Dead Island Riptide Zombie Wedding – Couple Now Married


As a great marketing ploy for Deep Silver’s upcoming sequel to Dead Island with Riptide, last night two people joined in unholy matrimony in the UK’s first wedding to feature a zombie bride and groom. Jennifer Blackmore (nee Jones), 27, was said to have shuffled down the aisle in her tattered wedding dress, to be greeted at the altar by her now husband, Rob Blackmore, 31. The couple were made up to look like the undead creatures normally found shuffling and preying on the living in a Hollywood zombie apocalypse movie.

Over 250 people were in attendence including friends and family who travelled down from Liverpool to see the couple get hitched zombie-style. The unorthodox wedding ceremony took place at One Mayfair in London, which was dressed to look like a Caribbean paradise gone to hell – a theme that runs through the Dead Island series of games. Following the wedding blessing and exchanging of the vows presided over by a zombie priest, the ceremony went on to provide the usual trappings found at a traditional wedding, including: the speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance… but all with a ghoulish zombie twist. Live music was provided by zombified band Mariachi Mexteca, as well as a DJ set from presenter and actress Sarah Chapman.


Dead Island Riptide, goes on sale in the UK this Friday, 26th April 2013. We assume flesh-hungry Suarez didn’t attend?

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