Coffin Dodgers coming soon to Xbox One


We all know that the original kart racer, Mariokart, is getting on a bit. I didn’t expect that we’d be seeing wrinkly racers tearing around a track on motorised shopping scooters any time soon though.

Milky Tea and Wales Interactive have revealed the comically named Coffin Dodgers will be coming soon to Xbox One. This Mariokart-a-like pits you as one of eight playable geriatric characters riding around 13 unique tracks on a customisable shopping scooter. Take out your competitors with rockets and machine guns, presumably for allowing their aging cat to poop on your lawn. Take out the occasional zombie horde, looking to induct you into their bridge club.

Race against the likes of Death, avoiding track obstacles and collecting power-ups. Race for your life, however much left of it there is. Race for your very soul.

Coffin Dodgers should be pushing up daisies on Xbox One soon.

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