Check out Tritton’s new ARK series headsets

Tritton are back with a brand new series of headsets. Currently there are two to choose from – the ARK 100, a wired stereo headset that comes in Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC flavours, and the ARK 300, a wireless 7.1 surround sound headset available for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


At the centre of each headset is a 60mm driver responsible for delivering smooth bass and mid-range sounds. Meanwhile, a 10mm driver delivers the higher frequencies – with two 10mm drivers taking control in the ARK 300 model.

The ARK 100 has three EQ modes to choose from, while the ARK 300 boasts a DTS Headphone:X “4K-compatible HDMI pass-through interface”. Now looks aren’t everything, but I can’t help but fall for the ARK – especially for its motion driven lighting on the ear cups. Call me vain, but it sounds pretty damn cool to me, with an accelerometer taking control of the colour and brightness of the headset, so all you need do is tilt you head.


The headsets have been completely redesigned to offer a new level of comfort in Tritton headsets, with memory foam included in the head band and ear cups. Check out what Rob Hall has to say about the ARK series in Tritton’s behind the scenes video below.

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