Crackdown 3 delayed to 2018

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Microsoft Studios have announced that the long awaited, and Xbox One X launch title, Crackdown 3 will be delayed until 2018, to ensure that “We can make sure we deliver all the awesome that Crackdown fans want” said Shannon Loftis, Microsoft Studios Publishing General Manager, on Twitter.

She also followed that tweet with another, stating “To clarify: the entire game is moving to Spring 2018. It’s super ambitious, and we want to make sure the game delivers.”

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox also tweeted his disappointment, clearly indicating that in its current form Crackdown 3 still needs work to bring it to “the level of quality fans deserve”.

Whilst clearly disappointing news to hear, I would rather have a fully working, high quality Crackdown game to play than a broken, mess of a game early. Rumours that all was not well with the game surfaced at E3 this year, with no multiplayer seen or heard from at the show.

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  • Keltic Devil

    While this is disappointing, I do want the game to be the best that it can be. And I guarantee it was the multi-player that wasn’t finished yet, as there had been rumors the game may ship with only single player with the multiplayer coming later.

    But overall, the person in charge of 1st party studios (Shannon Loftis) has done a terrible job this generation. I think Phil Spencer is great, but he needs to put someone else in charge. It’s embarrassing we don’t have another Fable game by now. They need to spend more time & money creating studios that will keep games in the Xbox universe. No Banjo or Perfect Dark yet this generation. They need to get Playground Games to be a first party studio. Why haven’t they purchased IO Interactive? Go work with UbiSoft to get another Splinter Cell exclusive. Create an Age Of Empires games for consoles. Etc.

    They have the IP’s, but they refuse to do anything with them. It’s frustrating. And then when they do, games like Scalebound (which looked like trash to me), Fable Legends (also looked like trash & nobody wanted it), & now Crackdown have issues. Even after Quantum Break, they let Remedy out the door now.

    I LOVE my Xbox, but Phil & his team need to get their $@?! together.

  • Adrian Garlike

    I think the current Xbox team are still feeling the pain from the previous incumbents, and their lack of drive on the first party situation. These games don’t just get made in a 1-2 year cycle, although Phil was in charge of MS Studios during this time, so there is blame to be had there.
    As I said, I would rather a great delayed game, than a poor game released on time.