Customise your Rugby 15 cover


Rugby, the game at school that you were forced to play in the driving sleet because your P.E. teacher was a sadist.

With the imminent release of Big Ben Interactive and HB Studios, Rugby 15 on the 23rd January, you will now have the opportunity to download a ready-made cover featuring your favourite Premiership Rugby team.

How can you get your hands on this goodness? Well I’m glad you asked. Simply visit the Rugby 15 custom covers link here, and pick your favourite team. The resulting download will be a PDF of the cover that you can print out at your leisure.

You’ll also get a mobile wallpaper of that team in 3 sizes for various mobile handset sizes.

If egg-chasing is your thing, is this something you can really afford to miss?

Rugby 15 is released on the 23rd of January.

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