Dare to be Digital winning game released for Windows Phone


Starcrossed, one of the winning games from Dare to be Digital 2012, has now been commercially released for Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace.

Created by Kind of a Big Deal, the game featured in the ‘Featured’, ‘Top Paid’ and ‘New+Rising’ categories of the Windows Phone Marketplace upon its release, a huge achievement given the Finnish team entered Dare to be Digital as first year students.

Kimi Sulopuisto from Kind of a Big Deal said:

We’re delighted that Starcrossed has now been released for Windows Phone, just a few months after we complete Dare to be Digital and received our BAFTA nomination. To be the quickest Dare game ever to hit a full commercial release is incredible, as is getting featured as a top game on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Taking part in Dare to be Digital has really changed our lives.I’d absolutely encourage anyone looking to make their own games to enter Dare to be Digital – you’ve nothing to lose, and you could win so much.

Starcrossed is a whimsical 2D platformer game where you guide a crash-landed astronaut back to his home planet, using a rocket launcher to send him flying through space from one asteroid to another.

Gravity plays a pivotal role as it will affect the astronaut’s movement. Temperature is also important: be careful not to expose the astronaut to the burning heat of the sun or the freezing conditions of outer space for too long!

Kind of a Big Deal were supported to take part in Dare to be Digital 2012 by the Scottish Government as this year’s Nordic competitor, as were the Chinese and Indian teams. The team comprised of four Finnish students and a third year Scottish ambassador from Abertay University.

Starcrossed can be downloaded for Windows Phone from here.

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