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Tales from the Borderlands finale announced – grab episode 1 for free!


The excellent Tales from the Borderlands concludes on October 21st! Even if you’ve never played Borderlands, Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands is an excellent game that needs no prior knowledge of Gearbox’s series… you can even read Dave’s reviews of the previous episodes here, here, here and… here.

Still not convinced? Then why not try the first episode for yourself, Telltale have made it free for all to play.

Happy Friday everyone!

ESO Imperial City Review


In the MMO arena, most gamers have to wait approximately a year to 18 months before any major expansion is released for their RPG of choice. Due to the unexpected delay of Elder Scrolls Online on consoles, this standard has been broken as the first in a series of DLC arranged for Elder Scrolls has been released merely six months since launch.

For those who have ventured into the shadow of the white gold tower, to represent your chosen alliance, will know that Bethesda has done something slightly different with their PVP zone. Most MMO’s place a distinct emphasis on separating player vs player and player vs environment encounters. This can make the PVP zones feel empty, even soulless. Bethesda does not subscribe to this method. Throughout Cyrodiil you will encounter npc’s as they go about their daily business, providing you with quests and chores to perform, and the environment is littered with the same caves, ruins and events that populate the rest of the world.  This conveys a sense of life on the game that no other MMO currently attempts (to my knowledge).

It is with this in mind that we delve into the dlc, and take our first tentative steps into the Imperial City. With the release of this content, entry ways to the imperial sewers have opened up, (similar to your escape point in Oblivion), allowing progression into the city proper. These access points are also directly linked to the ongoing war throughout Cyrodiil, so if you find the nearby fortification occupied by an opposing force, entry to the Imperial city is barred. Should your faction hold the ground you may enter the sewers and meet with the vanguard that are pushing forward in to the territory now overrun by Molag Bal’s daedric forces.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s DLC future


Say what you will about Ubisoft’s mishaps over the last year, but I firmly believe that this will only make their future titles even better – the publisher will be on their best behaviour to prevent another backlash from gamers and with Syndicate, Siege and The Division on the horizon, this makes me even more excited for their release – they just can not let folk down with a release that doesn’t deliver on everything that’s been promised.

To bolster my hopes, the publisher has announced their plans for Rainbow Six Siege’s DLC – they will all be free! Yes… free! The game will launch with 11 maps, all of which will be playable during the day or night and feature their brand new “Real Blast destruction technology”.

Now, tell me you aren’t just a little excited for what’s to come from Ubisoft!

Imperial City Now Available for The Elder Scrolls Online


The first DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, is now available worldwide on the Xbox One.

Imperial City, the heart of the Cyrodiilic Empire, has fallen to Daedric Prince Molag Bal and now all three alliances must battle not only against the Daedric forces, but against each other as well.

This DLC game pack for the largest Elder Scrolls game ever created is packed with new content. Featuring new areas, quests, enemies, and exclusive items, Imperial City adds hours of additional gameplay for players adventuring through Tamriel on their own, in small groups, or with hundreds of others, the DLC includes:


    New PVE and PVP Content. Featuring six distinct Imperial Districts, battle against the forces of Molag Bal as well as the other Alliances. Additional Dungeons. The extensive Imperial Sewers network offers new PVP and PVE challenges for small groups of adventurers, while White-Gold Tower and Imperial Prison challenge PVE adventurers with both Normal and Veteran difficulties. New Quests, Enemies, and Characters. Whether participating in massive PVP battles in the Imperial Districts or adventuring in one of the new dungeons, players will be introduced to new quests and enemies, including the Xivkyn. Additional Weapons, Armor, and Currency. Fight the forces of Molag Bal to plunder Tel Var Stones, a new form of currency you can use for exclusive Veteran Rank 16 weapons and armor, or search for new Treasure Vaults containing other rare finds. Imperial City-Exclusive Collectibles and Items. Exploring Imperial City or visiting the Crown Store will reward the player with a host of new collectibles including pets, mounts, costumes, and polymorphs!

Imperial City is included with an active ESO Plus membership or is available for 2,500 crowns via the Crown Store.

Get saddlesore with new Ride bike DLC packs


Back in April, I reviewed the first motorbike racer I’d played since Road Rash. Ride wasn’t perhaps as good as it should have been, but it’s main focus, the bikes, looked good.

PQube and Milestone have decided that now would be about time to announce not one, but two new bike DLC packs.

Top Bikes Pack 1, available now for 7.99 Euros or your local currency equivalent, includes the following most requested 2015 bikes;

    Triumph Street Triple RX MV Augusta Brutale 800 Dragster MV Augusta Brutale 800 Dragster RR Ducati 1299 Panigale S BMW S1000 RR – 2015 Yamaha MT07 – 2015 Kawasaki Ninja zx-10R – 2015

Top Bikes Pack 2, available separately, now, for the same price as Top Bike Pack 1, includes;

    Honda RC 213 V-S BMW F800R – 2015 Kawasaki Z800 – 2015 Suzuki GSR 750R Honda CBR1000RR – 2015 MV Augusta F4 RC Honda CBR600RR – 2015

It’s fair to say that these have received a little criticism from the community for the content as the bikes lack variety in the makes and models from those already included in the game. The main criticism seems to be that the bikes are just recoloured older bikes.

PQube, Milestone, the community are crying out for a track pack or two, will they be pleasantly surprised?

Have you played Ride? Are you planning on getting these new bikes? Let us know below.

