Destiny Requires 40GB HDD Space On Xbox One

A few lucky members of the public have managed to get their hands on a full, retail version of Bungie’s Destiny and have revealed some pretty disturbing news.

If you want to play Destiny on your Xbox One, you’re going to need 40GB of HDD space to play the holiday blockbuster, meaning that the standard 500GB HDD that comes with all current Xbox One consoles is going to fill up pretty quick if this becomes a standard.

The odd part about this space requirement is that the Digital pre-load edition of Destiny is currently only 19GB in total on the Xbox One. We assume this means a hefty patch/unlock code will be heading towards people who purchased the game this way.

Cheers to the Imgur user who uploaded the packshots.

1 - PN4oDNX 2 - MXCDWgi 3 - 74bmH6W

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