Crysis 3 Review

Crysis 3 Review


The question is – “what are you prepared to sacrifice?” and so an introduction into the being of the Prophet commences. A character in which you take on the role of a man in a Nanosuit as he returns to New York twenty-four years after the events in Crysis 2. Deep, almost emotionally confused yet powerful enough to throw himself into the firing line of many an enemy, the Prophet is a hero that all therein should trust. Being able to spot enemy Intel from behind walls, an ability to hack and cloak himself from being revealed are just a few tricks the Prophet has up his sleeves, but his journey through the New York urban forest is painstakingly cringe-worthy. A character with presence and mighty strength with the traits of a modern day Superhero is left to wander through the grass like a lamb to the slaughter.  One heck of a man, one sadly average campaign – welcome to Crysis 3

It is likely that by the time you are more than half-way through the campaign of Crysis 3 your ears will either be bleeding from the annoyance of another character named ‘Psycho’ calling out instructions or assistances with every turn you take, or you just can’t take any more of the dull stealthy sequences in your exploration. Psycho has been present within all three of the Crysis games (albeit just a flashback in Crysis 2) and is a former SAS Operative, now aging but with a great amount of trust and belief for the Prophet, they both embark on a series of missions that will uncover the real truth behind a military organisation known as CELL who have installed giant Nanodomes across the city. The Prophet was also a man otherwise known as Alcatraz who shot himself in the head, and his body is now encased within a Nanosuit including all its memories and personality stored within it which in some scenes past memories are played back in the form of video’s – it’s totally odd! For those gamers who experienced the events of Crysis 2, you’re basically the same character which has been brought back from the dead and given a new name. Modern technology can really surprise you!


The story and plot itself within Crysis 3 is really quite been-and-done-it-before with a typical line of military organisation plans for world domination and riddled with corruption crap – we’ve been here before in many games, time after time after time, played the game, bought the t-shirt e.t.c and whilst Crysis 3 does feature a hell of a lot of corruption with the odd twist, it just doesn’t leave you satisfied and it really is nothing all that great as for the majority of the time you feel like a guy who has to remain invisible and creep around everywhere. It gets tedious and the whole greatness of being such a huge character with so many possibilities as you are for the most part just helpless. Relying on the dropped guns of an enemy to get you by, stealthily applying your invisible cloak to sneak past into elevators, hack turrets and hide behind doorways, tip-toe through the rough jungle-like terrains, but all the action and excitement is missing from what you would expect to be a great first-person-shooter. You’re not kept on the edge of your seat, you’re not waiting for the suspense of what could happen next and you most definitely feel a little disappointed that it’s just a game you can run through with an invisible cloak on.

Whilst it is a shame that Crysis 3 is basically an average story with pretty average characters except for the Prophet – the beauty of the environments and attention to detail in the technology of the game is outstanding. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I was expecting something much better to play, but I was surprised at how good the game looked whilst playing it. The lush green forest and tech-filled urban landscapes draw you into the futuristic world of CELL technology and it really shows how the Crytek Cryengine 3 can render an absolute world of distinctive detail. By the visual style I was simply put – blown away! I do not want you to be under the impression that Crysis 3 is mostly un-enjoyable as it is indeed very playable, but lacking in anything that can keep you hooked and interested rather than playing for playing sake because everything looks and feels so attractive – it’s visually inviting, but when you get down to the nitty gritty of the gameplay it’s just hide-and-seek!


Crysis 3 also features a favourable roster of Multiplayer modes to keep your interest hooked online for a lot longer than the solo campaign. A great deal of work looks like it has gone into this title to make sure you do very much enjoy an online experience with multiplayer supporting up to twelve players simultaneously.  If you’re one of those players that rarely ever plays a campaign because you just want to play a team based match online with your friends – then I am happy to say that Crysis 3 is worth it for the multiplayer alone and is as visually striking in detail as the campaign – meaning you are in for a decent shoot-out on some truly spectacular looking maps. There are twelve maps included on disc which each have had the overgrown New York jungle combined futuristic feel and you get to storm the enemy on an an Airport, Brooklyn Bridge, a Museum, a Hydro Dam, Skyline and a China Town as just a handful of some of the best maps on offer.

For matchmaking you can jump straight into a quick match or choose from Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch (you must know how they work by now!). As well as Hunter which is a round based survival mode where CELL operative’s must survive the Hunter attack, Crash Site which is a form of Headquarters capture and defend game-type, Assault that puts you into another round based mode only this time those in Nanosuits download data from varied terminals and defend standard soldiers. There are also ‘Developers Choice’ playlists which are always updated by Crytek who change the rules and the maps – play other modes with or without the Nanosuit, or hop into a Medley which is a mixture of all game modes in one playlist.


Customisation options online are similar to the Call of Duty effect in which you can view your Service Record, edit a Clan Tag, change your Dog Tag image from unlockables to flags, and participate in challenges in the form of Skill Assessments that each in turn unlock items or upgradable equipment. Class customisation is unlocked only when you reach a Rank of Level 5 and here you can customise your loadout and technology enhancements in more detail.

Additionally, there are plenty of varied game types and matchmaking options to keep the online matchmaking aspect of Crysis 3 alive for months on end. You are not likely to get bored of Crysis 3 online considering all that is available without requiring an online pass. Despite a campaign mode that is give-or-take on the enjoyment levels, the whole game is designed and presented very well. Crysis 3 is a pretty solid and decent shooter, but I think the expectations that a gamer might have for this to be something really gripping and highly out of this world is going to lead to a lot of let-downs. This game is at best just something pretty average as a solo experience, but the online options and gameplay features in matchmaking is where Crysis 3 saves itself from an overall total let down.

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