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FIFA 16 to include International Women’s teams


EA Sports have revealed the first feature for FIFA 16 – International Women’s teams.

12 teams have had the full motion capture experience and England’s Steph Houghton seems very excited…

Finally it happened! @EASPORTSFIFA include me and my @england teammates in the new #FIFA16 Can't Wait! ⚽️

— Stephanie Houghton (@stephhoughton2) May 28, 2015

She went on to say:

To be one of the first female players included is something we’ll always be able to look back on. Hopefully it will help raise the profile of the women’s game even further

The 12 teams to be included are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States of America. The trailer below also reveals that the game will be released on Sep 25 in the UK and on the 22nd in the U.S.

So that’s one great feature added, what are your thoughts, what else are you hoping to see in FIFA 16?

The Elder Scrolls Online final gameplay trailer


With just days to go until the release of the highly anticipated and VERY overdue release of The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox One, today the final installment in the This is The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited video series was released.

This third video, Exploring Tamriel, highlights the game’s expansive world. From hunting the forces of Molag Bal to gathering natural resources for crafting, to plumbing ancient ruins for treasure, your next big adventure awaits in Tamriel.

New Batman: Arkham Knight trailer


Released on June 23rd, fans waiting patiently for Batman: Arkham Knight have today been treated to another new trailer. This new gameplay video “Time To Go To War” is a continuation of the video “Officer Down.” See more of the Dark Knight in action in this extended gameplay walkthrough, as he pays a visit to Scarecrow’s safe house and battles the forces of the Arkham Knight’s militia.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare offer Supremacy


Activision and Sledgehammer Games have announced their third DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will hit the Xbox platform as a timed exclusive on the 2nd of June.

Called Supremacy, this will add four new maps, Skyrise, Compound, Kremlin and Parliament.

Skyrise is a revamped version of Modern Warfare’s ‘Highrise’, only transplanted to 2054, while Compound is a smaller symmetrical map set in a Colorado wilderness. Kremlin is a medium sized affair, set in the Kremlin and Parliament is a medium map set on a military cargo ship on the River Thames.

The Exo-Zombie’s third episode also drops in this DLC, called Carrier. This adds a new star to the already stellar cast as The Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell brings along new weapons and Sentinel support squads to battle the episode’s new enemies.

Would you like a glimpse of the new content? Of course you would.

Don’t forget, the pack will be available from 2nd of June and will be available separately or if you’ve got the Season Pass, you’ll have already paid.

Another Mad Max trailer

Mad Max Featured Image

With the movie receiving some great reviews and raking in the £’s and $’s in the cinema, Warner Bros Games UK today reached out to let us know about a new trailer for the upcoming Mad Max game coming to Xbox One on 4th September this year. The Savage Road trailer features (you guessed it), Max who is left for dead as his cherished Interceptor is stolen by the merciless Wasteland tyrant, Scrotus and his warboys. Max must rebuild a powerful new war machine to escape the deadly Wasteland and can only do that with the aid of his quirky sidekick and expert mechanic, Chumbucket.

Enjoy the trailer below and keep your eyes on ThisisXbox for updates as we approach release date.


Spy Chameleon Review

spy chameleon


An amusing, colourful, fun and stealthily styled puzzle game brought to you in the form of a Spy Chameleon. I enjoy a puzzle game every now and again and can certainly say this game took me by surprise as if it was blending into the Xbox environment waiting for its time to strike, We’ve caught ya now! I found this top down puzzler to be instantly likeable while still posing an interesting challenge with a twist.

You start off eased in to the life of a Spy Chameleon with a tutorial that shows you the basics of what to avoid and what to collect, this quickly becomes a lot more fun as more things are thrown into the mix. There are four different chameleon colours to choose from all depicted by the colour of the button you press, Red, Blue, Yellow or Green. These correspond with colourful rugs, floor tiles and paint cans to blend against, So being aware of your surroundings will help you avoid detection. Enemies start off as easy stationary robots and work their way up to having lines of vision and quick mobility. Cameras will always be able to see where you are in the current room unless you use your chameleon abilities to blend in to suitable backgrounds.

