and pretend you’re aiming for the latest I’m A Celebrity contestants and take them out with slapstick knockouts and ragdoll physics. Cracking stuff.

Tero Alatalo, 10tons Ltd’s CEO;

Baseball Riot is a fantastic sequel to Tennis in the Face, which has turned out to be quite the crowd-pleaser on consoles, desktop and mobile. Baseball Riot is slightly more refined in every way, and we’re looking to delight new and existing fans once again.

Here, have a look at the trailer and grab this soon.

Project CARS adopts the Lotus position


It’s been out for a while and I’m yet to sample Project CARS. For a racing enthusiast, I’m almost finding that unacceptable as by all accounts, it’s excellent.

Slightly Mad Studios have just extended the life of the title too as they’ve just released the next car and track DLC pack. The theme for this pack is the classic Team Lotus brand.

With this pack, you’ll get:

    1965 Lotus Type 40 Ford 1963 Lotus Type 25 Climax (F1) 1966 Lotus Type 38 Ford (Indy) 1967 Lotus Type 51 (Formula Ford) 1970 Lotus Type 49C Cosworth (Free car #6) Rouen les Essarts classic track Hockenheim Classic track Silverstone Classic track

The tracks themselves will take racers back to the days of their original roots. Silverstone, for example, will have more of it’s airfield-track features.

The Classic Lotus Track DLC is out now for £5.99 or your local currency equivalent and is part of Project CARS‘ commitment to fresh content in the Project CARS on demand feature.

Here’s some lovely visuals and sound to show you what you’ll get.

Van Helsing coming to Xbox One


So, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have seen that Neocore Games’ RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will not only be released on the 1st of December, but will be free for Xbox Live Gold members for the whole of December.

As RPGs go, this is looking great.

You’ll take the lead as the young monster hunter, Van Helsing who along with his companion, Lady Katarina, must resolve the dark conflicts of Borgovia and fight hordes of gruesome monsters.

Boasting an engrossing storyline, a beautifully dark gothic style, an impressive skill-tree and a unique power-up system, this is already beginning to excite my RPG-loving mind.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll get from the 1st of December.

Check out the first 60 minutes of Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have released the first hour of gameplay from Just Cause 3. the video shows some of the early missions, within the huge open world.

Just Cause is available on the Xbox One from December 1st, 2015.

Activision brings Chivalry to Xbox One


It hardly seems real that I reviewed Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on the Xbox 360 nearly a year ago. It’s fair to say that I wasn’t that impressed with it’s initial release.

Having been picked up by Activision Publishing, Torn Banner have announced that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will hit the Xbox One console on the 1st of December.

So, will this be any different to the initial 360 release, or has it simply been ported straight over?

Well, the One release will feature up to 24-person online multiplayer across 25 maps. It will have dedicated server support and a new Horde Mode for teams of up to six.

Also launching on the 1st of December will be the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Ultimate Edition. This will include the full game, plus the Barbarian Character Pack, Marauding Arbiter Pack, Inquisitive Dreadnought Bundle and the Barbarian Weapon Pack.

That’s quite an arsenal and each of the packs and bundles above will also be available as separate DLC on release.

Pre-orders are expected to start on the 25th of November for the Ultimate Edition.

The essence of the game is the same as the original release. You play as one of four classes; Knight, Vanguard, Man-At-Arms and Archer. Each of these have their own attributes and weaknesses.

Here’s the launch trailer, as ever, you decide.

Professional Farmer 2016 revealed


Believe it or not, there are some gamers who absolutely love to fire up the virtual Massey-Ferguson and go a-ploughin’. Our very own Dave loves nothing more than a bit of digital muck-spreading but only as long as he comes out of it smelling of roses, or potatoes.

He’s going to be over the haystack at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe’s latest anouncement. Along with developer VIS Games, they have announced Professional Farmer 2016 to the world.

Coming in the first quarter of 2016, Professional Farmer will offer, among other features;

    Realistic seasonal changes Original, customisable vehicles Dynamic ground including visual field stages Professional agricultural management

Bandai are promising to offer the challenge of managing your own farm with everything the joys of country life can provide. With sweeping country vistas and a range of equipment and machinery, it should offer the most demanding digital farmer plenty of scope to disappear off into the hayloft.

Professional Farmer 2016 is looking to sow the seeds of success from Q1 2016.

Here’s the new trailer to give you an idea.

Idris Elba ask you to “Siege the day”


Idris Elba heads up the latest TV spot for Rainbow Six Siege. The live action emotive trailer captures the essence of a Siege match on a recreation of the House map. Elba is also the star of an upcoming new series, “The Laws of Siege”, which focuses on the explosive and destructive side of Siege.

Ubisoft have already run a closed beta for those that had pre-ordered the title, and plan to run an open beta from November 25-29, with the game set to launch December 1.

I. Am. Excited!


Rock Zombie announced for Xbox One


What happens when an all female rock group holds a concert that’s invaded by zombies?

EnjoyUp Games’ Rock Zombie happens.

Take control of either Sasha, Crystal or Zoe and grab your guitar. Hammer the zombies into submission with your Fender and perform special moves to finish them off. You can even straddle your motorbike or sit behind the wheel of your car and run them down.

Rock Zombie borrows heavily from the golden age of arcade gaming with it’s hack ‘n’ slash approach but it’s not just about traversing from scene to scene trying not to break your G-string.

20 levels of addictive zombie bashing action are on offer as well as a compelling story. There are other weapons to collect too and various art pieces in the Zombie Vault. All of this is set to a hard rock, alt metal and nu metal soundtrack.

When can you get your grubby paws on this feast of zombie slaying goodness? Rock Zombie is due to hit the Xbox One on the 4th of December this year.

Rock on!

Here’s the original WiiU trailer to give you a taste of the metal-on-undead action.


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