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Interview with Optimus Prime

transformers devastation logo

Today join Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) in this behind the scenes look at the new comic book styled Transformers Devastation. Pre-ordering this game in store or digitally will land you quite a few bonuses, you will receive all three character skins, Nemesis Prime, Red alert and Goldfire, along with these skins players will receive three powerful weapons with their pre-orders;

    The Dark Star Sabre, a fearsome sword which radiates waves of dark energy with every swing. The Photon Disruptor cannon for huge damage at short range. The twin Golden Hunter blaster pistols, which causes enemies to drop credits when attacked.

Transformers Devastation launches October 9th 2015

Extreme Exorcism is getting ready to be cast out


Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Lankester Merrin? Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or any of your family seen a spook, spectre or ghost?

Well fear not, Golden Ruby Games are finally ready to cast their paranormal platformer, Extreme Exorcism out into the cold, dark night. Mae Barrons, Extreme Exorcist is the person you call upon to take care of the haunted houses that every one else has failed to clear. This isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems though.

Each time a spirit is eliminated, another will mimic Mae’s prior movements, weapon fires and dodges. You really will become your own worst enemy. To make it a little more interesting, Mae is armed with more than 20 bustin’ weapons, including swords, guns, grenades, mines, rocket launchers, razor sharp boomerangs, lightning spells and Kung-Fu moves. Whatever happened to the simple Holy Water and Bible?

Extreme Exorcism will be coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program on the 23rd of September.

New Assassin’s Creed Syndicate trailer showcases living breathing London


Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, featuring a dark and dangerous Victorian London.

The world of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate offers a bustling world, full of the sights and sounds of Victorian London, streets full of traders, street children, people enjoying a drink or two in the pubs, and much more.

Stalking the dark and dangerous streets of Whitechapel, to the dynamic night life of The Strand, and featuring iconic landmarks such as Westminster, and the smog-filled skies of Lambeth, players can experience Victorian London like never before.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is due to be released on October 23 on Xbox One and Playstation 4, and on November 19 on PC.

Taken King Oryx draws nearer


A new gameplay trailer has dropped in the destiny world, see guardians confront The Taken lead by Oryx in this epic battle to the sounds of Led Zeppelin “Black Dog”. Join in for the final Bungie livestream tomorrow Wednesday 2nd September 18:00 BST, where you will see some loot searching and adventure deep within the Dreadnaught as well as new player instigated public events with Deej, Ben Wommack, community guest Laced Up Lauren and special closing guest Luke Smith.

Resident Evil Origins Collection coming soon

Resident Evil Origins Collection 1

Capcom have announced that the Resident Evil Origins Collection will be due out 19 January in the U.S and 22 January 2016 in Europe, the two resident evil games will be available as a pack digitally and physically, if you already own the Resident Evil HD remake then the digital version of Resident Evil Zero will be available to be purchase separately for €19.99 / £14.99 / $19.99 presumably around the same time as the collection next year.

In the new mode for Resident Evil Zero “Wesker Mode” you play as Albert Wesker and you will be accompanied by Rebecca, powered by Uroboros wreaking havoc as the greatest villain Resident Evil has to offer.

A pre-order incentive is also available on the Resident Evil website that pre-orders will receive free alternate costumes for Rebecca and Billy (pictured below)


The post-apocalyptic wasteland awaits Mad Max

Mad Max Featured Image

Rather than rest on the typical movie-tie, Mad Max the video game is an original story created by Avalanche Studios. This doesn’t mean there are no ties with the recent film – vehicles play a huge part to the game – and that means there’s plenty of vehicle combat and heaps of customisation options.


Max, playing the hard done-by character once again, loses his iconic Interceptor (again) when it is stolen from him – together with a War Boy who latches on to Max, they build the ultimate vehicle using scrap and car parts that they ‘take’ from others who might dare cross their path.



The Deer God release trailer


The Deer God will launch officially tomorrow, September 1st, on Xbox One as part of the September Games With Gold. A brand new trailer is available in celebration of its release.

The Deer God is a karmic journey through a beautiful but hostile world. For your sins against deerkind, you have been reincarnated as a tender fawn.//

As a flannel-clad hunter, you couldn’t quite resist the perfect shot at a wild buck. For your sins against deerkind, you have been reincarnated as a tender fawn. While your new path is fraught with danger, it also provides an opportunity to redeem yourself.

Prance, bound and frolic your way through a procedurally generated 2.5D world with dynamic lighting, distinct biomes and a day/night cycle. Mate with fellow deer and amass an affectionate following that will help you overcome the predators and puzzles ahead. Just remember that the Deer God is always watching, and your actions count in this game.


    Striking combination of 2.5D pixel art and depth of field effects Growth from fawn to stag and reincarnation influenced by karma Procedurally generated world with dynamic weather, day/night and biomes Gather herds and mate with deer to produce offspring (checkpoints) Atmospheric original soundtrack by Evan Gipson (Mines of Mars)


Deus Ex : Mankind Divided launch date confirmed


Square Enix Inc. and Eidos-Montréal® announced today that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided® will officially launch globally on February 23, 2016.

They also  revealed “Augment Your Pre-Order” – the pre-order campaign for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, in which increasing tiers of pre-order bonuses will be unlocked as more copies of the game are reserved, worldwide in select countries. The campaign will give fans an opportunity to collectively expand and enhance their own customized Day One Edition of the newest entry in the Deus Ex® franchise. In the spirit of emphasizing player choice, fans will be able to choose which pre-order bonuses they will receive from each unlocked tier. In addition the fans will have the opportunity to shift the official release date early by 4 days.

Augment Your Pre-Order Campaign Details:

TIER 1 – ONE ITEM PER PRE-ORDER (UNLOCKED FOR EVERYONE ON AUG. 31) Choose between three Starter Packs that cater to stealth, aggressive or nostalgic players. ·         Intruder Pack – Provides a custom-skinned version of Adam Jensen’s trench coat and pistol with a silencer, laser sight, recoil and accuracy upgrades. Other bonuses include two EMP grenades, five packs of 10MM pistol ammo, 1000 credits and a Praxis point for early augmentations. ·         Enforcer Pack – Includes a custom-skinned version of Adam Jensen’s combat armor and combat rifle with a holosight, reload and capacity upgrades. Players will also receive two HE grenades, five packs of 5.56MM combat rifle ammo, 1000 credits and a Praxis Point for early augmentations ·         Classic Pack – Grants access to Adam Jensen’s iconic combat armor, trench coat and revolver from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Players will also receive an extra pack of revolver Ammo.

TIER 2 – ONE ITEM PER PRE-ORDER Pick between one of two bonuses that further immerse » Continue Reading.

Opposites attract with Magnetic: Cage Closed


Locked in a prison made entirely of metal, with various precarious platform hazards and devious puzzles, you must make full use of attract and repel manipulation via your Magnet Gun if you are to best Magnetic: Cage Closed.

Previously released on PC, Magnetic: Cage Closed looks like a cross between Portal and QUBE. The Xbox One edition  is available today for the very reasonable asking price of £11.99/$14.99/€14.99 and includes all the challenge maps from the PC’s Collector’s Edition.