Directors Film New Look Music Video Using Kinect

Tim and Joe, UK filmmakers who make music video, short film and commercials/virals – have created an innovative new music video for New Look using the Kinect Sensor. Since the motion tracking device works by emitting thousands of infra-red dots onto a scene to interpret movement, the Directors explored the uses to create an interactive underwater world around the band.

Post Production Techniques:

We shared the tests with the band, they were happy and the work began. They flew over from New York and we shot them using the kinect and then began constructing the videos performance. The way the Kinect captures in 3D meant we could add camera moves and changes in focus afterwards. We were also able to manipulate their footage, making it dissolve and dissipate particles. One other interesting thing we discovered, a product of the fact the camera only collects the 3D data from the angle it sees, this effectively means you get half a 3D image. When you rotate the image 90 degrees past the angle you’ve shot from you suddenly see the inverted version of the image. When looking at the band we found we really liked these inverted versions. They create a really interesting optical illusion as you move back and forth and it was this effect that we utilized to give us the circular tracking shot, which became the centre piece of the video.

To create the bottom of the ocean effect in the video with the kinect Sensor, old bubble wrap spread all over the floor – other weird objects were created with plants and even the odd desklamp. You can check out New Look’s video for their track ‘Nap on the Bow’ below, and more info on production via Tim & Joe.

New Look – Nap On The Bow from Tim & Joe on Vimeo.

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