Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel DLC Out Now


dead risign 3 fallen angel

The second part of the Untold Stories for Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 has been made available on Xbox LIVE; Fallen Angel is another story in its own right with extra content, unique playable character and weapon sets. Xbox Wire posted the following information:

Available for $9.99 USD, the new “Dead Rising 3” downloadable episode features an all-new character fighting to keep her group of survivors safe from a sinister government plot while battling the zombie apocalypse. This side story features a new mission and an all-new collection of over-the-top weapons, a new vehicle, a new clothing outfit, Gamerscore and PP (experience points) – all of which carry back to the main game!

Just hit install if you have the Season Pass, or alternatively download the 22mb update to unlock the story from your HDD. It seems all the DLC was part of the recent 13GB mandatory update and you’re buying small unlock files from Xbox LIVE to access it. For gamers now wanting any of the DLC, this 13GB of forced HDD space must be a right pain in the…neck!

Check out the trailer below:

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