Neverwinter reveals Elemental Evil


Neverwinter. It’s an enigma. The game is simply massive and has a dedicated and loyal fanbase. Cryptic Studios have announced a treat for all the fans of the game on Xbox One.

Released today and called Neverwinter: Elemental Evil, this will bring together content from four expansions, all in one update. This will include content from the following expansions, Elemental Evil, Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle and Curse of Icewind Dale all previously released on PC.

What do you get for your free update?

    An increase in your level cap to 70 Eight new adventure zones A new playable class of Oathbound Paladin Icewind Dale Sharandar The Dread Ring Malabog’s Castle, Valindra’s Tower and Kessell’s Retreat Minsc and Boo join adventurers in the fight against the Cults of Elemental Evil Increase in companion quality cap from epic to legendary Maximum level increase for all professions Vote-to-kick changes Achievements have been fixed

Make no mistake, this is a massive update and will include any post-update fix that has been applied to the PC expansion version too.

Rob Overmeyer, executive producer of Neverwinter is excited to bring this to Xbox One,

We’re thrilled to bring Elemental Evil to Neverwinter’s Xbox One community of over 2 million players. With six expansions’ worth of free contents released since launch, our team continues to support Neverwinter and its players with all new locations along and outside of The Sword Coast filled with challenging dungeons to crawl and wicked monsters to battle. We’re excited to continue our support with the Strongholds expansion in 2015.

No doubt, if you’ve already fired up Neverwinter, there’s a good chance that you’ve already got, or are downloading this update. Let us know what you think below and while you’re waiting for the download to finish, have » Continue Reading.

The Witcher shows a Heart of Stone


I remember looking on in jealous wonder last May as our Rich reviewed The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. CD Projekt Red and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have certainly hit paydirt with this IP and they’re looking to expand the franchise further with the announcement of some new DLC.

The Hearts of Stone DLC will pack in over ten hours of fresh adventures, new characters, powerful monsters, unique romance and a brand new storyline, which will be shaped by gamer choices.

Become Geralt once more and experience the new Runewords system that significantly affects gameplay. Each Runeword will impact a different aspect of the in-game mechanics and will allow players to experiment with differing tactics and strategies.

Hearts of Stone will not just be available digitally, however. If you pop along to GAME in the UK at launch, you may well be able to get your sticky hands on a limited boxed edition, as a store exclusive. This boxed edition will contain a digital download code, two crafted physical decks of Gwent, with Monsters and Scoia’tael decks and a detailed manual to explain the rules of the card game.

You’ve not been forgotten if you own the digital Season Pass too, as the developers have launched a special initiative for you, that will enable you to purchase the cards separately. All information on this can be found here.

You will be able to get hold of The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone DLC on the 13th of October on Xbox One.

Here’s your teaser.

Night vision at the ready for Battlefield 4

bf4 night operations

Battlefield 4 is getting free DLC this week as well as a fairly large update for all platforms which can be found here. Battlefield 4 Night Operations requires a good squad, communication, a good weapon and a decent set of eyes! It’s pretty dark out there, on top of that a new season of Battlefest has commenced and to celebrate there is double XP until September 7th and a gold battle pack to anyone who logs in this month, check out whats happening here. There is also a community mission to reach 50 million assault rifle kills by September 7th and kills do not need to be earned on the new night map, progress can be tracked on Xbox One and PC on the community missions tab or you can click here.

Taken King Oryx draws nearer


A new gameplay trailer has dropped in the destiny world, see guardians confront The Taken lead by Oryx in this epic battle to the sounds of Led Zeppelin “Black Dog”. Join in for the final Bungie livestream tomorrow Wednesday 2nd September 18:00 BST, where you will see some loot searching and adventure deep within the Dreadnaught as well as new player instigated public events with Deej, Ben Wommack, community guest Laced Up Lauren and special closing guest Luke Smith.

Bungie strikes the Dreadnaught in latest Twitch reveal


Bungie have just wrapped up their second reveal stream on Twitch, and this time it focused purely on the new mechanics for strikes.

Special guest Mr Fruit, of YouTube fame, joined Community Manager Cozmo and Gameplay Designer Claude Jerome as they explored the Dreadnaught, showcasing one of the new strikes coming next month.

The Shield Brothers takes place in the new Dreadnaught environment, as Guardians are tasked with stopping a Cabal onslaught against Oryx and the Hive. Based in the rings of Saturn, players will be hunting down the Cabal brothers, and taking on both Cabal and the new Taken enemies as they make their way to them.

The emphasis on new strikes for The Taken King is how the final boss encounter has changed, and players will no longer be facing bullet sponges, such as Valus Ta’aurc in the original Cerberus Vae III strike. Instead, they will have to think through strategies to take down this new adversaries.

Once your fireteam has made it’s way through the twisted corridors of the crashed Cabal ship, guided by the Hunter mentor Cayde-6, they will enter an arena-style final room where they will face the Shield Brothers. Both Valus Mau’ual and Valus Tlu’urn have their own personalities, and much like arcade games of old, it is up to the players to devise a strategy to take them down.

First up is Valus Mau’ual, whose attack is very similar to the Titan Fist of Havoc, ground pounding his way around the arena in an attempt to stop the Guardians in their tracks. Once you fight him down to approximately half health, he retreats, and his brother comes in to play. Valus Tlu’urn has a much more range to his attack, barraging players with his mortars, and once he too is » Continue Reading.