Control yourself with Manual Samuel

Manual Samuel

There are some crazy games that have been released, especially in the ID@Xbox or previous Indie world. Perfectly ParaNormal’s new title is looking to trump them all, however.

Teaming up with publisher, Curve Digital, these Norwegian developers have embarked on what they describe as a ‘Dexterity Adventure’. In Manual Samuel, you will have to guide the titular hero through the worst 24 hours of his life.

Samuel has had a sheltered upbringing. Never wanted for anything in his pampered life. His day is about to start in most extraordinary circumstances. Samuel, making his way along in life, gets knocked over and killed. This, you’re thinking, might be the end rather than a beginning, but Samuel’s got a rather special friend. With this special friend, he may very well end up living happily ever after.

Samuel’s special friend is none other than the Grim Reaper. Death makes a pact with our hero that if he wants to live, then he really has to live. For the next 24 hours, all of his bodily functions will have to be controlled manually.

This obviously makes everyday situations increasingly slapstick. Simple tasks such as getting dressed become a hilarious backdrop to some crude and lewd humour. Just remember to breathe in and out or what started out as a bad day, could get much, much worse.

As his day progresses, Samuel must work hard to keep himself together and keep not only Death happy, but also his boss and his girlfriend too.

Every aspect of Samuel is controllable. From breathing to blinking, you’re guaranteed to spend a lot of time trying to stand up. This will culminate in lots of silly walks, surreal moments and dark humour as you try to guide Manual Samuel through his 24 hours of torture.

If you’ve ever had the wish to think about Editor-in-Chief, Dave, drunk; watch the trailer below.

Manual Samuel will be guided bodily towards an Xbox One near you from the 14th of October.


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