Chinese Ex-Ubisoft Employee Leaks Next-Gen Xbox Details?

Chinese Ex-Ubisoft Employee Leaks Next-Gen Xbox Details?


There’s nothing like having a bit of a gripe with your ex-employer and leaking information to make you feel better – as we previously experienced when we ourselves were approached around this time 12 months ago with next-gen information.

At that point in time early 2012 we were told about the idea of a set top box being Infinity (note not Xbox Infinity) an online platform that could also be implemented within future TV sets to bring approved apps to the home without the need for an Xbox console attached to the TV. We were also told that alpha forms of the console was being shown behind closed doors at CES 2012 to invited attendees and that it was known as “Xbox 8” for its connectivity to other Microsoft platforms.

As it stands today – absolutely nothing has been confirmed with concrete evidence, but an apparently known ex-ubisoft Shanghai employee has gone on some chinese forums leaking information and specs for next-gen Xbox console. According to the ex-employee who says he is an expert on the Xbox 720, it will have:

  • An eight-core CPU, and an 8800 series GPU
  • Windows 8 kernel
  • Has 8GB of Memory
  • Uses a 640GB HDD

It’s just a shame he can’t seem to quote what it is called! Here’s to Microsoft hopefully revealing next-gen Xbox information in the coming months prior to a major E3 2013 reveal.

Via GameChup