Demonic VR puzzle shooter takes aim for PSVR

“Imagine Clint Eastwood staring down a tank on a dusty western street. What kind of deal with the devil would it take to even those odds?”

This is the sentiment behind Catch & Release’s newest title, Cold Iron, a game that is dubbed as “the world’s first VR puzzle shooter”. Launching January 30, 2018, the puzzle shooter is aiming for creating an experience that combines the intensity of Cuphead’s boss battles, the aesthetics of Red Dead Redemption and the magic and mystery of The Dark Tower – sounds like quite the tall order – and one that has my interest piqued.

With ‘film-quality’ voice acting and a story that twists and turns, Catch & Release promise that Cold Iron’s every duel is unique with secrets and challenges to best in order to unlock an additional ‘special’ duel. Best of all is that this VR shooter won’t be the usual fare of wave based VR shooting that the platform has become synonymous with.

Check out a sneak peak of Cold Iron in the teaser trailer below.