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Finally it has launched, but despite being a free movie and tv streaming service for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers – just don’t expect the content to rival anything that Netflix and LOVEFiLM provide for a premium.

Crackle describes itself as the place to experience pure entertainment: full-length movies, TV shows, and original series from genres that embody cool – all uncut, uncensored, and unbelievably free. It is one of the fastest growing entertainment destinations today, featuring only the genres you love; comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, horror – anywhere you are. Crackle was created in the summer of 2007 out of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s studio lot in Los Angeles, CA.

It is a 75.34mb download and is available right now on your Xbox 360 console.

EDIT: Please note that it seems the App on Xbox LIVE on it’s launch day is experiencing loading issues. Our guess is more than likely server problems due to the demand. Hopefully it will all be sorted out by Crackle very soon.

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  1. It is saying server unavailable ?? is it like that for everyone ? please respond :S

  2. yep same here too

  3. yep me too

  4. Same here

  5. How they gonna release the app with the server not working!!!

  6. I got it to work after about three tries, it looks like it's shutting down due to server issues. I expect they never planned for an overwhelming increase in server usage… I was hoping to watch StreetFighter !!

  7. I've been tryin for the last 7hrs..ofcourse it would be an overwhelming demand. People bee waiting for a free movie tv app I've been on live now for 3yrs and its getting to exspensive. You have to pay for the gold membership..points..the games..bout time they released something we didn't have to pay for..but ofcourse it would mess up..and probably not workand they rid us of it

  8. Gay as fuck!

  9. what a waste of 75 mb on my harddrive!

  10. server unavailable, my ass come on, this is gay, why release sumthing knowing that isnt gonna work, thank for netflix and laptops now, at least we can sign up and watch it through our laptops

  11. Yea man same here and when the tries to play all i get is a black screen

  12. It is lame, it is due to overwheming responce to the fact NETFLIX charges too much and HULU is full of commericals despite you paying for the service. It is not worth your time UNTIL they fix it.

  13. I watched 'The Toy' from the beginning but had to switch it off. I continued it the following night but fell asleep and now it won't load. All I know is they best be working when the wife goes out this weekend as I have Wild Things set up and a free pair of Denise Richards boobs is nothing to be sneezed at. 😉

  14. Works for me,make sure you have the latest software update too.

  15. this app sucks nothing but really old movies and only 78 titles in australia compared to the 200 plus titles in america and our titles wont play well the ones you wanna watch like Underworld or baron munchausen or werewolf i just deleted the app and would rather give my money to zune or just go to the video store or even better just stream off some streaming site on pc and no not crackle personally i think this app should be only on ps3 cause it sucks and xbox is a entertainment system and crackle is not entertaining

  16. It’s my 2nd most hated app 🙂 – for me it loads a movie then completely stops after a few minutes and crashes. It may be free, but no bastard can watch anything!

  17. I can get onto crackle on my x box, but it's movies that don't work. I really want to watch underworld, but it won't play.

  18. Ive given up with Crackle now, works better on their website, but an awful App on the Xbox 360

  19. I highly doubt that all these things would be free without a catch

  20. works great for me

  21. then you're one of the lucky ones haha

  22. just added crackle on xbox not a problem now watching a very funnt cheech & chong lol

  23. where do i enter the code?

  24. This is done on purpose people! Do you really think well educated people over in the Silicon Valley can't put something together? They don't want it to work so you keep using Netflix. Wake up you kettle population and damand justice, your girlfriend won't do it for you!

  25. only free app I’ve found for free, full screen movies yet, must deal with multiple back-to-back advertisements interrupting movie every 10-15 mins….sooo annoying

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