Dead Rising 3 Preview

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The time is getting closer with only weeks until the launch of the eagerly awaited Xbox One hardware. For many Dead Rising 3 is the one exclusive that has made them pre-order an Xbox One. But just how well is Capcom’s Xbox One exclusive holding up after getting some hands-on with it?

It’s necessary to start off this preview by mentioning the freedom players are given. It’s been promised that time objectives are a lot less restrictive now. It’s really more about seeing everything on offer. The areas to explore are huge and it wasn’t even possible to scratch the surface during the time spent playing. In fact, it felt more like only a very small area was explored during the time it was played.

This city/suburban setting really makes it seem more than just another remote setting – like with the previous two entries. It’s not just the case of it being another exclusive playground that was eventually overrun by zombies. This is a whole city brought to its knees that is just begging to be explored. The nature of the city landscape means that it’s now easier than ever to make use of any vehicles scattered around. There are a few roadblocks to make players walk on foot in some areas. However, the option to access vehicles easily did make it really useful to get around the are explored more quickly.

The sheer amount of weapons, combos and ultra combos to unlock seems bigger than ever. There’s some truly inventive ways of combining items for devastating attacks. Even more so when given the fact there is now a light and heavy attack. The character can also grab zombies and perform different hand to hand actions. It’s also even possible to combine two vehicles close together or at a mechanic shop. Some of the vehicles combined are real power beasts that will cause some serious mayhem when it comes to facing large groups of zombies.

Everything unlocked is then accessible from clearly marked safe houses spread all over the city. The tradition of insane costumes continues in this new Dead Rising chapter. It;s even better now as the player is given more control over how clothes are changed. It’s begging for players to come up with some truly garish combinations. For example it was possible to get the character, Nick Ramos, into some tights, a skirt, cowboy boots and a sports jacket. Imagine what else is possible when it comes to unlocking more clothing items.

But just how easy is it to control the character and the various moves? It’s never been a better time to jump into Dead Rising. Even aiming guns feels less of a struggle thanks to improved movement controls that makes it simple to shoot targets – regardless of distance. The character moves fairly quickly and is agile enough to climb and fight his way through crowds of zombies. Not that the character felt overpowered since zombies can still grab him inside vehicles. There is a new twist in that shaking the controller will result zombies being pushed away. It’s a simple mechanic but one that could possibly rid of button quick time events. What is fascinating is that the Kinect sensor recognises this move and it works really well.

Capcom wasn’t joking when it said the Xbox one hardware made it possible to fulfil its original concept for Dead Rising. The sheer number of zombies on-screen at any point is mesmerising. Even more so as there wasn’t a single instance where the game’s frame rate suffered because of it. It felt satisfying to ram through a crowd a zombies. Especially as the Xbox One’s controller vibration feedback made it possible to feel every instance that a zombie was knocked down. Each vibration gave the sense that the player was really there ramming another hundred or so zombies.

Making use of the item management system was also very simple. It’s just necessary to press a button and swap between items. Although it seemed like there were a lot of slots – it’s necessary to think of the level up system. It contains different paths and each will give different rewards and eventually unlock specialised skills. It seem quite interesting and should mean each player can go about playing in a different manner.

There wasn’t a moment where Dead Rising 3 ceased to amuse. It was non-stop gore and reinforced the idea that this is another quirky take on the zombie apocalypse. There was also some story shown which gave the impression that this adventure will include the biggest cast of characters so far. It should prove interesting as might make it easier for players to feel the need to invest in the story and see what direction it goes.

Dead Rising 3 is certainly one of the more promising launch titles for the next generation. The time spent on it was not only remarkable but also showed that this partnership between Capcom and Microsoft is beneficial for the players. If there is one title worth getting with an Xbox One then Dead Rising 3 is looking like  it. It certainly has the pontifical to become an unforgettable take on the zombie apocalypse that is not to be missed.

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