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Far Cry 4 – Valley of the Yetis release date announced

far cry 4

Our friends at Ubisoft have just announced the release date for the next DLC pack in its gripping Far Cry 4 game. The expansion places you on top of a mountain, stranded with no immediate way off. You find a camp but have to battle for it, defending it from waves and waves of a strange mysterious cult. You think your alone but you’re mistaken, something lurks in the dark, you are in the Valley of the Yetis.

The new Far Cry 4 DLC Valley of the Yetis is a pure fight for survival and the choice is yours, do you take on the fight alone or with a friend. Will you survive and make your way off the mountain and will you discover the mystery behind the yetis.

The Valley of the Yetis DLC will be available on March 10th and comes as part of the Season Pass, otherwise you can buy it separately. This looks like another great addition to the already existing DLC’s and if you are itching to find out more check out the trailer below.

Payday 2 will include “a year’s worth of paid DLC” for free


Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, releasing this June, will include almost all of the paid and free DLC released so far.

You will be able to pre-order the game’s digital version now at a 25 per cent discount and also receive the Hard Time Loot Bag, a pack of exclusive in-game items, including an exclusive mask, red dot weapon sight and bundle of in-game cash.

There is a suggestion that those who already own the game on the 360 may get the game even cheaper but nothing has been confirmed yet. Will you be pulling off bank jobs on the Xbox One in June?


Forza Horizon feels the Need for Speed


Xbox and Universal today announced Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, an expansion forming part of the promotion for the new movie ‘Furious 7′

The good news is that you don’t need to own Forza Horizon 2 to play the game, even better though, the expansion will be available at no charge for a limited two-week period. Players can download the expansion on Xbox One or Xbox 360 from March 27 through April 10; after this, the expansion will cost £10. Sweet!

In Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, you’ll be recruited by Fast & Furious expert mechanic Tej Parker, voiced by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, to source cars for the Fast & Furious crew’s next big mission. You’ll take part in a series of thrilling car challenges set in the idyllic south of France, check out the video below and let us know what you think.

The Crew gets new Speed Live update


Ubisoft have announced details of the new content update and Speed Car Pack DLC that is available for their MMO Racer The Crew.

The new Speed Live update contains an assortment of goodies for us and includes new tuning specs for 6 cars and a bunch of new faction missions. The most exciting part of this update is the new PVP mode they are calling The Eliminator. This new mode will support two to eight players and each player has a number of lives. Each time the timer hits zero the last placed car looses a life forcing players to take risks to stay in first place.

The Speed Car Pack is the second DLC pack to be released for The Crew and brings three new cars, the Alfa Romeo 4C, the Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo and my favorite the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series.

Information on both the update and the Speed Car pack can be seen in official trailer below

You will be pleased to know that the Speed Live update is free for all users, and if you own the season pass you can also get the Speed Car Pack free of charge. Otherwise if you want these three lovely cars then you’ll have to pay for them.

Dying Light Hard Mode Coming


Techland, the developers of the zombie hit Dying Light have announced on their official twitter feed that they plan to release a hard mode for the game. The hard mode will be the first in a series of free DLC that’s expected to hit our consoles around March time.

Hard mode, as the title suggests, will face the player with greater challenges than ever before in the game.  Fewer resources and supplies will be available, while stealth and silence will be even more key to your survival. On top of this chuck in the usual mix of ruthless blood hungry enemies and harder nighttime scenarios and you have a game mode that Tymon Smektala (the producer) describes as brutal.

Additional updates will also be included in the first content drop that are aimed to improve the general gameplay but none have been confirmed as of yet.

We will keep you posted as we find out more but it.s nice to see a game developer listening to its gamers and delivering what they ask for.

Far Cry 4 Overrun DLC Released


Our friends at Ubisoft have just announced the release of its 3rd DLC pack for its gripping Far Cry 4 game. The expansion named Overrun brings 4 new maps, Waterfront, Steelhead, Training and Reeducation and one new PVP mode. The maps have been especially crafted for the expansion and the PVP mode, so-called Overrun, will have you defending certain areas of the map while your opponents attack before having to quickly switch to a new area. This means that not only are you battling for control but also who gets there first.

