Come and explore this Lifeless Planet


Initially announced at E3 2014, ID@Xbox title, Lifeless Planet is coming to Xbox One on the 13th of May.

Inspired by the sci-fi classics of the 1950’s and 60’s, Lifeless Planet will take you on a tour of 20 detailed environments across an entire planet. Guide your astronaut, after a hard-landing on a planet that is expected to be teeming with life, across this planet, now chock-full of barren wasteland.

What has happened, has the speed of space travel taken him through time or has our astronaut been the victim of a cruel hoax? Along the way, we meet a Russian girl, Aelita. She is somehow able to survive the harsh planetary conditions, but is she helping you, or leading you to your doom?

Lifeless Planet has been earning great reviews on Steam already, and the Premium Edition will be vying for your attention on the 13th of May. Take a look at the trailer and then keep the date.

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