CES 2012 – Steve Ballmer Said So and Friends – In Short

CES 2012 – Steve Ballmer Said So and Friends – In Short

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer (and colleagues) at the CES 2012 has confirmed and/or displayed the following for those who missed it: (Times are UK time)

2.39am – T-Mobile Lumia 710 & Lumia 800 hitting US Microsoft Stores and Nokia/ATT to unveil the Nokia Lumia 900 mobile phone – blazing fast 4G network with 4inch+ AmOled display.

2.45am HTC Titan 2 launched in the US with ATT 4G Network, 4.7inch screen with 16MP camera built in. 4G phones are receiving rave reviews and Ballmer thinks they’re “clearly on the right track” for the future with Windows Phone.

2.55 4.3 Billion PC’s in use around the world operating Windows mentioned as a cool demo of Windows 8 hit the stage screens, not before a display of stunning ultra thin laptops – doing nothing no different than any other laptop, just erm… really thin!

3.00am Tami Reller takes to the stage to talk about Windows 8, the journey started at CES 2011. Windows 8 is a new way of thinking about your PC. It’s Windows reimagined, designed to deliver a no comprimise experience. It brings together a tablet with the power of a PC.

3.05am Reller, shows the lock screen of Windows 8, showing how it can be personalised and have picture passwords to unlock. Windows 8 resembles the Metro interface of the new Xbox dashboard. It’s immersive, fast, fluid and dynamic. Tiles are LIVE and always up to date on your touch PC with Windows 8.

Charms are announced linking everything in your PC to your Apps and friends. Charms are interactions between launching the app and usage – such as share and other features. Metro Apps can be launched with the swipe of a hand.

Windows 8 runs on X86 and on ARM.

New Windows Store a one stop location for all Metro App purchases. Apps power the new experience in Windows 8. The Windows App store is chock-a-block with apps, bigger than you can ever imagine unless you watched the live stream.

3.10am Reller demonstrates a game playing on Windows 8 showing how easy it is to launch and switch between Apps on all devices. Windows Store opens late February 2012 – the first opportunity for consumers to test out free apps. It’s going global (200 Markets around the world) and in over 100 languages. Windows Store designed to offer something for everyone.

Windows 8 works great with Touch, Mouse and Keyboard.

3.13am Metro style Internet Explorer shown – resembles that of the IE on Windows Phone 7 and it also takes advantage of hardware acceleration. Windows 8 availability (the next big milestone) comes in February 2012.

3.17am New Ultra Books announced. Windows 7 today, Windows 8 tomorrow as the tag line. Every Windows 7 PC is ready for Windows 8

3.18am Ballmer back on stage. 500 Million Windows 7 users worldwide.

3.20am Tweet Choir comes on stage… – Don’t Ask! It was loud, and lots of chanting Microsoft hashtag CES – Weird and creepy.

3.25am Ballmer is back, talking about Xbox – Xbox is now at the forefront of gaming and entrtainment compared to when it was launched a decade ago. Over 66 Million Xbox users and over 40 Million Xbox LIVE Subscribers – some for games, some for family entertainment with the movies and music.

A demo on the Xbox entertainment experience explained. Kinect described as a big part and a leading example of natural user interface. 18 Million Kinect Sensors shipped since laucnch. Demo of Kinect and Bing displayed in the new metro design and the only controller you need is your voice – all that cheesey crap we saw at E3 2011.

3.30am Comcast is soon to launch Xfinity programs, News Corp bringing IGN app to Xbox Live Dashboard.

Kinect Sesame Street TV demo shown, where Sesame Street TV shows are being used to create whole new Kinect experiences to help kids with learning. Augmented reality features and interactive experiences directly with pre-recorded shows. TV for your living room in a 2 way fashion.

3.40am Ballmer is back, Kinect sparks imagination and revolutionizes health care and education. Kinect trailer shown with the use of kinect replacing other modern technology – what is next for Kinect as the tag line.

Kinect is coming to Windows on February 1st 2012. 200 Companies working on new applications for Kinect on Windows – Toyota, American Express, mattel and many many more. Now Ballmer swiftly moves on to Sync and cloud based services.

Microsoft’s newly acquired Skype now has 200 million users and 300 billion minutes of voice and video used in the last year.

3.43am One final keynote announcement – what’s next…

…Ballmer says Windows 8 is what next, shipment later this year – a dynamic metro user interface. Metro everything, everywhere.

The future is natural user interface. Metro will drive the new magic across all user experiences. In 2012 – what’s next “Metro, metro, metro, and of course, Windows, Windows, Windows” says Ballmer on closing out of the CES 2012 event.