Not only do you get the 4 new maps and a new multiplayer mode but they have also thrown in access to the dune buggy, something we think you might need as you dash from one area to another on the maps and also the Map Editor maps. This means you and a friend can now play all the maps created by other players within the game.

Available now to download for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, Overrun looks like another good addition to the already existing DLC’s and the good news to all season pass holders, it’s free.

Advanced Warfare Championship Pack now out, it’s pretty fancy


Call of Duty Championship 2015 takes place in just a few months time and to help build a lil’ bit of hype, Sledgehammer Games have just dropped a brand new pack of skins revolving around the tournament and it’s now available on Xbox Live.

For just $3.99, you can get your hands on the premium Championship 2015 bundle which contains a themed exoskeleton, weapon camouflages, calling card, helmet and reticules. Best of all? It’s covered in gold from top to bottom, as you can see above.

I think this is one of the first times in Call of Duty history where the gold gun camo is well, actually gold, unlike past attempts which have been mustard/off yellow colour.

If that isn’t enough, you can also purchase additional create-a-class and armory slots which add tonnes of new room for just $1.99 a piece.

Disappointingly, Activision have yet to detail whether any of the money from these pack will go towards the Championship 2015 prize pool, similar to what plenty of other eSport tournaments have done in the past.

Dying Light season pass content dated


If you haven’t picked it up yet, the season pass for Dying Light is priced £19.99 and includes three content drops, the first of which is out today!

Details of the DLC and dates can be found below

    Cuisine & Cargo (February 10) – Available exclusively as a part of the Season Pass offer, these two hardcore missions let players investigate buildings sealed off in the very first days of the outbreak. Explore the ominous corridors of once the most famous restaurant in Harran, and employ both stealth and combat to ransack a zombie-filled loading bay at the abandoned railroad yard Ultimate Survivor Bundle (March) – Players will receive seven unique in-game items that will bring fighting zombies to a whole new level. Grab three special outfits and four blueprints for over-the-top weapons to make your adventure in the quarantine zone even more fun The Bozak Horde (May) – The final Season Pass drop will deliver a new map and gameplay, playable in single-player and co-op. Go inside the Harran Stadium and test your combat know-how against relentless hordes of the Infected. Fight increasingly stronger enemy waves as you oppose a mysterious psychopath called Bozak

Deals with Gold is a Far Cry from last week’s


Xbox One gets a simple offering of 33% off of Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 4 Gold Edition while the 360 gets a whole host of titles to choose from including a whopping 90% off Deadfall Adventures!

The deals are available until February 9th. Remember to check your local territory for availability and pricing.

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Forza Horizon 2 Top Gear car pack now available


Fans of Forza Horizon 2 can now purchase the Top Gear car pack DLC. The pack contains 5 cars as well as a free car for everyone to download.

The pack contains:

2015 Lexus RC F

The RC F is much more than a GS Sedan minus a couple of doors. With a revised naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V8 from the IS-F and pushing the rear wheels, the RC F is a formidable sports car. The noises it makes can be subtle until asked to produce juice; then listen for a raspy rumble that says things are about to go quick.

1993 Jaguar XJ220

The XJ220 was designed to be the fastest road car in the world, reaching 217 mph and echoing Jaguar’s top speed record-setting triumphs in the 1950s. The XJ220 bi-turbo V6’s 542 horsepower gives blistering acceleration, and the aerodynamically impressive body provides both low drag and reduced lift at the high speeds the XJ220 is capable of. This helped create a later racing version of the car, the XJ220C, which had an impressive showing at the 1993 Le Mans.

2014 BMW M235i

The newest entry to BMW’s M line is the M235i. It’s a smaller package on the outside with all the gusto of the bigger models on the inside. Well over 300 horses are raring to push you on your way, and a stiff yet still comfortable ride awaits. It may sound relatively tame, hence the enhanced “vroom-vrooms” piped into the cabin via the car stereo, but the forced induction inline six does just what you want it to when it’s time to go.

1986 Lamborghini LM002

The Lamborghini Military model 002 has a tube steel frame, massive ground clearance, heavy-duty suspension, and tyres so big they were specially designed by Pirelli. Compression is slightly lower to accommodate » Continue Reading.