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Blue Estate Rolling Into Xbox One Soon


Back in April last year, we brought you news of a Kinect game for the Xbox One based on Viktor Kalachev’s Blue Estate. Well, it’s ID@Xbox announcement day by the looks of it and Blue Estate hasn’t been left forgotten on the driveway.

Developer, Hesaw have confirmed that the game, based on Kalachev’s comic books of the same name, will release on the 18th of February.

Get yourself immersed in the world of the Los Angeles mafia, fully loaded with original humour, gameplay and fun. Play as Tony Luciano, the homicidal maniac son of Don Luciano, and Clarence, an ex-navy Seal who has been hired to clean up Tony’s mess. Utilise the motion controls of your Kinect, if you have one gathering dust under the TV, rescue your girlfriend, dancer Cherry Popz, and wage war on the Sik Gang.

Xbox Live Gold member? Hesaw have confirmed that you’ll get 20% off the regular price if you are. It’s all good in the hood.

Hesaw have released a lovely new trailer to whet your appetite, and here it is.

MagNets Hoping To Pull In The Fans Through ID@Xbox


Thursdays, must be ID@Xbox announcement day down at the Indie developer’s pub. Hot on the heels of other ID@Xbox program games, UK developer Total Monkery have announced MagNets will be coming to Xbox One this year.

Headed by former LucasArts developer, Richard Weeks, Total Monkery are set to release this robot collect-‘em-up this year.

Everything was perfect in Polarity City, until so many of the Bloxbots you are tasked with maintaining keep going wrong. As a robotic Park Ranger, you are required to capture them in your electromagnetic net, or MagNet, and short circuit them. Deliver them to the Recycletron in return for bonus goodies. Something is very wrong though, where are all the Magnapets and why are all the Bloxbots going wrong? Save Polarity City from this potential catastrophe and be the robotic, magnetic hero you were manufactured to be.

Promising fast arcade action, MagNets is aiming to launch in late March, early April. Have a look at the gameplay trailer below and see if it’s something you’ll be looking at investing in.

Badland Game Of The Year Edition Coming Soon To Xbox One


Don’t you love the ID@Xbox program? It’s hopefully going to give some of the great games from the Xbox 360 or, indeed, some other platforms, a new lease of life and a new army of fans on the Xbox One.

Frogmind’s hit, from mainly mobile platforms, Badland, has been announced for Xbox One through the aforementioned ID@Xbox program.

This is coming in the spring of this year and will benefit from being saddled with the much vaunted Game of the Year Edition mantle.

What does this mean for Badland? It means that it will come with 4 times more content than the original release did. Apple’s 2013 Game of the Year has been revamped for the Xbox One with hand painted full HD visuals and the controls have been optimised for the One’s analog stick and triggers and each level has been tweaked to accommodate these enhancements.

So, what is Badland? It’s a side-scrolling action/adventure with physics-based gameplay. Utilise the environment, avoid the traps, try not to get squished. You’ll have to have quick reflexes and a keen eye for that all-important safe path through playing this though. Are you up to the task?

Don’t take my word for it though, have a look at the Xbox One release trailer and make your own minds up.

Evolve – Solo And Offline


Turtle Rock Studios’ multiplayer monster hunter can also be played offline and on your own. To prove that the experience is just as good by yourself, Scott James demos both monster and hunter missions during a session a 2K’s HQ – check out all 22 minutes below

There Is No War, There Is Only Gunsport


I love retro stuff. I put it down to the fact that I’m an old git. Necrosoft and Iron Galaxy have announced a new ID@Xbox title that aims to bring some more retro goodness to your Xbox One, and probably mine too.

There is no more war. There are no more Gods. There is only the game. For the passion and the fame – it’s two guns against the world. Gunsport is coming to Xbox One and it ticks all of my retro boxes.

Gunsport takes place in an alternate future where humans have grown tired of war. Petty international disputes are now settled in Gunsport.

The gameplay, teased to us in the trailer below, is a little bit like volleyball but instead of keeping the ball in the air with your hands, you shoot the ball and keep it going over the net. The more times it goes over the net, the more valuable it becomes and the more dangerous it is to miss one of your limited shots.

This game will focus on teamwork, and you will be truly in sync with your team-mate. You fire off a Focus Shot together and the ball with travel twice as fast, but your opponents can fire it straight back if they are Drift compatible. It can be that devious and that complex, yet it looks so easy to play.

This will also feature team-based weapon sets, stage-specific gimmicks, unpredictable foes and online multiplayer.

Necrosoft’s Brandon Sheffield doesn’t underestimate the importance of their collaboration with Iron Galaxy.

We needed money, and we needed our multiplayer not to be awful. Iron Galaxy said heck yeah to both those things, so who are we to turn it down? They also seem to understand what an action game is, and that games » Continue Reading.

Take A ‘RIDE’ Around Sierra Nevada


PQube keep on pushing the motorbike racing scene and their latest title RIDE is hoping to “tear up the rulebook” to bring a new lease of life to the world of motorcycling. Take a look at the latest gameplay footage below – I’m not sure what version the build is, but it does look a bit rough around the edges! Let’s hope that some flare is added to make RIDE stand proudly on the Xbox One.

Dying Light Launch Trailer


I for one can not wait to get my grubby paws on Dying Light – I was a huge fan of the first Dead Island and with the creators at the helm of Dying Light, I am looking forward to seeing what Techland can do with the Xbox One.

Take a look at the launch trailer… now that is why I am excited – doesn’t it look great!

Advanced Warfare – Meet The KillCameraman Randall Higgins

call of duty advanced warfare

There’s tongue in cheek trailers and then there’s Call of Duty trailers – this time the team at Sledgehammer are dressing up their Havoc DLC announcement trailer with an amusing look at just who is behind the Kill cams of COD.

Randall Higgins is the man, the KillCameraman and he gets himself into some rather amusing situations in order to grab those kill cams. Of course the main attraction is a look at the Havoc DLC – the first DLC pack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Available to download from January 27, the DLC includes four new maps, bonus weapons and Exo Zombies – the new co-op mode that could almost be a stand alone game.

Life Is Strange – The Butterfly Effect


2015 is the year for time bending mechanics in games – we all know that Quantum Break features time abilities but Life is Strange, developed by DONTNOD, is also getting in on the time mechanics. In the below dev diary, The Butterfly Effect, the team explain just how Max’s ability can be used and how they came up with the concept in the first place.

The team will be available for a Q&A session on January 27 via a Reddit AMA at 6am Pacific/2pm GMT

Dying Light – What Is “be The Zombie”


Just what is Dying Light’s “Be the Zombie”? Take a look for yourself as the devs take us though a quick demo of how to play (and not play) this great PvP mode, which is now available to all owners of the game – previously it was a pre-order bonus.