CLOSED: Play Next Week’s XBLA Game “The Splatters” Before Release

Xbox 360

Next week, on Wednesday April 11th is the release of SpikySnail’s physic based puzzle game – The Splatters, and we’re giving you the opportunity to play it this weekend.

The Splatters is a one of a kind physics-driven puzzler where you control your Splatters with one purpose in life – to go out with style. Described by the dev’s as an acrobatic group of liquid filled creatures. Their short life is pretty straight-forward: when you slam them, they blow up. When they blow up their liquid breaks. When their liquid falls on bombs – Kaboom! You will pretty soon orchestrate a magnificent show of Splatters, bombs, liquid and explosions!

The unique physics gameplay allows almost endless possibilities to finish a level and as you gain in skill, the creativity shines in every move you make.

We have 5 Xbox LIVE Arcade Redeem codes up for grabs and here’s all you have to do to enter.

Tell us below in the comments box when you last got ‘the splatters’, this is a a euphanism. Make sure you replace your meaning words with the splatters and share your experience with us below in short.

When leaving a comment, place your email address in the appropriate box which will remain hidden from public view – 5 Winners will be announced on this page and codes will be emailed tomorrow Saturday 7th April at noon. Your IP address will be visible to and so only 1 entry per person.

Check out the trailer below and look out for our review soon.


Thank you to everyone who commented below – sadly there are not enough codes for everyone, but the winners who will be receiving their codes shortly by email/twitter DM’s are:

  • Jumping Johnny
  • Mark
  • JD
  • Mr.Impossible
  • Albert/Ricky
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  • Jumping Johnny

    My last memory of getting The Splatters was after a very bad night out, too much booze, had eaten some bad burgers on the way home finished with a massive kebab! I had The Splatters alright and was ill for days. That poor bathroom of mine had a physics game all of its own.

    This game looks wicked, code so needed!!!!

  • fluke

    Im a vegetarian so i always have the splatters,infact i cant remember the last solid one,just splatter,splatter splatter

  • Drank a 12 pack of Natty Ice last night…..Do I really have to say anything more…..LoL!!!

  • Splatter Spree

    Ate some White Castles before i went to bed and almost had "The Splatters" in my sleep. Luckily i woke up just in time not to "Splatter" all over myself.

  • Jenson316_us

    The last time I got the Splatters was today at the DMV. The crowd was big and after waiting in line and watching these people I Splattered all over.

  • Natehubes

    The last time I had The Splatters was at Taco Bell. There I was eating as much food as could for the chance to win a Vita. Lets just say by the 5th time I went that day, I had The Splatters and that Taco Bell will never be the same again. Not to mention I didn't win the Vita.

  • JD

    The last time I had the Splatters was during a night of very heavy drinking, unfortunately it interrupted a make out session with a beautiful girl 🙁 The saddest Splatters of my life. Thanks for the chance @mysticfail

  • If were talking about splatters here all i can say is that Taco Bell with some chili on the side and a beer did not go well for the toilet that night. But there is a good side to splatters, i got 3 splatters in Halo 3 the other day :). Thanks for the contest @Evilteddy03

  • The last time I got the splatters was on April 1 of this year. I was looking through my email when I opened a message from my friend. Inside the message was a giant picture of a VERY creepy face. I ended up getting the splatters in my pants and I was very unhappy.

    I don't know where to place my email address but please DM me at Twitter (@Bramblefang13) if this person wins a code.

  • Bramblefang

    Ah! I figured out how to input my email. This is @Bramblefang13 as well.