Commander Cherry’s puzzled journey review

We normally end our reviews with the trailer for a game, but for this review it’s coming… Now.

This game is different to say the least, it’s a hybrid-motion title, which basically means you use Kinect and the controller at the same time.

Commander Cherry’s space ship has crashed and he needs to escape, you, his space cadet needs to help him but acting as a human bridge, bending your body is yoga like poses to enable him to make it across large gaps and collect energy balls that unlock blocked areas. Each level is very simple looking with lots of bright colours and a relaxing space inspired soundtrack. There are secrets to be found as well as power ups that enable you to double jump, you’ll also unlock a laser later on too.


Of course it’s not a simple as just taking selfies of yourself to help the Commander, there are weird plant-like lifeforms that will kill Cherry if he touches them, they will also stop you from taking pictures of you touch them, which is where things get difficult especially if flexibility isn’t your strongest trait! I had to laugh as I managed to get myself in quite a complicated pose only to have smoke coming off my arse as it was touching the plants, back to gym methinks… Thankfully equipping Cherry with the laser allows him to destroy the plants making your journey much more simple.

As a platformer the game works well, and the added element of making you part of the level is a clever idea, it’s not as relaxing as the developers make out but the game definitely grew on me as time went by. In later levels the platforming becomes more difficult, you will need to take a series of photos to help cherry grab the energy balls as well take on more complicated situations. You are given a grid to place a certain number of selfies to help. Your body becomes a moving platform to help Cherry across wide areas as well as helping to lift him up to higher parts of the level.


There is lots of trial and error in the game, each time you position yourself you need to make sure that you have activated all of the energy balls, one tip; don’t put your controller down, I kept forgetting to keep hold of it only to get myself in a position where I couldn’t reach the controller to take the picture! Playing the game co-op is the way to go, one person can create the selfies while the other can do the platforming.

At the end of each level you are given a score as well as a summary of your different poses and their ratings, ranging from ‘Yo’ to ‘Yogaawesome!’.

Achievements hunters will be pleased to know there are 10 achievements worth the 1000 points, but I wouldn’t say they are easy to get.

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey was unexpectedly quite good fun, the more I played the more I enjoyed it. This could be a great party game, it isn’t going to suit everybody, but if you fancy platforming with a twist then this is the game for you.

Thanks to Xbox and Grande Games for their support

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