Destiny emotes coming tomorrow

Destiny emotes coming tomorrow

Bungie recently announced that they will be offering 18 brand new emotes, available to purchase from the new Eververse Trading Co. for a brand new currency called Silver.

Silver will work in the same way as Crowns in Elder Scrolls Online, and will cost real world money to purchase items from the Eververse Trading Co. It is not yet known what the conversion rate will be, and we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. However, when the new Eververse Trading Co. opens its doors, each Guardian will receive some free Silver so they can purchase a new emote or two.

The Eververse Trading Co. harks the return of Tess Everis, who previously was responsible for delivering special items via the Special Orders booth in the Tower, such as shaders and emblems. Many Guardians were shocked to hear that she had been replaced by a kiosk, but are now relieved to hear of her return.

Several high profile YouTube and Twitch personalities were lucky enough to receive packages from Tess Everis, granting them early access to five new emotes, and in true YouTube and Twitch fashion, have released videos showcasing each set of five they received.

Check out each of the videos below to view just a few of the new emotes coming to Destiny.

Arekkz Gaming:


Mesa Sean:


Planet Destiny: