Dead Space: Liberation – Prequel To the Events of Dead Space 3 Out Now

Dead Space: Liberation – Prequel To the Events of Dead Space 3 Out Now


The Dead Space gaming franchise is a popular beast, spanning a trilogy of hit video-games and a popular collection of graphic novels to compliment the thrilling plot-lines of the spine tingling gaming series. Having recently published ‘The Art of Dead Space’ Titan Books also follow in the Dead Space published series of graphic novels with the newly released ‘Dead Space: Liberation’.

Penned by Ian Edgington, one of the UK’s top comic writers having worked with virtually every major comic company during his career, and producing spin-offs for Aliens and Terminator – ‘Dead Space: Liberation’ acts as a prequel to the events of Visceral Games, Dead Space 3 video-game. The graphic novel reveals even greater secrets of the power of the Markers and their threat to the human-race as they transform humans into the terrifying Necromorph species.

‘Dead Space: Liberation’ was illustrated by the award winning artist Christopher Shy, who also produced the art work for the graphic novel ‘Dead Space: Salvage’ which was released in 2010. This graphic novel was set between the events of ‘Dead Space’ the video game and ‘Dead Space: Aftermath’ the animated short film. If you are a collector of these fine and beautifully detailed graphic novels, then Liberation should most definitely be on your ‘must-buy’ list as it enhances the story from the Dead Space 3 and defines the ultimate battle between man-kind and the Necromorphs through the character of John Carver.


The story takes you to the planet Uxor, where Earthgov Sergeant John Carver from Dead Space 3, is caught up in events beyond his control when religious fanatics attack the alien Marker site where his wife works. Racing to rescue his family, Carver is forced to band together with Ellie Langford – a survivor of an earlier Necromorph outbreak, and the highly trained Captain Robert Norton. Together they unlock deep and forgotten secrets about the Markers in an epic and spectacularly illustrated race against time.

For any major gaming franchise, written works of fiction aside from the video games can piece up information left untold, or provide an insight into a characters world to explain the purpose of their presence within the game. ‘Dead Space: Liberation’ depicts the dramatic events in Carver’s world leading up to the events you play within Dead Space 3 as you read about his colleagues, family and the lengths he will go to for the sake of saving the human race. If you haven’t ever considered buying a graphic novel before, think about how gripped you are to the story within the video game and maybe all those unanswered questions you might have as to the backstory of new characters and unfinished business – ‘Dead Space: Liberation’ (even if you haven’t even purchased Dead Space 3 yet) will tie up some potential loose ends and make the journey into the frozen planet of Tau Volantis more enlightening and insightful.

As well as publishing ‘Dead Space: Liberation’ this month and ‘The Art of Dead Space’, Titan Books are re-issuing previously released graphic novels ‘Dead Space’ and ‘Dead Space: Salvage’ written by Anthony Johnson, creator of the apocalyptic comic book’s ‘Wasteland and illustrated by Ben Templesmith and Christopher Shy, respectively.


‘Dead Space’ the graphic novel was first released in 2008 and covers the unearthing of an alien Marker where a Necromorph threat had long remained dormant. Whilst, ‘Dead Space: Salvage’ follows on from the events of the original Dead Space video game and details the story of a group of freelance miners who find the abandoned USG Ishimura in deep space. Soon turning their once-fortunate luck into a catastrophe – the Earth Government is racing to reclaim the ship whilst an army of Necromorphs are wreaking havoc on board!

Each and every one of the graphic novels associated with the Dead Space franchise is a gripping tale of survival and hope in their own right; a great addition to the Dead Space universe that will piece together some of the plot-lines from the games and give reasoning to mystery characters backstories you might have often wondered about?

Why not step aside from the Dead Space video games and purchase the graphic novels from the Titan Books website (or other online retailers) and further build your knowledge of the Dead Space universe and learn all there is to know about Carver and the Markers that threaten humanity?