Defiance Requires 20GB HDD Space for Gameplay and DLC


The online open world shooter, Defiance, will launch globally on April 2nd this year and is claimed to be a one-of-a-kind transmedia experience, based on the SyFy show set to air mid-April. We sure hope you have an extra 20GB of space floating around on your console HDD as for the full experience you are likely going to need it.

Based on information from PixelEnemy and Electronic Theatre at least 10GB of HDD space is required before you can play the game, despite only reserving 5.3GB for the game. The difference is said to be needed for updates and patches after release, with the first five DLC expansion packs weighing in at a hefty additional 10GB in total.

So, just to clarify – Defiance launches on April 2nd, requires 10GB just to play the game and another 10GB if you were to continue with all the expansions and DLC racking up a 20GB HDD usage. This is not likely to be a problem for those with the 250GB HDD and above, and for those with the 4GB memory consoles you will be able to store all of this required space on a USB memory stick. The Xbox 360 console allows for 32GB to be allocated for console data regardless of higher capacity.

Thanks: NewsForShoppers

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