Day One Edition Kinect Sports Rivals Not Happening – Game Delayed Until 2014

kinect sports rivals day one

Rare’s Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One was meant to be a launch title and have it’s own limited Day One Edition with exclusive content this Fall. Shit happens as they say and well – you’re just shit out of luck as it’s been confirmed that the game will be released in 2014. Pushed back for the good ‘ol excuse of “polishing”.

Confirmed to Polygon by Microsoft:

A Microsoft representative confirmed the delay to Polygon, saying that the game was pushed back so developer Rare had extra time to polish the title and release Kinect Sports Rivals without compromising the game’s quality. The Xbox One game will be playable for the first time at PAX Prime and Gamescom in August.

If we were to add a little speculation to this it wouldn’t surprise us if due to Microsoft’s change of direction with “always online” the game probably needs to be recoded and tweaked for offline play.

Thanks Polygon

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