Coma coming to Xbox in 2018

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The ID@Xbox program continues to grow and add new and exciting games to the Xbox platform. Recently announced is Coma, which is developed by Jason Oda and a small team of freelancers.

COMA is an emotional action / adventure game developed by Jason Oda and a small team of freelancers.
You are in a Coma. In a dream, deep within your subconscious, you battle against the forces of darkness that softly lull you into giving in to death.
What are the sacred relics of your life? A handful of dirt from your home town? A pet that died long ago? The eyes of the one you love? Find and customize the treasures of your life and use them as weapons against the forces of death.
Battle to reconnect the synapses in your mind and unlock the mystery of what led you to this awful state.
COMA will be released in 2018. More details and an awesome trailer can be found on the official website –

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