CEX Retailer Gifts Ebay Scam Victim a Free Xbox One

© MARK LEE & Nottingham Post

© MARK LEE & Nottingham Post

It’s done the rounds on pretty much every gaming news site and now here…but it is assumed that maybe the whole world now knows that a Nottingham lad bought a photo of an Xbox One on Ebay for around £450. Although the listing stated “photo” it was misleading in a way that the seller knew it could easily have been mistaken for being a genuine photo used to promote the sale of an Xbox One!

Retailers CEX has very kindly donated a free Xbox One console to the ebay victim, a student named, Mr Clatworthy, as they were touched by the news because he had scrimped and saved to buy an Xbox One for his four year old son! (Yes I said “FOUR”, not a typo)

Mr Clatworthy, quoted:

I’m just overwhelmed by the reaction to the story… All I wanted was a refund. I cannot believe this.

He has since received a full refund from Ebay with the seller of the photograph receiving a ban; and now with a free Xbox One console from a very generous CEX store – it looks set to be a Happy Christmas indeed!

If anyone wants to buy photo’s of my Xbox One console I can probably do a 60 inch framed canvas at half the price.

Via Nottingham Post

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