Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Review

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Capcom Vancouver’s latest survival horror adventure has launched as an exclusive Xbox One title. Dead Rising 3 continues the trend for zombie smashing action and proves that seven years on from the original Xbox 360 game, you still just can’t beat smashing the crap out of a horde of zombies – and no one quite does a horde of zombies like Capcom. To be totally frank, you are not likely to have ever seen a zombie infestation on the scale of what lurks on the streets of Dead Rising 3 with thousands upon thousands after your guts in the biggest Dead Rising open world adventure yet!

Launching on a brand new platform should surely guarantee it’s success on a console that has sold more than one million units already in its first 24 hours at retail, it is the ideal fun smash ‘n’ grab game that ensures you get as much enjoyment as you can for your money without being disappointed by a lack of action, humour or variety of challenges. Due to the stunning nature of next gen visuals and the colossal scale of the open world environments there is a magnitude of gorgeous action packed brutality as you attempt to survive for at least another 72 hours. Just like previous games in the series, Dead Rising 3 is paced over a number of chapters broken down into days and time. Every hour counts and the clock is ticking before a forthcoming military strike is set to wipe out the city and all of its inhabitants – oh the drama! It’s not only your own life on the line, but the other survivors stranded out there. You have a lot resting on those shoulders and a few surprise twists to embrace as the countdown draws to its end.

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The story in this new instalment is set around ten years after the events of Dead Rising 2 (did you pick it up when it was free on Xbox LIVE earlier this year?) which had about six different endings for Fortune City, but Dead Rising 3 takes the player to Los Perdidos, California; a fictional city with very little survivor rates as the hungry zombie infestation spreads its love across the town. Taking on the role of the main protagonist Nick Ramos, (he’s apparently awesome at building things being a Mechanic) the idea is to find and aid the survivors that are still in the living and get to safety before ‘THAT’ military strike hits, wiping out the town whether you’re a zombie or not! Due to the mass-scale open world nature and what looks like a record for the most digital zombies on screen in the world ever, it is easy to forget about the story and just focus your efforts on your smashing the zombies to bits with every little weapon you can find. It does not feel as serious a plot as Dead Rising or Dead Rising 2 because it is all about the exploration and kill count, which certainly isn’t a disappointment in any form. It is basically about getting from A to B and killing as many as you can in the middle of it, though relying on the cut scenes to fill you in on the point in time you’re currently at to lead you from one mission to another.

A lack of a decent story in Dead Rising 3, other than ploughing through a survival against all the odds missions set has meant it appears dumbed-down a little, and a little less engaging than its predecessors . On the flip side, because Dead Rising 3 is more ‘arcade’ style in its gameplay presentation it definitely feels like the open world is now a centre piece for more fun and havoc than ever before in Dead Rising. Split into Main Missions and Side Missions, the Main Missions are more about progression to other areas within the city whilst Side Missions are aiding survivors, exploring other areas you may miss and finding objects. Completing Side Missions will bump up the completion timescale period and earn you some all-important PP points which allow you to Level up your character and earn some nifty Attribute Points. This is where it all goes a little RPG-esque since Attribute Points can be spent on how you develop your characters skills in the options menu allowing you to upgrade Life, Inventory, Agility, many others, but most importantly Combo Categories – so that you can build all kinds of amazing and randomly weird weapons. Not only that but you can combine vehicles to create Combo Vehicles which can mow down a horde in the most insane ways. Usually, combining something speedy with something massively heavy will give you the ULTIMATE zombie killing-machine on the open roads.

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With weapons in general and your combo and super combo’s (the even more insanely powerful kind), each has their own style and special ability attached which can be launched once you’ve killed enough of the undead. You can easily knock up some decent weaponry using a Cross Bow with some Candles, or even with an Afro Wig and some Dynamite – the imaginative ways of killing en-masse doesn’t stop there, but you will need to find Blueprints scattered throughout the environments before combining any two objects. The same works with vehicles, if you can locate the Blueprints you could be cruising down the street in a RollerHawg in not time by combining a Steam Roller with a MotorCycle and just watch the splatters of blood spill and splash as you casually drive on to your next location marker!

There is never a dull moment in Dead Rising 3 and the objectives whilst mostly straight forward are a matter of getting from one location to the next in one piece. It is really quite imaginative with the weapon combo’s, vehicle combo’s and some frantic moments of escaping what appears a never ending mass of zombies. There are zombies EVERYWHERE, and not as in just everywhere, but I mean absolutely totally unmissably everywhere imaginable except the crack of your arse.  Next gen capabilities for Dead Rising 3 absolutely allows for bigger environments, more on screen zombies than ever thought possible and the icing on the cake has to be its impressive visual quality. With the Xbox One having only just launched, it would be a bit critical at this stage to say that visuals do not impress – whilst they aren’t ‘Jaw Dropping’, they are sharp with some heavily detailed set pieces spread throughout. At times there were noticeable flaws that included getting stuck for short times behind vehicles during some really manic moments, but this was all very minor issues.

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In terms of longevity, you will have endless hours of fun just smashing, mowing and brutally attacking zombies all over the town. Added Multiplayer comes in the form of co-operative gameplay for up to two players who can share the fun too. It’s easily adaptable from the options where you can choose your Play Style from a Single Player experience, or from Speed Run, Casual, Hardcore and Completionist. What you select here will help best match the other players who will be able to drop in and out of your current game. Two players also get to share riding around in vehicles and enjoy the scenes of horror at every given corner of Los Perdidos. It’s a game made for multiplayer mayhem doubled up as a complete over-the-top action packed zombie splatter spree that is both entertaining and an amazing launch game for the Xbox One. Everyone should at least own this because it doesn’t disappoint – it is incredible.

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