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A game of Cat and Wolf – brand new The Witcher 3 DLC


This week’s free DLC offering for The Witcher 3 is a new quest called “Where the Cat and Wolf play”. We all know who the ‘wolf’ is, but who might be the cat?

In previous weeks we have seen CD Projekt RED offer two new pieces of content, so is this week’s single quest larger than those before it? Keep an eye on the Xbox Store and download it to find out!

Predator coming to Mortal Kombat X


Series creator Ed Boon, renowed for teasing us with announcements on Twitter, tweeted this week saying

Recreate the Predator Movie (Komplete with Carl Weathers Jax) in Mortal Kombat X. Koming Soon…

This was accompanied by the screenshot below, clearly showing Predator and Jax squaring off against one another.

Predator will become the third DLC character to be released sometime in July following Jason Vorhees and Tanya. All three characters along with Tremor were previously confirmed to be a part of the Kombat Pack DLC, the pack can be purchased via the Xbox store here. If however you don’t want to purchase the pack or the individual character DLC then you will just have to be patient as all new DLC characters may be playable in the future in the game’s Challenge Tower event.

TiX interviews Neverwinter’s Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer


We were recently invited to interview Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer on Neverwinter for Xbox One. If you haven’t rolled your character and got stuck into Neverwinter yet, you can read our huge three-part review here: Part 1, Part 2 and finally Part 3.

This is Xbox (TiX): When you aren’t busy working, and you are enjoying free time playing Neverwinter yourself, what race and class are you? Which is your favourite?

Rob Overmeyer (RO): I play all the time! My main is a Halfling GWF currently 2.7k on PC and a Halfling TR climbing the ranks on Xbox. I really like the GWF in group play and while I may not top the DPS charts I have been able to pull out a win in several dungeons after seeing most of the party go down. As for Xbox, although it’s a bit FotM to run a TR as my go to for PvP. I’m not running perma or anything but I like catching a cleric out of position and giving them a surprise. I also like the stealth-battle gameplay that can play out once in a while at a CP. Backcapping to find yourself in a 1v1 with another TR can be a lot of fun.

TiX: Describe to our readers what your role is day-to-day in terms of Neverwinter for Xbox One, including future Xbox One updates and DLC launches.

RO: I am the Executive Producer of Neverwinter PC and Xbox. Most of all my days are pretty busy and when I am not planning future modules and game direction, analyzing the business and looking at what we need to improve in the live game I am playing Neverwinter. My day usually consists of meeting with the team, leads and publishers to » Continue Reading.

Armour up with this new Witcher 3 quest


CD Projekt RED continue to lead the way with an incredible free DLC program for their awesome Witcher 3.

This week, the DLC has a Skellige theme with some armour and a “Most Wanted” contract for you to hunt down. I must admit to being impressed by CD Projekt RED’s dedication and support for the DLC program, and rather than deliver just new cosmetics to the game, the new quests are rather exciting although let’s be honest – there’s already plenty of content in the game already!

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC ready to drop


The wait is over as today it was confirmed that the latest Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC will deploy across all platforms tomorrow, Tuesday June 16th for Premium members.

The new DLC will contain 4 new maps and the new game mode Bounty Hunter. You’ll also experience 5 new weapons (including a NAIL GUN), 6 awesome masks, 2 sweet rides, and more. If that wasn’t enough the new update will also feature weapon and gameplay improvements as well as new music and “netcode” fixes.

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity will be available to Premium members starting June 16th and will become available to all non-Premium users to buy on June 30th.

Check out below for the deployment times for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

    Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 09:00 BST / 08.00 UTC / 1.00 AM PDT Xbox 360: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 12:00 BST / 11.00 UTC / 4.00 AM PDT

Free quest and gwent DLC for The Witcher 3


CD Projekt RED continue to deliver their free DLC support for the Witcher 3 with another two great pieces of content.

There’s a new quest called “Fool’s Gold” and a brand new neutral Gwent deck called “Ballad Heroes”. Both pieces of DLC will be available later this week.

Destiny : The Taken King


With E3 just around the corner, new and exciting news has been leaked for the world of Destiny. A few short days ago we saw the name The Taken King appearing on special Red Bull boxes confirming the existence of the widely know DLC to be coming later this year.

According to documentation leaked to Kotaku, The Taken King should be arriving September 15th this year and be will be priced at $40 (probably around £35). New doors will open for guardians as four new strikes, six PvP maps, 12 story missions and finally a new raid, which we missed out on in the House of Wolves expansion. The raid is said to be based around Oryx, the father of Crota who will be leading a new army called the Taken.

We will also finally receive the third elemental subclass for each character. The Hunter will receive the “Gravity Bow (Void)” super, Warlocks will gain the “Electric Storm (Arc)” super and for Titans the “Flaming Hammer (Solar)” super.

I am excited to see what these new sub classes will bring to PVP and what kind of exotics will be revealed to contain their true powers. Bungie have already announced they will be at E3 with some exciting news for destiny.

Project CARS reveals DLC plans


Slightly Mad Studios have released a rather nifty Infographic showing plans for all of their DLC. The game has been designed to last and the free updates that improve and expand upon the original core game, free cars and vehicle liveries will be delivered at no extra charge, and additional content made available without the usual obligation to purchase a long-term season pass.

Since it launched, Project CARS players have been received the $3.4m Lykan Hypersport to their garage, a free set of ten beautiful community-created liveries, and the release of Update 1.3 that addressed key issues and expanded functionality within the game.

They have also announced the Racing Icons Car pack with an awesome trailer below.

This is the first game in a while that hasn’t used a Season Pass, it’s a refreshing an welcome change.

Deals with Gold ‘sports’ the odd bargain


Zombie Driver and Pneuma are the prize picks of this week’s Deals with Gold, although if you haven’t picked up FIFA, it has a tempting 60% off it’s usual asking price but as it’s part of EA’s Vault, you’d be better off picking up a membership instead. Xbox 360 has a similar offering, heavily weighted towards sports titles.

The deals are available until June 15. Remember to check your local territory for availability and pricing.


Xbox One FIFA 15 Deluxe Edition Xbox One Game 60% EA Sports NBA Live 15 Xbox One Game 70% Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Game 67% EA Sports UFC Xbox One Game 67% NHL 15 Xbox One Game 67% Sunset Overdrive  Xbox One Game 33% Sunset Overdrive Season Pass Add-On 33% Sunset Overdrive Deluxe Edition Xbox One Game 33% GTA plus Great White Shark Card Xbox One Game 25% Pneuma: Breath of Life Xbox One Game 50% Zombie Driver Utimate Edition Xbox One Game 75% Xbox 360 FIFA 15 Games On Demand 60% Madden NFL 15 Games On Demand 50% NHL 15 Games On Demand 50% Fight Night Champion Games On Demand 80% NCAA Football 14 Games On Demand 75% NFL Blitz Arcade 75% Zombie Driver HD Arcade 75%