Dead Rising 4 becomes Xbox One X Enhanced on December 5th

Dead Rising 4 has now officially joined the list of games that are Xbox One X enhanced. In an interview that you can find on Xbox Wire, Geoff Coates, Art Director at Capcom has stated;

“The team was already working on bringing our new Capcom Heroes game mode to Dead Rising 4 and we had a list of things that we wanted to bring to the game after its launch that has been crafted in consultation with our passionate fan base. While working on these additions, we wanted to make our update to support the Xbox One X something special. It went beyond just being able to render more zombies. We wanted to push the visual quality and performance of Dead Rising 4 beyond anything the series has seen so far.”

“This is particularly important in Capcom Heroes. The all-new game mode that is coming free to all owners of Dead Rising 4 on December 5 allows players a new way to play the game. In Capcom Heroes, Frank West can don the costumes and abilities of some of Capcom’s greatest characters. Power-up Frank as he becomes X from the Mega Man series, Dante from Devil May Cry, Street Fighter’s Ryu, Adam the Clown from the very first Dead Rising game and many more!

When working on improving the game for the Xbox One X, our team’s focus was on higher resolution textures for a crisper look, and extending the LOD distance while maintaining framerate. One of the big challenges in making an open world game (and an open world game that’s set during the daytime in many cases) is the distance a player can see. We wanted to maintain the quality of the art as far back in the shot as we could.

Another big improvement to Dead Rising 4 with the now released Xbox One X update was improvements to anti-aliasing. There were some assets that no matter what we did, we couldn’t eliminate a subtle ‘buzzing’ of pixels along the edges. With Xbox One X’s rendering, those problems were immediately eliminated. The overall effect on the quality of the image was immediate.

Everyone here at Capcom Vancouver is having an absolute blast working with the Xbox One X, as well as playing the great games already released and coming soon. We’re so excited to be updating Dead Rising 4 for this killer new hardware and bringing Capcom Heroes to our fans and we can’t wait for you to jump back into the game again and experience it anew in its Xbox One X updated glory.”