Crackdown 2 developers, and Microsoft have been teasing an announcement this weekend

Crackdown 3

Remember may last year when the XboxOne was revealed to the world? The eagle eye’d out there may have noticed the image of a Crackdown orb on one of the XboxOne’s Dashboard Panels, which struck rumors of a third Crackdown coming to XboxOne. Well, this weekend has seen Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, and Larry Hryb, along with Crackdown 2 Developers, Ruffian Games tweeting about an announcement coming later today.

Phil Spencer tweeted, “Personally going to be a good day tomorrow, looking forward to a games announce coming early in the morning, fun part of the job.W

Which was then followed by Larry Hryb, XboxLive director of programming’s tweet saying, ”
Looks like I’ve got a a busy morning coming up tomorrow :)”

Then the studio behind Crackdown 2 declared that it “feels like a good day for announcements” in a tweet this morning.

As soon as anything is confirmed we’ll be sure to bring you the scoop on what MS and Ruffian have announced.