Curve Digital bringing 10 seconds of Ninja to Xbox One


Who remembers playing a simple martial arts based game on the old 8 bit home computers called Bruce Lee? If you did, imagine being given just 10 seconds to complete every screen that you had to finish? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then my advice would be to simply watch the video at the foot of this post as Curve Digital are bringing the ninja back to platforming.

They’ve revealed that they are to publish Four Circle Interactive’s 10 Second Ninja X to consoles this summer. This rapid-strike high-speed platformer will give you just 10 frustratingly fast-expiring seconds to complete each of 60 brand new levels plus the original 40 levels from 10 Second Ninja Remastered. That’s right, 100 levels, 10 seconds each.

I foresee a whole heap of frustrated controller crushing in the months ahead.

10 Second Ninja X is heading for a Summer 2016 release so far, so here’s that trailer I mentioned.

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