Destiny : The Taken King

destiny the taken king

With E3 just around the corner, new and exciting news has been leaked for the world of Destiny. A few short days ago we saw the name The Taken King appearing on special Red Bull boxes confirming the existence of the widely know DLC to be coming later this year.

destiny redbull

According to documentation leaked to Kotaku, The Taken King should be arriving September 15th this year and be will be priced at $40 (probably around £35). New doors will open for guardians as four new strikes, six PvP maps, 12 story missions and finally a new raid, which we missed out on in the House of Wolves expansion. The raid is said to be based around Oryx, the father of Crota who will be leading a new army called the Taken.

We will also finally receive the third elemental subclass for each character. The Hunter will receive the “Gravity Bow (Void)” super, Warlocks will gain the “Electric Storm (Arc)” super and for Titans the “Flaming Hammer (Solar)” super.

I am excited to see what these new sub classes will bring to PVP and what kind of exotics will be revealed to contain their true powers. Bungie have already announced they will be at E3 with some exciting news for destiny.

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