Cubot: The Complexity of Simplicity review

Minimalistic, strong, vibrant graphic design makes Cubot a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game. Suited to smart phones, the cube puzzler works just as well on console and shouldn’t be dismissed just because it can be found on various smart phone stores and at £1.59 it’s only a fraction more expensive on console, unlike some other mobile games that have made the jump.


Each shaped board is split into a grid – one roll equals one turn. The aim is to get the coloured blocks onto their matching squares in as fewer moves as possible. Each level has a score to match and aiming for this is the only reason you might want to replay the game – a full 1,000 gamerscore can be earned by simply completing all 80 levels, which are split over 10 episodes.


Each of the coloured cubes move in different ways. Blue moves one square at a time, red goes two at a time and green… well this one is a devilish little cube that moves in the opposite direction to all the others. It’s easy to juggle the puzzles with just the red and blue cubes, even when switches and teleports are introduced, but when green enters the fray things start to get tricky, twisting my perception of which direction I needed to go in and demanding that I concentrate properly. Luckily there is an undo button for those accidental moves.


Cubot is a fun puzzler, the difficulty ramps up nicely and after you think you have nailed the movement of the green cube, a purple cube joins in that reacts in the same way as the green and red cubes combined! Soon after, a magnetic orange cube joins in that will only move once it has stuck to an adjacent cube – can you keep up with all these coloured cubes and how they move? You had better… the levels get damn tricky towards the end of the game and they will keep you scratching your head and experimenting with moves for what seems like hours. The only question is whether you give up and pay for a solution using your accrued points or look at YouTube for the answer. The last level in particular is really devious, go on… resist not using the solution or YouTube to solve it… I bet you can’t!

Cubot is an awesome little puzzler – download it now.

Thanks to Nicoplv Games for their support

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