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Collector’s Edition and Operator system are headed to Rainbow Six Siege



Ubisoft have announced that Rainbow Six Siege will have its own Collector’s Edition, which will include:

    Full game Collector’s box Gold Skins Pack for all in-game weapons Exclusive 120-page Tactical Guide

The edition can be pre-ordered now from the Uplay Shop. Remember, if you do pre-order the game you’ll get access into the upcoming beta for the game. To sweeten the deal, if you do pre-order from the Uplay Store, you are “guaranteed” access to the beta and also receive an ‘exclusive numbered steel book’ with the game.

Ubisoft have also announced that an Operators system will be at the heart of Rainbow Six Siege – here’s the trailer.

Made up from the best of the best, Operators go back to the roots of the Rainbow Six series – a team made up of specialists from the World’s Special Forces – each member has a unique skill, or rather a preference in how to get things done.

Check out the trailer below to hear more about the system direct from the developers and be sure to join Ubisoft on March 30 at 7pm UK time when they will be streaming the game on Twitch.

Project Root release date confirmed


Back in mid-December we brought you news of an exciting new, old-school style shoot em up called Project Root. At that time, it had only just been announced and was coming soon.

Well, soon is nearly here as this Xenon, Battle Squadron, SWIV and no doubt whole host of other game inspired shooter will be released on the Xbox One on the 28th of April.

Technical Director at OPQAM Pablo Testa is keen to get this out there,

We’ve been blasting countless enemies both on the ground and in the sky in Project Root for so long, we’re so excited that we’re just about a month away from gamers everywhere getting the chance to do same. We are extremely proud of our first game, and think that SHMUP fans, and anyone who enjoys fast-paced and action-packed videogames, will have a lot of fun with Project Root.

So, will you be taking on the role of Lance Rockport, piloting your F-72 Zonda hover-fighter against the ruthless Prometheus Corporation?

If you’re not sure, look what you’ll be missing in the announcement trailer below.

Nobody panic but, We Are Doomed


As game names go, this has to be up there. We Are Doomed has literally just been announced for release this April by independent developer Vertex Pop.

This twin-stick space shooter is deceptively simple. Zap polygon enemies with a massively overpowered laserbeam, chargeable even to a superbeam where you can zap everything out of existence in an instant.

This looks like a mad mash-up between Smash TV and Asteroids, although Vertex Pop’s founder, Mobeen Fikree was originally wondering where all the colour was in video gaming.

What’s with the lack of colour in videogames? It bummed me out, so I added all the colours to We Are Doomed.

The game will feature no cutscenes, story or lengthy tutorials, just all-out, fast-paced arcade action.

We Are Doomed is scheduled for an April 17th release.


Halo 5: Guardians release date


Halo 5: Guardians is due for release on October 27th – to get you in the mood there are two live-action trailers to feast your eyes on too!

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Project CARS offers a free Furious Lykan


Unlike many people, I haven’t seen any of the ‘Furious’ series of movies. Not one. Those folk at Slightly Mad Studios obviously have though, which might be one reason why it keeps getting delayed. Too busy watching films, lads and lasses?

The team behind the game have announced the first free vehicle coming for the delayed title, Dominic Toretto’s new ride from Furious 7, the 740 bhp Lykan Hypersport. This 245mph beast is the first ever supercar to be made in the Middle East, by W Motors, has a futuristic holographic mid-air dashboard and can be ordered with embedded diamonds and emeralds.

Project CARS Creative Director, Andy Tudor has announced that this will be the first in a series of monthly free vehicles available as a thank you to all the patient fans, still waiting for the game to come out.

We are immensely pleased to have this awesome machine in the game and to give fans the chance to get behind the wheel of a truly amazing vehicle. The Lykan Hypersport represents the first of a series of free cars we’ll be giving away every month as a thank you to our fans for being so patient in the lead up to the release of the game. We’ll have more info on the full schedule of further contant for Project CARS soon, but we hope that this is a great sneak peek of just one way in which Project CARS is going to expand in the future.

Surely this is something that would make even Vin Diesel take a break from filming?

You can see some footage of the Lykan in action below. Project CARS is currently scheduled for release sometime in May going by the current prevailing wind.

Red Awakening – Kickstarting soon


Back in 2003 there was a rather awesome game called XIII – I particularly loved the cell-shaded art style. Borderlands took this style and turned it into something special, accentuating textures with crosshatching. A new kid on the block is about to enter the cell-shaded world, that strips back the shading, but by no means does it reduce the quality.

Red Awakening is a fast paced shooter that focuses on “horror, stealth and subterfuge”. The title is planned for a late-2015 release on PC, but promises a console release in 2016.

The video below is ‘work in progress’ and shows off the game’s multiplayer, which takes its inspiration from Thief, Manhunt, TimeSplitters 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origins. The objective mode firmly places Counter-Strike at the centre of its inspiration – sounds like a great mix to me!

We have found that the slasher genre in video games is an essentially untapped market with the potential to create a unique virtual experience. With Red Awakening players are put at the heart of their very own slasher movie for the first time, and let loose.

Rob Peall, Game Director, Domino Effect

Ironcast announced for Xbox One


Fads are funny aren’t they? The current “in-thing” is for stuff to be Steampunk. That curious melding of Victorian brass and levers and modern day technology. Steamworld Dig, Unmechanical Extended, Clockwork, it’s a great time to be a gaming fan of the Steampunk genre.

Guildford based indie developer Dreadbit Games, one-man kick-start-up Daniel Leaver, has announced that the Steam release Ironcast will be coming to Xbox One. Daniel was part of the team behind the immensely popular LittleBIGPlanet series and decided in 2014 to bring his considerable experience to bear on his own development.

Ironcast, set in an alternative Steampunk Britain, is that development.

The game sees you pit your customisable mech against the enemies of the country in pitched battle on the streets of Victorian London. Power up, repair, defend and attack with your mech by powering up the central nodes with a jem-matching style board in the centre of the gameplay arena.

Each mech is upgradeable, either by salvaging what you can from your defeated opponents or by purchasing new parts from the hangar bay.

Ironcast is currently looking to release this year sometime, as ever, keep your eyes peeled here for more.

The Fall coming to Xbox One


Do you remember the reboot of the excellent Amiga game, Flashback on the Xbox 360? Canadian developer Over The Moon Games have announced a game that might just, hopefully, be the game that I hoped the Flashback reboot could’ve been.

Titled, The Fall, this sees ARID, an artificial intelligence, battle to seek medical attention for a combat suit’s current human occupant. During the course of this, she struggles to assess her relationship with her various protocols and come to terms with her self. Ultimately, will you conform or stay true to your primary directive?

The Fall promises to mix platform, puzzle and action set in an atmospheric, dark and distant sci-fi universe. I’m looking forward to seeing what this might be like and it should be coming to the Xbox One this spring.

SteamWorld Dig is coming to Xbox One


After a successful period on Steam and other gaming platforms, hit adventure-platformer SteamWorld Dig will finally be hitting the Xbox One.

Developer, Image and Form have announced that they expect the hit from 2013 to be available to us lucky new-gen consolers from around May this year.

The game reminds me of Boulder Dash, honestly, look it up. It’s also got a little smattering of Rick Dangerous about it from my trained eye. You play as a robotic miner-cum-archaeologist, uncovering the remnants of human civilization who happen to be dynamite-obsessed troglodytes. Find treasure, secrets and terrors while helping the good folk of Tumbleton get back on their feet.

Have a look at the release trailer below and look out for more news on this replayable looking adventure platformer.