Destiny expansion II: House of wolves

house of wolves

During the brief time we spent on the new social space called the Reef, we saw a lot of new and exciting things that will soon be available to us. It appears to work like the tower, you still have a vault and a bounty vendor but new things as well!

There’s all-new queens wrath bounties and a new story handled by Petra Venj, A Fallen vendor – Variks warden of the prison of elders who will supply us with new gear and Brother Vance – handler of the trials of Osiris.


There is no raid this time, but there is a co-op arena called prison of elders, which may possibly be as hard as a raid, and a crucible event known as the Trials Of Osiris. The trials will be a weekly competitive event and will run Friday-Tuesday.

The most important news that came out of  the latest destiny stream, was that you’ll be able to upgrade any legendary or exotic weapon or armor to the highest level with a new upgrade path that Bungie is calling “Ascend.”

This will mean taking your most loved guns to 365 damage (yes. Mythoclast! YES!) and your armor to the highest light and defence cap so you will max out at level 34. You will get to keep all of your unlocked perks for your guns and armor too. This can all be done with something called ‘Etheric Light’, I’m not sure how to get it just yet but I’m sure we will find out in the coming streams.


Another feature that only seemed to be available on the new House of Wolves guns, was an option to reforge, it appears to work the same way Lord Saladin does it during the iron banner events except you can do as much as you like providing you have the materials available.

Also all of your ‘old’ raid gear will NOT be useless and outdated, these too can be upgraded to the max defence and light cap. This will mean seeing a lot more maxed out players that all look different, how exciting to see new maxed out armor combos! (I prefer my maxed out iron banner titan with the helm of inmost light).

Xur will no longer be required to do any exotic upgrades but it looks like you will still need the exotic shards that he will be supplying. This will not restart your perks progress! (Happy days).

You can now use the Speaker as a new means of material exchanging, he will take your ascendant and radiant materials, glimmer and motes of light on a one-for-one exchange. There are lots of new ships, weapons and armor inbound from the DLC too.

From what has been shown so far, this all looks and sounds pretty cool, and I cant wait to see more. Watch the live stream right here and tune in next Wednesday for the Trials Of Osiris reveal right here

Bring on may 19th!