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Deadpool is a third person comic style action game that features the Superhero from hell. A crude, loud mouthed, high pitched spider-man-esque ninja bloke! Deadpools mentally unstable character is not unintentional as the videogame portrays Marvel Comic’s character pretty well. He’s humorous, inappropriate and highly strung… possibly hung too with the size of the bulge on screen and often zoomed in with the games’ many bad camera angles! Now, you don’t get that in the comics!

One of the elements of Deadpool that I do like is how the game tries to be something very different, not that it’s winning any ‘Game of the Year’ awards on a massive scale as it is not as “AWESOME” as it tries to be or implants into your psyche – but the level of humour and entertaining narrative is really what makes the game full stop. Everything else centered on the gameplay is nothing more than average. If I try to imagine playing Deadpool on mute or without the funny one-liners in my ear, it would just be a completely average run of the mill action game. With Deadpool himself directly interacting with the player at random intervals only adds to the comedy value where if the camera drops, he’ll ask you to be more careful. If you wonder around his flat, he’ll shit to order and interact with random objects at your request. I did not find the gameplay as enjoying as the character – Deadpool himself as a character totally outshines the game itself.

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The campaign story itself is all about Deadpool wanting to star in his very own videogame. You’re playing a character who wants to feature as a protagonist in his very own game and to make it happen – Deadpool goes about trying to capture the developers at High Moon Studio’s (who developed the actual game for retail). Following parts of a script, you battle it out through chapter to chapter and meet other Marvel Comic characters along the journey. Wolverine makes a cameo, Vertigo and many others you might be familiar with if you’re a fan of the Marvel Comics superheroes. If you’re unfamiliar with them and you’re not a great fan of what Marvel churn out they’ll just look like over-dressed baddies with special powers hindering or sometimes aiding your progress. It’s not a game that takes itself too seriously and is better described as an outrageous comedy that will definitely make you laugh out loud! In particular with the Marvel Comics characters when you meet Cable, (from the New Mutants) a song with lyrics “…who the fuck is that…” plays and an Achievement unlocks – it was as if the game had just read my mind!

Since by now you have realised that Deadpool is a pretty damn amazing comedy with a hilarious script and an OTT action hero who really shouldn’t be let loose with a weapon, but does his best! Gameplay wise it’s nothing special in that department looking more scenic for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as you seem to spend a lot of time looking at and lurking around city drains and sewer type chapters. It’s overfilled with situations that just require you to walk a bit further and use your weapons to shoot a few enemies or swipe your blades at them, job done, rinse and repeat as necessary. It can get repetitive and despite being a really funny game with the odd talking taco, there’s nothing to really hook you into it. It’s a quick comedy run just for the fun of it. The game feels a little cheap with noticeable flaws here and there – especially with the camera and bad angle views consistently, but few twiddles with the right stick can sort it out swiftly.

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Adding more depth to the reasoning of progression comes by the way of weapon upgrades, much like the system in place for other action cross hack and slash titles where by the earning of points can give you rewards. Rewards in turn better your weapon with upgrades that will allow you produce much stronger attack and defence mechanisms depending upon your choice of weapon improvement. You can spend your points on shotguns and futuristic rifles, blades that vary balance between combo’s and kills, as well as Player Upgrades than can improve health, ammo, damage and invincibility – amongst others. You can choose to upgrade weapons on the fly as well as switch between then and use other gadgets for killing enemies such as grenades, bear traps and even landmines. Enemies vary in difficultly, but can often come at you in hordes – so a mix and match of weapons and appropriate learning of in-game combos will offer you the best chance of survival. A nice touch is an enemy lock-on with the LT button. Should you purchase Deadpool never forget this feature, it will become a useful tool for overhead enemies more than any other. All in all the general combat aspect of Deadpool works really well as it’s fast paced and borders on button-mashing with intervals of enemies who come in their hordes. If it’s all too much, you can choose your difficulty settings.

I haven’t even talked about all the tits in it until now, there’s plenty for Deadpool to drool over, but imagining tweaking the nipples of a dead woman as she lays there with a pole through her torso, is that really all that funny? Visually though, the characters, environments are all well designed and graphically better than your average game. The game doesn’t push the boundaries with environmental backdrops that will leave you speechless, but it’s definitely a consistent futuristic, comic style city that looks quite good. It’s just once more a shame the gameplay and all the action wasn’t a little more interesting. Deadpool certainly is an enjoyable game, but only for its humour and the underdog Superhero Deadpool himself. It’s been superbly written with some fantastic comedy moments that will have you in stitches. It’s a game that should be played for its slapstick comedy alone.

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Deadpool is a fun game to play when not taken seriously. If you’re looking for an engaging and gripping adventure this is not it. If you are looking for a laugh and an entertaining game where you can forgive the repetitive gameplay due to its eccentric dialogue and amusing character traits – then give Deadpool a whirl!

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