Dead Rising 4’s ‘true ending’ is paid DLC

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Dead Rising 4, with the voice actor changes and the removal of the limit being but two of them. However, the DLC Capcom announced prior to release sounded like a promising compromise, offering the time limit in a standalone DLC called Frank Rising. Unfortunately though, fans are once again up in arms now having completed Dead Rising 4 and seen the ending.

Warning, spoiler ahead!


Chapter 6 of Dead Rising 4 surprised fans by ending the game, leaving out the traditional ‘overtime’ mode that serves as a seventh chapter. It turns out Frank Rising is that missing chapter, and will be available soon as paid DLC.

Changes to the Dead Rising formula are an expected part of the series’ evolution, but it certainly feels anti-consumer to lock away a part of the game that’s traditionally included as part of the main experience behind a pay wall.

The DLC is yet to be release, so there’s still time for Capcom to perhaps make it free and alleviate some of the bad taste fans are suffering, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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