Cheaters do prosper in Screencheat, released today

Samurai Punk and Surprise Attack Games have announced that their chaotic party split-screen shooter, Screencheat, is now available to download.

Inspired by classic shooters such as Halo and Goldeneye, Screencheat encourages you to peek at your opponents screen, as everyone is invisible. With up to eight player’s screens visible at all times, even with a mix of online and local multiplayer, you will have to juggle both your view and someone else’s to win.

Featuring an off-the-wall arsenal of one-hit kill weapons, including a hobby horse, a car engine that shoots bouncing balls of plasma, a teddy bear loaded with explosives, or the classic Blunderbuss, you should have everything you need to succeed.

With its simply designed maps, numerous landmarks, and colour-coded areas, you shouldn’t have any problems hunting down your adversaries.

Screencheat is now available to download for Xbox One for £11.99, from the online store.

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