Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation finally launches

This generation of consoles has left little to fight over with many of the gaming audience deciding on platform choice by loyalty, variety of exclusives or the platform that their friends are playing on – so why don’t PlayStation and Microsoft play nicely and let us all play together via cross-platform?

While it may be a long road ahead for full cross-platform play, a huge step has been made today with Epic Games’ Fortnite appearing to open cross-platform play. The soft launch was first noted on Reddit – seemingly – Xbox gamertags were appearing for PS4 players.

So what gives? Why hasn’t there been a huge song and a dance about this historical moment in gaming? Is it a glitch, or even a test? Answers on a postcard… in the meantime keep everything crossed that the gaming gods have finally granted us the cross-platform play that many of us have desired for years.

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