Destiny : House of Wolves – Prison of Elders


Today’s Bungie stream hosted by Deej, Matt Sammons & Professor Broman showed us what to expect in the Prison of Elders. We first saw the types of Prison of Elders matches, A base game rated at level 28 that has matchmaking available while the harder level 32, 34 and 35 matches ideally require a fireteam (Higher the level the better the reward). You can run the prison of elders as often as you like until the weekly reset for level 28, but there is a lockout for the higher levels. It is also possible to go in by yourself if you are brave enough (cant wait to see who holds the 1st record for this!). These events will need to be completed in one sitting as there are no checkpoints available (dinner will have to wait). Upon entering the Prison of Elders you are greeted by a dark and dingy looking prison, A servitor will appear controlled by Varkis from the reef to guide you along your tasks.

prison of elders mission

There are 5 rounds, Each room with a different modifier. A total of eight different ones to aid you along your journey, On today’s stream we saw Primary weapon damage increase,  Shield increase but no recharge and the Arc burn modifier. Each room holds either the Vex, Fallen, Hive or Cabal for 3 waves of tough enemies and secondary objectives such as defuse the mines and kill the VIP before they reach their destinations. It does not look like there are many safe points around any of the maps shown, You will be surrounded by enemies quite fast if you try to camp it out. They are bringing the fight to us! Between waves you will see present drops from Variks to aid you in battle, These come in the forms of heavy ammo and a new cannon to wield (YES A CANNON). The Scorch Cannon pick up will deal some punishment to those unfortunate enough to be caught in its path. You only get 10 shots so choose your targets wisely. The level cap for the House of Wolves  is level 34, The hardest match up will provide a very interesting challenge for the best of players.

Bring your best Guardians.