Court of Oryx unveiled in latest Taken King Twitch reveal

In the last of three special reveal streams, Bungie have introduced players to the new public event, the Court of Oryx.

Hidden in the depths of the Dreadnaught, Guardians will be pitted against a variety of new and exciting bosses, in a new event which promises to bring a brand new dynamic to the currently lacklustre patrol.

In the stream, featuring community member, Twitch and YouTube personality, Laced Up Lauren, Designer Ben Wommack, and Community Manager Eric Osborne (more fondly know as Urk), players were able to see the new Dreadnaught and the challenges they will be facing.

Whilst exploring the Dreadnaught, players will encounter Cabal, Hive, and the new enemy type The Taken, as they pick up patrol missions and the new planetary material, Wormspore. Viewers were also able to see the new Ghost abilities in action, as Laced Up Lauren had equipped a Ghost which highlighted Wormspore dotted around the area. Players will also come across one of the more exciting public events, enemies are moving against each other, as the Cabal, Hive, and Taken battle it out on the Dreadnaught.

As we saw last week with the new strike, the Dreadnaught will also feature dynamic areas, which can change each time a player enters them, such as the Hall of Souls which was shown on the stream; one pass may see Cabal facing off with The Taken, another will involve a group of Hive praying to their God. It was also stated that players will not see everything the Dreadnaught has to offer on their first visit, offering more loot and unique experiences not available anywhere else.


The entrance to the Court of Oryx is visible during the approach, and is cuts quite a daunting figure on the horizon. Upon entry to the arena, Guardians will see six statues, of which they must interact with one to start the Court of Oryx encounter.

To activate the arena, players will require a special rune to activate one of the three tiers of activity available, increasing in difficulty, and rewards, with each tier, and tier will feature a different dynamic to the last. Tier one will spawn a single enemy, with it’s own mechanic, that the players must take down. This could be a Cabal with a special shield which can only be taken down once all the supporting enemies are killed, or a pair of Knights, one Hive, one Taken, who must be close to one another to take damage. Tier two will bring in two different types of enemies from Tier one, which must be taken down to be successful. One shown in the stream had an Ogre, and the pair of Knights mentioned above, so the team had to work out which was their biggest threat, and remove them first, before moving onto the other enemy. Tier three is said to have raid-type mechanics, but they were unable to show that this time.

The arena itself can be accessed by up to nine Guardians, a mix of three-man fireteams and single players, to take on the challenge. However, only the player who activated the event will be rewarded with the top level loot. To stop the current annoyance of absence players wanting to bypass the challenge just to receive the loot, a timer has been introduced to force such people into the arena and fight, hopefully eradicating this particular problem.


Also on show was the much talked about sword, a new heavy weapon which was teased in previous streams. It was confirmed that there will be multiple swords available in the game of varying commonality, with the top level sword being the exotic Raze-Lighter. Much like any other Guardian out there, I cannot wait to get my Titan hands on one of these.

Community Manager, and presenter, Deej, and Writer Luke Smith, finished the stream with a thank you to the Destiny community, and presenting viewers of the live broadcast with a new trailer for the raid, The King’s Fall, and confirming that the raid will be available to play on friday September 18.

The Taken King will release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 on September 15. Bungie have yet to make the stream available to watch, but you can view the previous streams on Bungie’s Twitch channel, and make sure to check out my thoughts on the previous reveals; Bungie strikes the Dreadnaught in latest Twitch reveal and It’s all change as Destiny heads into year two.

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