Descenders descends onto Xbox Game Preview tomorrow

Procedurally generated downhill mountain bike game, Descenders, will finally unleash upon Xbox Game Preview tomorrow – Tuesday May 15 – and boy is it fun.

Set across several locations, you must make your way downhill, over or around numerous obstacles and jumps without crashing. Crash and not only will you reset to the last checkpoint, but you will also lose a life. Lose all your lives and it’s game over. All is not lost though. Each time you choose a course from the map – that spiders out across each region – you are set a bonus objective. Complete the objective and you gain a life.

Nail tricks on your descent and get rewarded with rep. Gain enough rep and you will get a new crew member, which is essentially a buff to your career, lasting until you run out of lives. The objective of each area is to reach the boss jump – an intense leap of madness. Nail this and you move on to the next region. All this – and more – awaits you on the mountainside of Descenders.

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