Every section has 15 levels and for each individual level you have three challenges that you can complete to progress through the game. Spy Chameleon stays interesting with the use of these challenge objectives on each level. There are pick ups, speed-runs and leader boards to show your friends you are the best! At the end of each level you can replay to beat your previous times, collect other items or compete for glory on the leader boards. There is a separate leader board for » Continue Reading.

F1 2015 delayed


Codemasters are renowned for their superb racing games and they’ve been around since the year dot. With the Monaco F1 Grand Prix this weekend, what better time to release the teaser trailer for the officially licensed game of the F1 championship for this season, F1 2015?

But, wait, they seem to have an issue and they’re heading into the pits. The game, originally due for lights out and go, go, go on the 12th of June has a new launch date.

The developers have put the release back a month and the game will now be released on the 10th of July, with the thought being that this is to make a concerted push to get the cars flying around at a consistent 60fps.

It has also been revealed that UK pre-orders from GAME will include an exclusive F1 2015 metal case and a “Race Like A Champion” guide book with racing hints and tips.

So we might have to wait another month for the game to be launched, but it’ll be worth the wait, right?

Save the rodents in MouseCraft


What do you get when you cross Tetris with Lemmings and throw in a crazy cat scientist? MouseCraft is what you get, and it looks to be one of the most interesting puzzlers to come out on the ID@Xbox program yet.

Guide your little twitchy-whiskered posse to the irresistable cheese by placing Tetronimos strategically along the route. Use these famous blocks to create a safe path for your mice to traverse to their ultimate fromage-y goal. The in-game action will allow you to freeze the game or to increase the speed at any point to challenge your stacking skills.

You’ll even get the opportunity to create your own maps to show off your evil feline-scientist side.

MouseCraft is due to complete it’s rodent research and be available for the latter half of this year.

Add a little Sparkle to your gaming


10tons Ltd is a developer with a massive back catalogue of mobile gaming apps and a brief but very successful foray into the console market on Sony’s gaming device.

They are extremely excited to announce their debut Xbox One game will be the marble-matching madness that is Sparkle Unleashed. Some (many) of you will have played Sparkle or Sparkle 2 on your mobile devices I’m sure and Sparkle Unleashed is set to take the gameplay and make it more controller-friendly.

Gone is the rotating marble shooter, replaced with a sliding sphere-release along the bottom of the screen. This is very similar to Luxor, another game I’ve probably wasted days playing in the past.

Sparkle Unleashed will also feature chained orbs, rock orbs and more new challenges as well as 18 power-ups and new soundtrack . Challenge yourself to it’s 108 regular levels with a Survival mode and two more difficulty settings.

Will this finally be the game to knock Zuma off it’s marble blasting-pedestal on the Xbox platform?

Have a look at the trailer and then decide that you want to go and get it, when it’s relased, on the 3rd of June.

Will you enter the Q.U.B.E ?


Cubism is the art technique where an object is taken, analysed, broken up and reassembled in abstract form. Prague has the world’s only cubist lamp post. What’s the link, I hear you ask.

Well, in Q.U.B.E, short for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, you have the task of analysing the puzzle, using the special gloves to manipulate and in essence, reassemble the environment, apart from the abstract nature, it’s pretty much cubism in action.

A cross-platform hit when it was originally released, Q.U.B.E The Director’s Cut brings back the original developers, Toxic Games, and this release gets the addition of the Against the Qlock mode, ten bonus levels and an all-new soundtrack to tickle the ears.

The game will also boast all the features of the original game that made it so popular, as you try to make your way out of a mysterious spaceship by manipulating 3D jigsaws, utilising your quick reactions in first person platforming and solving the mysteries ahead of you.

As if all that wasn’t enough, publisher, Grip Games and Toxic Games have released a gameplay trailer for Q.U.B.E The Director’s Cut, which is down for release this summer.