Diablo see’s promising future in 2017

The Diablo series has been a massive success over the last 20 years and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Blizzcon 2016 has just taken place in Anaheim California, like every Blizzcon there are exciting announcements and new releases. While most games are centered around PC releases the console has seen some inclusion over recent years. This year is no different, developers Blizzard are making consoles a firm part of their games and including the console in most updates and expansions.

Diablo will see a brand new class, the Necromancer.

In my opinion Blizzard make some of the best cut scenes ever. There have been a load of new announcements that include the following:


  • 20th Anniversary Dungeon: The original Diablo labyrinth is back in Diablo III form.
  • Nostalgia Can Be Deadly: Recreated the events, monsters, and levels from the original Diablo.
  • Fresh(ened up) Meat: Original Diablo, The Butcher, Skeleton King, and Lazarus return as epic boss fights.
  • Presented in Glorious RetroVision™: Special90s-inspired audio and visual filters for that “classic” look.
  • The Necromancer: Wield the power of the dead with Diablo III’s newest playable hero class.
  • Master of the Dark Arts: Her magic draws from the power of blood and bone.
  • The Old Skills and the New: Command an Army of the Dead, control a mighty Blood Golem . . . 

. . . and make all the corpses EXPLODE!

  • Necromantic Sets and Legendaries: The Necromancer will be able to collect many rare treasures of unearthly power, including new Legendaries and Set items.
  • Rise of the Necromancer Pack will include the character, an in-game pet, two character slots, two stash tabs, a portrait frame, pennant, banner and banner sigil. (Pricing TBD)
  • Explore Deadly New Zones: The foul stench of evil continues to spread across Sanctuary.
  • Shrouded Moors: This harsh, inhospitable land has been abandoned for centuries.  But something stirs within its perpetual fog—as though a dark presence has taken hold.
  • Temple of the Firstborn: An ancient monument to the earliest nephalem. The temple is hidden beneath the surface of Sanctuary, where it has escaped the notice of most mortals.


  • Seasons Coming to Console: Console and PC Seasons will align in Season 10
  • Console Seasons will include the Season Journey, Leaderboards, and all rewards and cosmetics.

Looks good don’t you think. I am a massive fan of Diablo 3 having bought it on multiple formats it’s nice to see Blizzard including everyone in the updates.


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